Check fake Instagram followers for free

Check fake Instagram followers for free

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January 4, 2024

Instagram followers are one of the most essential parts of this social network. The number of their followers measures the value and credibility of Instagram pages. Pages with high followers have more economic value, more business opportunities come to them, and Instagram algorithms pay more attention to them. But all this is true as long as these followers are real. Fake Instagram followers not only do not add value to your brand but also question the credibility and value of the page. The problems that fake followers cause are widespread and can affect your business forever. Therefore, it is essential to check fake Instagram followers. We will discuss this further.

What is a fake Instagram follower?

Fake followers or fake followers are a type of user accounts that are created artificially and are not real people. Fake accounts that are only seen as numbers.

These followers have no interaction with your page and cannot fulfil your goal of increasing sales or popularity. Some pages buy fake followers to attract users’ attention and increase the number of followers.

The Effects and Disadvantages of Instagram Fake Followers

Undoubtedly, the existence of Instagram fake followers is not without its effects, but the disadvantages and damage it causes are more than a few simple effects. We have stated some of its impact and disadvantages below.

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The effect:

False increase in the number of followers: Follower fake causes the number of followers of your page to increase artificially. This may seem attractive at first glance, but it does not affect increasing engagement and attracting real audiences.

Creating a deceptive appearance: Fake followers can make your page appear more active and widespread than it is. This may deceive some users and encourage them to follow your page.


Reduced interaction: Fake followers will not interact with your content, such as likes, comments, and shares. This will make your page look active and attractive, and eventually, your rank will decrease in the Instagram algorithm.

Damage to reputation: Using fake followers can damage your page’s importance and destroy the audience’s trust.

Follower loss: Instagram is constantly identifying and removing fake accounts. If you use fake followers, you may lose a significant number of your followers.

Problems with Instagram: Instagram strongly opposes using fake followers and may block or fine your page if detected.

Why is it important to check the Instagram page for fake followers?

Instagram pages with high followers are suitable for economic activities, advertising, page sharing, and shopping. Even these followers show some validation and trustworthiness.

But all these things apply when the page has real followers. If the followers are fake, they cannot be trusted. Therefore, before you want to open a particular account on an Instagram page, you should research whether its followers are real or not. You can do this in two ways: manually and using tools.

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How to detect fake Instagram followers manually

In general, you can check a page to some extent and notice the use of their fake followers. You can check the profile of followers. Usually, they don’t have a profile picture, they use unrealistic and unrelated images, or they don’t have a biography, etc.

Some pages with fake followers have little interaction, the number of likes and comments is low, and unrelated and similar followers are seen a lot on their page. Although there is no definitive way to detect them, it can be assumed that such pages have fake followers. Of course, you can do these checks with the help of diagnostic tools.

Introducing Instagram fake follower Checker tools

v-User Instagram fake follower Checker


The v-User Instagram fake follower Checker bot is a powerful tool for finding counterfeit followers. It is straightforward to use, and you can enter a list of followers for your page or any other page you want. The bot checks the search based on parameters such as the presence of a profile picture, whether the page is public or private, the number of followers and followings, the number of posts, etc. All the information is provided to you in a categorized and organized manner, and you can quickly identify fake or ghost followers.



Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that monitors active page pages on Instagram. With the help of this tool, you can check the performance and efficiency of the pages of influential people on Instagram. Also, this platform has a tool that can use a person’s username on Instagram to determine which percentage of users are fake and which rates are accurate.

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Inbeat is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands and agencies collaborate with Instagram influencers and improve their brand. Inbeat provides various facilities to users. Inbeat also features a fake Instagram follower detection tool that helps you distinguish between real and phony influencer followers. This tool identifies fake followers based on criteria such as follower-to-following ratio, interaction rate, profile quality, and comments.


Instagram users give value and credibility to a page by following it. Some Instagram page owners use fake followers to increase their pages. Fake followers cause irreparable damage to these pages and harm those who cooperate with them. Distinguishing a real follower from a fake follower requires precision and tools designed for this purpose. In this article, we examined what a phony follower is, its effects and disadvantages, and how to detect their existence manually or with the help of a tool. This article was helpful for you.

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