Original Gift Ideas for Friends

Original Gift Ideas for Friends

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October 19, 2020
Last modified on November 1st, 2022

You sure know your best friend better than anyone. After having lived so many experiences together, you are sure to have a strong connection. You have shared everything with her, that is why she deserves you have a detail on special dates.

What Can I Give to a Friend?

If you are looking for a birthday gift for your best friend, you may ask yourself: what does she like the most? If you feel like giving a creative gift, you could opt for an experience that you can do with it.

These are some of our Gift Ideas recommendations:

  • A collage:

    Print photos with your friend and frame in a collage format. You can customize the frame with paint or adding some beads. It is about making it a unique, different, and very personal gift.

  • Dance classes:

    If your friend loves to dance but has never dared to sign up for dance classes for fear of going alone, why not give her a dance course and enjoy this experience together?

  • A day at the spa:

    Relaxation is always a good idea; it is also the best way to spend a day of disconnection with your best friend. An original and useful gift at the same time.

Gift Ideas for Friends on Special Occasions

When one of our best friends has a birthday or a festive time like Christmas, we should look for a more special gift. Therefore, we want to give you some perfect ideas for every occasion.

5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

A birthday gift should always be special, no matter the idea. We are all very excited to celebrate our birthday and do it in the company of our friends and family. Therefore, for your friend to feel even more special today, we must prepare an original gift for the occasion. These are some of our favorite gifts :

  • Create a personalized box:

    This type of box is very successful because we can tailor it to the person we are going to gift. For example, if our friend is a food lover, it is best to add gourmet products. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of beauty products, add your creams, lipsticks … that you like the most.

  • Candle set:

    Aromas conquer everyone, so when we enter a house, it is the first thing our guests usually fixate on. Surprise with a beautiful set of candles from a different brand and with quality aromas.

  • Mugs with a message:

    We use the mugs daily, so they always come in handy. If we personalize the mugs on top, we will make a much more special gift.

  • Watercolors kit:

    Watercolors have become popular in a concise time. If you are looking for a creative gift, this is it you will love!

  • Books:

    Surprise with a collection of your favorite books, whether you are a lover of decoration, plants, or fashion … Choose a few hardcover books that will also serve to display them in different corners of the house.

Our advice: Pay attention throughout the year and take note of what you like best. Thanks to this, when the time comes to give something away, you will be sure to get it right more easily!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

In addition to special dates such as birthdays, gifts are also made at Christmas. This is another opportunity for you to surprise your friend as she deserves. You can gift something Christmas as Christmas decorations for this time of year: a nice blanket, some scented candles, or even make some homemade cookies. Do you dare?

Gifts for Friends on Any Occasion

Would you like to give a friend a gift just because? Sometimes we don’t need a special occasion to give our best friend a gift. We show you three original gift ideas for friends:

  • For an adventurous friend:

A gift that fits her lifestyle is the best. How about some action for her birthday? Organize a trip with your best friend, be it a hike up the mountain, go paintball, or even go bungee jumping. Let your imagination run wild and spend a different day with your friend!

  • For a smoker friend

When it comes to gifting cigars to a smoker friend, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to know what kind of cigars they prefer; mild-flavored or stronger options. Second, it’s important to consider the occasion. A box of cigars may be appropriate for a special occasion like a birthday or promotion, but a single cigar may be more appropriate for a casual get-together.

As for how to tell if a Cuban cigar is real, there are a few things to look for such as the label, the color, and the construction of the cigar. Additionally, Real Cuban cigars should have a sweet tobacco scent.

  • For a laid-back friend:

choose a gift that suits her lifestyle. A woolen blanket, scented candles, or some original teacups can be the perfect idea for a cozy night with a good movie. An idea that can also be used as a Christmas gift.

  • For a creative friend:

we recommend different and special gifts. For example, home accessories and decorative items that can make great gifts. Choose some colorful champagne glasses, an original painting, or fun decorative objects; he will love it!

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