9 Pieces Of Info You Must Include On Your Direct Mail Postcards

9 Pieces Of Info You Must Include On Your Direct Mail Postcards

Written by Olivia, In Marketing, Published On
August 15, 2023

Direct mail postcards are still effective tools in the middle of the digital craze.

Their tactile texture leaves a lasting impression that transcends passing screens. Utilizing important information is essential for maximizing this influence.

But do you know what an impressive postcard looks like in successful direct mail marketing?

This article reveals the success recipe and explains how each component adds significant value.

These postcards may become powerful invitations that demand attention, elicit answers, and create enduring connections by deftly combining these elements. Also, they stand out as examples of pertinent, resonant, and goal-oriented communication in a world overflowing with data.

So, let’s get into it!

Why Do Many Companies Still Use Postcards?

For a number of convincing reasons, postcards remain a mainstay in the business. Some of them are:

  • They’re like little attention magnets with their colorful designs.
  • Who wouldn’t pick up a pretty postcard from their mailbox?
  • You can aim straight for your target audience with no hit-or-miss.
  • They’re like friendly reminders that don’t barge into your screen.
  • Ever got a postcard? Bet you still remember it, right?
  • It’s like getting a “hello” from a brand right in your hands.
  • Postcards fit anywhere – be it fashion or food, they’ve got you covered.

Hence, postcards won’t break the bank, but they might just break through the noise. So here are a few tips for you to make your postcards look even more engaging and result-driving!

Pieces Of Info You Must Include On Your Direct Mail Postcards

  • Clear and Compelling Headline:

Your postcard’s appealing title is the key to the recipient’s heart. It is the ultimate attention-getter, arousing interest and enticing readers to continue reading.

Consider yourself a fisherman; the enticing bait in your headline is what draws people in.

For instance, “Revamp Your Style with Our Summer Collection” or “Unlock 30% Off Your Dream Getaway.”

However, if you’re a novice to these practices, don’t put yourself in a pit and find professional direct mail printing providers. You just have to submit your campaign aims and relevant information, rest they will do everything for you!

  • Concise Message:

Your chance to leave a lasting impression in a matter of seconds is a succinct message. It’s like giving a memorable, succinct, and brief pitch.

Make every word count by seeing it as your elevator pitch on a postcard. Write text that is precise, interesting, and instructive. Your aim? Make them yearn for more.

Think of phrases like “Experience Luxury, Yours for Less” or “Transform Your Space with Our Expert Designs.”

  • Call to Action (CTA):

Your CTA serves as a compass to direct readers toward taking action. It’s like a pleasant prod, encouraging people to take action, whether it’s to phone, click, or shop.

Keep it compelling, forceful, and specific. Think of it like an invitation to a party; be specific about the time, date, and benefits.

As an illustration, consider the phrases “Shop Now for Exclusive Savings” or “Claim Your Free Trial Today.”

  • Contact Information:

Don’t try to keep your location a secret from your recipients. Display several contact options, such as a phone number, website, and social media, like waypoints on a route.

Be precise since a misstep might result in a lost opportunity. It’s similar to leaving breadcrumbs so people can find their way with ease. Recall that accessibility fosters engagement and trust.

  • Benefits and Value Proposition:

To potential friends, highlighting benefits is like showcasing your best side.

It’s important to talk about what’s in it for them, i.e., how your good or service makes their lives better or solves their problem. Imagine it as a spotlight on your secret ingredient.

Create phrases that stand out, such as “Boost Productivity with Our Intuitive Software” or “Experience Effortless Cooking with Our Time-Saving Gadgets.”

  • Visual Content:

Your postcard’s visual score is made up of fascinating pictures. They enhance your message by establishing an emotional connection. Consider them to be the setting that gives your tale its mood.

Whether it’s a mouthwatering meal for a restaurant or a happy client for a service, choose images that are consistent with your brand and messaging.

You should always keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Logo and Branding:

Your company logo serves as the calling card for your brand and serves as the signature on your postcard. Make sure it is visible, recognizable, and present.

Your logo shouldn’t be overlooked, just like you wouldn’t forget your name at a party.

Place it thoughtfully so that it stands out but doesn’t overpower, and make sure the colors and design are consistent with your brand.

  • Relevant Offers or Promotions:

Promotional deals or special offers operate as lures to persuade customers to act. They provide additional motivation for them to accept your offer. As though you were giving someone a delicious sample, make it enticing and urgent.

Utilize a language that conveys urgency, such as “Limited Time: 24-Hour Flash Sale” or “Exclusive Offer for Our VIPs.”

  • Legal and Privacy Information:

Like playing by the rules, including the required legal and privacy information is important. Transparency and trust-building are key.

Consider it as establishing ground rules before the dialogue begins.

Make sure you abide by the law, including any disclaimers or privacy declarations. It’s all about treating people fairly and making them feel comfortable when they interact with your service.


Every piece of information is crucial in the complex jigsaw of making direct mail postcards since it helps to convey an effective, memorable message.

These nine components work together as a seamless symphony to fascinate, engage, and motivate action, and they range from captivating headlines to trust-inspiring legal details. Businesses may effectively communicate their value offer and create sincere connections with customers by carefully weaving these threads together.

These components serve as beacons of authenticity, reminding us that good communication combines creativity and strategy in a world where attention spans are short.

So go ahead and add these pearls to your postcards and watch as they brighten the road to achievement.

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