Can a Spike System Pose a Threat to Birds?

Can a Spike System Pose a Threat to Birds?

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June 12, 2023

At some point or another, you have probably seen spikes on buildings. We are talking about them on windowsills and high ledges. They are long spikes that often resemble hedgehogs. They take up the whole space, and their purpose is to keep birds away.

One of the big questions people want to know is whether these spike systems threaten birds. To put it differently, will having spike systems on your building harm birds in any way? Even if you have an infestation problem, most people do not want to cause birds discomfort or any pain. They just want them to move on away from their building.

Well, there is a reason why you see spike systems so often. They are effective in bird control. This guide is going to give you the inside scoop on whether they are a threatening measure and if they are suitable for your property.

Are Spike Systems Harmful to Birds?

Straight off the bat, know that spike systems are not designed to harm birds in any way. Yes, they are called spikes. However, they are blunt and not invented to cause pain or suffering. Instead, the spikes fan out to take up space on windowsills and ledges. The idea is that a bird cannot sit there and roost. The spikes are going to be in the way, and there is no available space, forcing the birds to stay away.

Therefore, this system is a humane way to deal with an infestation. They will try to land and be unable to. If they do touch the spikes, you have peace of mind that they are blunt and not going to cause any physical trauma. The pivotal thing is that experts install the spike system. This ensures that the best materials are used and it is installed safely. For example, Apex Bird Control offers many solutions for homeowners and business owners suffering from infestations. This includes a spike system or anti-bird netting, depending on what is going to be best for your building. They can create a spoke design that works for your property.

What are the Advantages of a Spike System?

Can a Spike System Pose a Threat to Birds?

Now, you have peace of mind on spike systems. We have clarified that they are not harmful to birds. They are there as a deterrent and work wonders for many types of buildings. Here are some more details on the advantages a spike system has to offer.

Cost Effective

There are solutions out there that are expensive. This is particularly true if you have a large building. The good news is that a spike system is generally classed as a cost-effective way to deal with birds. When it is installed by professionals, the best materials will be used. These are able to last for years and do not require maintenance. So, you can forget about them once they are installed.

Therefore, the fact that they can have a long life makes a spike system cost-effective. You do not have to pay out for another solution later on. These are going to do the job once they have been installed.

For Hard-to-Reach Areas

Most birds like to roost on high areas of a building. They feel safe up there from predators and are sheltered from the elements. Unfortunately, this means that when they are there, you cannot reach them. So, they end up making nests and staying there because they are untouched.

So, this is where you are best getting a spike system. This can be used to block the high spots on your building, making sure there is nowhere to land. Since this system is low maintenance, you do not have to do anything to maintain it. The spikes work for themselves.

Prevents Nests

Nests are a disaster for property owners. Once you have a nest on your building, you are not going to be able to destroy it. They are protected by law in the UK, which means you cannot freely remove them when they are being used. Ultimately, the only way to protect your property is to stop them from being built in the first place.

How can you do this? With a spike system.

This is going to take up all the available space that birds like, not allowing them to build a nest. Then, they will not hang around on your building. They will have to move somewhere else in order to build a nest during the nesting season.

Stops a Mess

Birds are very messy, and there can be guano everywhere. This is if they get the opportunity to roost. If you have a flock of birds landing on your building, the mess can look terrible. It can really bring down the appearance of your property. What’s more, it can cause permanent damage.

A good way to stop mess is to prevent birds from using your building in the first place. Having a spike system in place means that you can prevent there being any guano left on your building. Since birds will not stick around, they will not be allowed to make a mess.

No Building Damage

Many property owners are concerned that a spike system will permanently damage their buildings. However, this will not happen. Professional bird control companies can use an adhesive to install the system, which means no surface penetration. They can be removed if you no longer want to have them.

Again, the most important thing is that you choose a professional bird company for this installation. They know the best materials to use, as well as the correct way to install them. They can assess your building so that no damage is caused. When you try to create your spike system and install it yourself, the risk of damaging your building increases.

A Versatile Solution

Most people want to install one solution on their building. This is why a spike system is a good idea. It can be used in more places than you realise. For example, it is not just windows and ledges that this system can be used for. It can also be attached to signage on business property and gutters.

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