How To Use Instagram Stories To Get More Sales

How To Use Instagram Stories To Get More Sales

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April 13, 2021
Last modified on July 12th, 2021


It’s been two years since Instagram has introduced Stories features on their platform. Since the launch date, Instagram Stories has become highly popular, and millions of users start using it to share their stories with friends and followers.

As these stories disappear in 24 hours, Instagram Stories is a great tool to update Instagram followers for day-to-day life moments.

Hence, Instagram Stories has become a prominent tool for businesses and marketers to engage with the audience and update their followers with business-related information in real-time.

Does Instagram Stories Really Work To Drive Sales

Initially, the major use-case of Instagram Stories was noticed as updating followers with daily life moments.

However, as the popularity increased and Instagram users started engaging with Stories more, marketers found it a strong marketing tool to promote their business, launch their products, engage their followers, and bring more sales with Instagram Stories.

Moreover, features like Swipe Up, add a link, and design Instagram Stories with stickers, giphy, etc., offer wide scope to businesses to promote their products and services with followers and new Instagram Users visiting their official account.

Why Should Brands Use Instagram Stories To Boost Sales

Stats show that around 400 million people use Instagram Stories out of one billion users daily. Numbers are continuously increasing and changing the way people use Instagram Stories.

Seeing such numbers and growth, Instagram has introduced various features exclusively for Instagram Business accounts to make use of the Instagram platform effectively and increase sales.

Also, Instagram Stories play a crucial role in engaging your audience, as many of your potential audience may not find your post due to the way algorithms. However, Instagram Stories do not fluctuate due to algorithms. It will stay on your account. Hence you can use Instagram Stories to offer straight content.

Furthermore, it is noticed that Instagram Users want to spend more time on Instagram Stories instead of Instagram Feeds.

7 Ways To Creatively Use Instagram Stories To Leverage Brand Sales

1. Make Designer & Creative Instagram Stories


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Although Instagram Stories are already attractive, speedy, and eye-catching, you can use your designing skills and make Instagram Stories more creative to offer your customers quality content.

You can add a styling element to your Instagram stories offered by Instagram or even use an external application to design Instagram stories.

People like to stay tuned with Instagram Stories when these are designed beautifully and put together in the best possible manner.

2. Make Interactive Instagram Stories Content


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Next, work on making your Instagram Stories interactive. There are lots of features and ways to make your Instagram Stories interactive. It is important because interactive content keeps the viewers engaged and learns more about the subject they are talking about.

You can ask questions and reply to them publicly, ask followers to vote, or you can use a slide bar to ask for appreciation from your audience for a product, image, or video.

3. Use Instagram Stories To Launch Product

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Instagram Stories effectively launch new products and bring sales directly when users are interacting with your Stories in real-time.

Many times, people do not engage with the feeds or reach all of the posts. They might not see your product launch through your Instagram posts. However, as people first tend to watch Instagram Stories in the first place, your audience will interact with your new products and like to know more or buy the product directly using the Swipe Up feature.

4. Repurpose User-Generated Content Into Instagram Stories

Repurpose User-Generated Content Into Instagram Stories
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Another way to increase sales using Instagram Stories is to engage your audience with user-generated content. People like to hear what your existing customers say about your brand instead of brand-created content every time.

Hashtags, mentions, or tagged Instagram posts by your followers or customers can be great content for your Instagram Stories and entice your audience to make sales.

5. Embed Instagram Stories On Your Website

5. Embed Instagram Stories On Your Website
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You might be surprised, but yes, you can drive sales by embedding Instagram Stories into your website pages. Your website visitors like to see and engage with unique content.

Embedding Instagram Stories on the website will also add social proof of your business and let your customers know more about your Instagram presence.

6. Share Reviews & Testimonials To Increase Credibility

Last but not least, to increase sales for your business, credibility plays the most important role. People only spend money when they are sure about your product or service and find it worth spending their valuable money.

Add reviews, ratings, and testimonials to your Instagram stories. It will engage your audience and help them learn more about your business directly from your customers.

Over To You…

With that said, now is the time to increase your business’s sales with a powerful tool, Instagram Stories. No doubt there are many more ways, but these six are highly effective and proven to increase sales of every business on Instagram.

Optimally utilize your Instagram Stories for business, and it will drive higher sales for your business.

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