Top 10 principles of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Top 10 principles of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
October 15, 2020
Last modified on May 6th, 2021

An identity of a business can help flourish your business and introduce your brand to the possible heights of profit. Most of the companies today are run on digital platforms. So it is quite clear that even before a potential client reaches you, he tries to gather all the information related to your company from online sources. Imagine, If your own online reputation becomes your enemy. You might lose many potential customers because of this one small but important concept that you took for granted – ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT.

A lot of companies make these mistakes, and it impacts their client base big time. Instead of taking advantage of the ORM, they face the negative impacts of it. So to help you save your company we suggest here the top 10 principles on which ORM works.

Top 10 principles of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Be transparent:

The first and very important principle of ORM is to be transparent before the audience. Each and every activity should be publicly raised to avoid fake news or false assumptions.

Monitor your reviews:

These days many people use Twitter and Facebook to ask questions about a product or services directly to the management of a company. Therefore, it’s very vital to monitor what people are saying about your business because this could affect your company’s growth.

Prompt reply:

Always make sure that you reply to a customer’s complaint or a query quickly and very politely. Choosing an automated message reply is a good option these days since it gives the customer satisfaction that has looked at his question or complaint and gives you enough time to gather the information and react accordingly.

Hear people’s opinions:

It is very essential to hear different opinions of your customers on your product or services. This gives you an idea about the recommendations to be made as per the audience experience. Through listening to public opinions you can improve the performance of your company. Organizing public meetings or creating discussion forums or a Facebook poll are some of the few options to analyze your audience statements on a matter.

Handle your Google page professionally:

Google business page is the first page that someone views once they search about your company on Google sites. Therefore, it’s essential to manage it professionally by adding accurate details. Reviews on the google page should be the positive ones because they are your “First impression”.

Reply to your attackers:

In the current business world, many times people do such awful and illegal things to harm your reputation, and these attackers should be answered correctly so that they won’t do such things again. If someone puts a false accusation on your company, legally reply to them and don’t entertain such attackers.

Learn from your mistakes:

There is no shame to learn from your previous mistakes and apologize to them. If you have made any mistake, be strong enough to accept it before the public.

Ask for professional help:

If you don’t have enough time or manpower to manage your Online Reputation Management Services (ORM) then you have the choice to request help from a professional.

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They generate a simple and clear ORM report which could help you to analyze and understand the ORM workflow, progress, and further steps of your brand. They also share daily, weekly, and monthly task reports with their customers to keep them updated with the progress.

They are available 24 x 7 and also, provide you with a dedicated account manager who will be a single source of coordination for meetings, answering your queries, sharing reports, and much more!

Technofy India provides the most efficient online reputation management services to companies. They are dedicated to providing quality work to their customers across the globe. With a stronghold on ORM, they assist the masses to provide impeccable services with result-oriented work. Along with ORM, they are also well versed in Graphic Designing, Website Development, Creative content writing, App/Software development, and Digital Marketing Services.


If you do not put an effort to use the Online Reputation of your website in your favor, there is a very high chance that it will work against your company. So if you want your company to survive in the market for a longer time, enjoy all the available growth opportunities, and attain the maximum profits, get the Online Reputation of your company taken care of. Get in touch with Technofy India to get the best Online Management Services and more.

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