How to Get Splintered Spark of Shadowflame in WoW Dragonflight

How to Get Splintered Spark of Shadowflame in WoW Dragonflight

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November 17, 2023

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will include Spark of Shadowflame. This item will work like other upgrade items in Blizzard’s successful MMO Dragonflight and Shadowlands expansions. Many gamers want to know when they can receive these things so they can make strong gear. When they enter Aberrus in Season 2, participants will strive to be powerful. Fortunately, players won’t have to wait long to get Spark of Shadowflame goods, although they won’t be easy to harvest. In World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, they are scheduled.

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When my World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players prepare their Spark of Shadowflame?

After maintenance, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will have the Spark of Shadowflame item today (May 2, 2023). To quickly construct the most powerful gear, they are crucial. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight lets you combine two splintered sparks of shadow flame to create a spark. Complete the lesson and weekly objective to produce your first spark this week. Week 3 follows, then week 5, etc. These drop every day after finishing a Zaralek Caverns event. Complete the weekly Worthy Ally task in Zaralek Cavern. This World of Warcraft: Dragonflight award is a Splintered Spark.

Make one spark of shadowflame every two weeks. These things may be made every two weeks if you finish the weekly quest. Crafting strong Season 2 gear requires Shadowflame Sparks. Level 5 gear starts at 424 but may reach 447 with enchanted Shadowflame Crests. Many players like the assured drop, unlike Bottled Essence. These were RNG-based in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight season 1, therefore players had to grind hard for them.

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How To Get World of Warcraft Barter Bricks?

spark of shadowflame

Follow all the steps above to start Sparks of Shadowflame. As you may know, collecting splintered sparks is done weekly. Schedule it so you don’t miss collecting them. Complete a weekly renown or PVP mission in WoW Dragonflight to obtain a Splintered Spark of Shadowflame. To achieve this, enlarge the screenshots above:

  1. Weekly Renown Quest: Complete “A Worthy Ally: Loamm Niffen” to obtain “Scentsational Niffen Treasures” with a “Splintered Spark of Shadowflame”.
  2. Weekly PVP quest: Complete weekly PVP tasks (e.g., battles, skirmishes, and arenas) to obtain a Malicia’s horde with a “splintered spark of shadowflame.”.
  3. Power Unified Quest: Hand in a “Splintered Spark of Shadowflame” for 2 more.

Complete one of the three techniques above to receive a splintered spark of shadowflame. Turn in the “Power Unified” quest to receive two splintered sparks of shadowflames, which may be made into one. A Spark of Shadowflame is now required for all Epic Quality Dragonflight gear in season 2.

How to Get a Splintered Spark of Shadowflame?

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World of Warcraft users seek unique and valuable things to improve their gaming. A popular item is the Splintered Spark of Shadowflame. PVP players that desire an advantage over their opponents would benefit from this gear. This blog post covers three ways to gain the Splintered Spark of Shadowflame in WoW Dragonflight.

Method 1: Weekly Renown Quest

First, complete the Weekly Renown quest to earn the Splintered Spark of Shadowflame. Renown level 40 players can complete the “A Worthy Ally: Loamm Niffen” quest. Complete this quest to receive “Scentsational Niffen Treasures” with a Splintered Spark of Shadowflame. Visit Loamm Niffen in Ardenweald and accomplish three tasks for him to complete the quest. These jobs include gathering local goods and returning them to Loamm Niffen. Scentsational Niffen Treasures are your prize for completing all three missions.

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Method 2:  weekly PVP mission

spark of shadowflame

The weekly PVP mission is the second way to earn the Splintered Spark of Shadowflame. PVP fans can get this task from your faction’s capital city’s Battlemaster. This quest rewards Malicia’s hoard, which includes a splintered spark of shadowflame. This mission requires four PVP wins in Arena, Random Battlegrounds, or Rated Battlegrounds. Malicia’s Hoard is your prize after four bouts. Be aware that this quest may only be accomplished once every week, so plan beforehand.

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Method 3: A power-unified mission

The third and final way to earn the Splintered Spark of Shadowflame is to complete Power Unified. Players at Renown level 80 who have finished the Renown campaign can do this task. Quest reagent: Splintered Spark of Shadowflame. Visit the Seat of the Primus in Maldraxxus and accomplish his duties to finish the quest. Battle tough opponents and retrieve a special item from each. Two Splintered Sparks of Shadowflames will be awarded after all tasks are fulfilled.


In conclusion, earning the Splintered Spark of Shadowflame in WoW Dragonflight takes some work, but it’s worth it for PVP players who desire an advantage. Complete the Weekly Renown, Weekly PVP, or Power Unified quests to get this uncommon and valuable equipment and improve your gameplay. So why delay? Complete these missions today to earn your Splintered Spark of Shadowflame!

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