6 Indoor Plants for Bedroom that Purify Air and Beautify Room

6 Indoor Plants for Bedroom that Purify Air and Beautify Room

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June 30, 2021

In case you’re planning to renovate your room or want to have some indoor flowering plants, then check out this list. Here, we’ve curated the list of the most popular indoor plants for bedrooms that people have.

Apart from the stunning look and soothing fragrance, these plants inside the room can also improve your sleep and purifies the air. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having plants in your bedroom.

Benefits of Indoor Plants for Bedrooms

Benefits of Indoor Plants for Bedrooms

Bedroom Plants Help in Relieving Stress

Engaging with your bedroom plants for around 10 minutes can have a significant effect on your mood. The beautiful colors and the soothing smell can lighten your mood, making you feel happier and calm. There are many people who talk with their plants when they feel sad. Thus, helping in reducing stress and anxiety.

Helps as a Natural Air-Purifier

Due to the pollution and certain toxins present in the air, there is a need for air purifiers. And, some bedroom plants can help in reducing these toxins from the air. While absorbing air, they can trap these toxins and release fresh air for us. Hence, making the air cleaner and healthier for us.

Helps in Getting Better Sleep

Bedroom plants can play a major role if you want to improve your sleep. Most indoor plants for bedrooms have beautiful colors, soothing smells, and can purify the air. Based on research, it is also proven that having bedroom plants can release dopamine, a hormone that makes you feel good. Thus, helping you in sleeping better and also in reducing the time taken to sleep.

Make your Room More Beautiful

While having so many health benefits, people also have these plants inside the bedroom for decorating purposes. Many room decor plants can make your bedroom more beautiful and attractive. It’ll give you a nature-like feel and give you peace and calmness.

6 Indoor Plants for Bedroom

Valerian Plants – Popular Bedroom Plant

Valerian Plants
Image Credit – lovelygreens.com

The first in our list of indoor plants for bedrooms is the valerian plant. It is a popular bedroom plant that also helps you in sleeping better. Some studies show that the fragrance of this small plant can improve sleep. Also, the white and pink color flowers will make you more peaceful and relaxed. This plant requires around 6 hours of sunlight and enough water to grow better.

Snake Plant – Best Room Decor Plant

snake plant

Popularly known for its sword-like leaves, this bedroom plant requires low maintenance and will add an aesthetic look to your room decor. This is one of the best air purifying plants for bedrooms. It can transform carbon dioxide into oxygen even at night time. Therefore a safe plant for all those who fear plants releasing CO2 at night. Please make sure to have a pot with a drainage hole, as it can be damaged in the standing water.

Peace Lily Plant – Top Room Decor Plant

Peace Lily Plant
Image Credit – miraclegrow.com


Another popular indoor plant for the bedroom, peace lily plants can be grown in different room conditions. Generally, these room decor plants grow better in bright indirect lighting. But, if bright light isn’t possible in your room, then you can choose a different category of lily plant that grows in low-light situations. You can also hang these eye-catching plants in your room in case of less floor space. In case of watering the plant, wait for the soil to dry. Lastly, you can go for this indoor bedroom plant, if you want a low-maintenance plant.

English Ivy – Hanging Plants for Bedroom

English Ivy

If you’re looking for hanging plants in the bedroom, then the English ivy can be a good option. Another reason for hanging these plants is due to their leaves, which can be a little toxic if eaten. So, if you’ve pets or children, it’s safe to hang them. These plants like moderate to bright light. This plant can make the air cleaner and is also recommended for people having asthma. Other than hanging them, you can also put them in pots and can be a lovely tabletop.

Aloe Vera – Air Purifying Indoor Plants for Bedroom

Aloe Vera

Apart from having so many health benefits, aloe vera can be a stunning indoor plant for bedrooms. talking about the benefits, it is very useful for skin-related problems and for the betterment of it. As it needs bright light, place these plants near the window. For watering, they don’t require much water, and once a week is fine for them. These long green leaves can make you calm and peaceful. One important message for you: In the case of using the leaves for skin purposes, don’t pick the large leaves.

Coffee Plant – Small Plants for Bedroom

coffee plant

For people looking for small plants for bedrooms, check out this coffee plant. Coffee plants have different sizes, but for bedroom purposes, you can go for the arabica plant. The size of these plants is around 12 inches that are perfect for bedrooms. Also, they need indirect sunlight and water every week to make their soil moist. Due to their small size, you have many options to place these amazing room décor plants.

Is it OK to have Planted in the Bedroom?

Many people have this question, if plants release carbon dioxide at night, are they not harmful to our health? Well, it is true plants release carbon dioxide, but having 1 or 2 plants in your bedroom will not affect the oxygen levels. And, some plants release oxygen, even at night. I’m sure you’ve read the benefits of having indoor plants in the bedroom. These can make the air cleaner, helps in sleeping better, relieves stress, and makes your room more beautiful. To conclude, we’ll say that having bedroom plants is not harmful to your health.


These are some of the best indoor plants for the room that you can consider. Most of them are healthy and beautiful, and also don’t need much maintenance. So, don’t waste much time and decide which one is perfect for your bedroom.

Also, you can check some indoor flowering plants and tell us which plant you’ve decided on from this list of indoor plants for the bedroom. We’re waiting for your comment.


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