The way to utilize the core of Luminous Stone Talus in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

The way to utilize the core of Luminous Stone Talus in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

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November 27, 2023

After defeating a big stone boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a Talus Heart drops. Given the stone heart’s form and rarity, a deeper function is easy to envisage. Unfortunately, utilizing a Stone Talus heart isn’t as mysterious as you believe.

Every Think About Stone Talus Heart

Cooking and ElixirsLimited Quantity
Rupee IncomeMore time and More Effort
Upgrading Armor
Good Reviews

Stone Talus Heart Uses:

stone talus heart

  1. Cooking and Elixirs: Stone Talus Hearts may be cooked in pots. They can form elixirs or meals with different benefits when mixed with other ingredients. Trying different combinations can offer distinct effects.
  2. Stone talus hearts, like other precious resources, may be sold to merchants for rupees. Explore the game environment for the best offers since vendors may charge varying prices.
  3. Stone talus hearts may be used at Great Fairy Fountains to improve certain armor components. Upgrading armor boosts defense and may offer perks.
  4. Side quests and crafting recipes may require Stone Talus Hearts. Please review your mission log and explore the game to find applications for these uncommon commodities.

Where to Find Stone Talus?

  1. Stone Talus mini-bosses are scattered over Hyrule. They are frequently in hilly or rocky terrain. Locations may include.
  2. The Great Plateau is where you wake up in the game.
  3. Death Mountain is a northeastern volcanic area.
  4. Eldin Mountains: Death Mountain’s vicinity
  5. The cold Hebra Mountains are in the northwest.
  6. Gerudo Highlands: Southwest portion of the map with mountains

How to Beat Stone Talus?

  1. Stone taluses have body-based weak spots. Hit these vulnerable places for maximum harm.
  2. Bombs or remote bombs can damage Stone Talus. Remote bombs can be detonated near their weak places to increase damage.
  3. By climbing on top of a stone talus, you may hit its weak places more readily. Plan strikes and save stamina.
  4. Remember that game mechanics and updates may change, so check in-game guides or community sites for item uses and placements.

How do I use a Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Stone Talus Heart?

stone talus heart

The Stone Talus Heart is only used as a fusion item in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Pickable; exchanges. It’s heart-shaped and can be picked up with the Ultrahand, so you could have believed it was a heart container. Unfortunately, no. Don’t be like me and connect it to a wagon and lug it around Hyrule hunting for a buyer.

Luckily, the Talus Heart boosts the attack of any weapon you combine. There are several Talus variants, and the stronger one, the bigger the attack boost. It’s a wonderful method to replace weapons that broke while battling the Talus. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom lets you fuse a Talus Heart to your shield, although the benefits are less noticeable. We presume it makes shields stronger, but how much is unknown. You should probably use it with a weapon where you know the stat benefit.

Wan To Win Over a Stone Talus in Tears of the Kingdom?

stone talus heart

You don’t need help beating a stone talus if you’ve Googled its heart. If necessary, the quickest approach to defeating a stone talus is to fire its exposed rock on top with an arrow or bomb flower for additional damage. After that, the stone talus drops. The only way to damage a stone talus is to climb it and assault the exposed granite. Beware; the Stone Talus will throw you. Repeat this while evading its rock-throw attack to beat the Stone Talus easily. Now you may fuse the Stone Talus heart for a deadly weapon.


What is the Stone Talus Heart?

The game’s Stone Talus mini-bosses drop a rare crafting ingredient called a Stone Talus Heart. It can upgrade armor and make elixirs and meals.

Where is Stone Talus in “Breath of the Wild”?

Death Mountain, the Eldin Mountains, the Hebra Mountains, and the Gerudo Highlands have Stone Talus mini-bosses.

How can I defeat Stone Talus?

Stone talus possesses body-level weak spots. Attack these vulnerable places from above and deploy explosives intelligently.

For what may I utilize Stone Talus Hearts?

Stone talus hearts may be used to enhance armor at Great Fairy Fountains and to make special-effect elixirs and feasts.

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