Language Industry with New Record Sales – Despite or Because of AI

Language Industry with New Record Sales – Despite or Because of AI

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June 16, 2023
Last modified on July 16th, 2023

The language industry has been experiencing unprecedented growth in recent years, with new record sales being achieved. This surge in demand for professional translation services can be attributed to various factors, including globalization, increased international business interactions, and the need for accurate and culturally sensitive communication. Interestingly, this growth has occurred despite the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine translation technologies. In this article, you can explore the reasons behind the language industry’s success and how AI is both shaping and complementing professional translation services across different industries.

Globalization and Multilingual Communication

As businesses expand their reach to new markets around the world, effective communication becomes paramount. Professional translation services such as Termbase Translations play a vital role in bridging the language barrier and facilitating seamless communication between businesses and their target audiences. Whether it’s translating marketing materials, legal documents, technical manuals or software localization, professional translation services ensure that the content is accurately and fluently conveyed in the target language, taking into account cultural nuances and specific terminology.

The Importance of Human Touch

While AI and machine translation have made significant strides in recent years, they still cannot fully replicate the human touch when it comes to translation. Professional translators bring not only linguistic expertise but also cultural understanding and context to their work. They have the ability to adapt the translation to the target audience, taking into consideration cultural sensitivities, idiomatic expressions and regional variations. This human touch ensures that the translated content resonates with the intended audience and maintains the original intent of the message.

Quality Assurance and Accuracy

In industries where accuracy is paramount, such as legal, medical and technical sectors, professional translation services are indispensable. These industries require precise and error-free translations to ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards. Professional translation services consist of people who undergo rigorous training and have specialized knowledge in their respective fields, allowing them to produce accurate and high-quality translations. While AI and machine translation can assist in the translation process, they still require human oversight to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the final output.

Complementing AI and Machine Translation

Contrary to the fear that AI and machine translation technologies would render human translators obsolete, they have proven to be valuable tools in the translation process. AI can assist in speeding up certain aspects of translation, such as terminology management, translation memory and post-editing. Machine translation can provide a starting point for human translators, serving as a reference or suggestion to enhance productivity. Professional translators leverage these technologies to streamline their workflow and deliver translations more efficiently, while still maintaining the crucial human element of linguistic and cultural adaptation.

Expanding Opportunities

The rise of online translation services has also opened up new opportunities within the language industry. These services are an important tool to connect people across the world and across languages. With language communities such as Translators Without Borders, people all around the world can access language tools to use anywhere and in any context. 

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