Want to Promote Your YouTube Channel? Use Instagram!

Want to Promote Your YouTube Channel? Use Instagram!

Written by Ramsay, In Marketing, Updated On
April 22nd, 2024

So, creators, are you looking for sure-shot ways to grow your subscribers or a working YouTube promotion strategy?

Well, the digital landscape keeps changing, irrespective of seasons or years. To stay relevant, you need to keep following the trends. The only method that has positive results for all YouTubers is cross-promotion marketing through Instagram (IG).

The tactic seems new but delivers long-term and sustainable growth. If you want to know how to use IG for your YouTube (YT) channel, keep reading—we’ve got good news.

But first, we’ll answer an important question. So, keep reading!

Why? Because Cross-Promotion is the Key to Grow in 2024!

Promote Your YouTube Channel

The digital revolution began a long time ago. It’s been years since the internet became a familiar name at homes as if it were a person.

Jokes aside, technology is evolving. So, what was in trend yesterday will either be modified or not used anymore. As a creator of this century, therefore, you need to employ strategies that give an effortless push to grow your YouTube channel.

Our suggestion is to stick to different channels.

When you take things on multiple platforms, your success is not confined to the audience of one. Take the example of influencers who are active on Instagram but also keep the Facebook toggle button ‘On.’ They want everyone to access their profiles to earn more likes, subscribers, and recognition.

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In short, cross-promotion will supercharge your social media handles. So, use it.

Quick Hacks to Club Insta & YT’s Growth

YouTube is an excellent video-sharing platform for growing businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs. Instagram receives nearly half a billion daily user traffic. Imagine the outcome if you combined your marketing strategies with these two hotshots of digital marketing.

The earning potential will be huge. You will earn more dollars, and your followers will also increase. In other words, you’ll never have to think about buying real YouTube subscribers.

Because IG is there to open the route to your channel’s success. Want to know how? Here are five quick hacks to make the most of this powerful duo.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Suppose your IG profile looks bland, with a plain bio. In that case, there’s a chance you may lose a subscriber simply because there’s a probability that your prospective audience will visit your IG handle. After looking at your not-so-swoon-worthy account, they may skip the subscribing part.

Therefore, follow these steps to hook your future subscribers and make a lasting impression on their minds:

  • Use a clear profile picture that resonates with your content, brand, and YOU;
  • Write a compelling bio that highlights your niche;
  • Add the link to your YouTube channel on the top.

These will help you grow your follower count on Instagram and allow them to access your YT channel.

Start Sharing 10-30 Seconds Reels of Upcoming YouTube Content

The next thing you need to do is start making short videos, this time on IG. Since Meta dropped this feature, the audience has been all-in for it.

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It’s similar to YT but has a broader reach. So, instead of focusing on ‘Shorts,’ give your Instagram audience a glimpse of your upcoming content through teasers to pique their interest. Adding relevant hashtags and captions to your reels will keep the followers engaged.

For instance, cooking channel owners can share glimpses into their following recipes, igniting viewers’ curiosity and leading them to your channel for the full video.

Everyone Loves Bloopers, Post Them

Sharing their human side is the best thing that helps creators resonate with the audience.

So, let the viewers see your imperfect version, which may not be picture-perfect but defines you. Use behind-the-scenes pictures, outtakes, or funny moments and see how your audience responds.

Plus, there’s no limit to creativity here. You don’t have to be bound by your niche. You are allowed to explore as much as you want.

Don’t Leave the Insta Stories Section Blank

Make the best use of your stories section by sharing snippets of your daily life. You can create a poll, have a Q&A round, send updates about your future content, or just a BTS picture.

It’ll keep your current followers engaged while attracting new ones.

Suppose you are a travel Vlogger exploring the mountain peaks in India. You can post stories showing the local delicacies, the breathtaking views, or the people you meet.

It’ll keep them wanting more of your experience and tune in to your YouTube Channel.

And ENGAGE with your Followers

Imagine posting a photo of your latest trip or purchase and forgetting about it. Maybe you remember but didn’t reply to the comments and DMs left by the followers.

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Stop doing this.

Irrespective of your busy schedule, you must devote a few minutes to replying to all the comments and messages. Replying shows you care about your followers and catalyzes a deeper connection that helps grow your YouTube channel.

Are you ready for the results?

All the tips mentioned above will increase your YT channel’s subscribers from hundreds to thousands. However, the key is to stay consistent, connected, and relevant to your followers.

Instead of making them wander, tell them why they need to drop by your channel through Instagram.

It’ll make YouTube promotion easier for you, allowing you to reach more people and grow.

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