Why You Must Take A demo Before Buying The Game

Why You Must Take A demo Before Buying The Game

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April 21, 2023

Video games are quite interesting and engaging, playing games generally is fun but video games are more intriguing. As interesting as it is, there are also some expensive video games that may cost up to $70 and more. With such an amount, I bet everyone purchasing a game would be extra careful about the choice of game to be purchased and how it aligns with one’s liking.

All video game companies have an excellent team of designers who do something great with the graphics so nowadays one cannot possibly judge how interesting a game is by just checking out its graphics because all of them have superb graphics.

Not even the game description can truly tell how fun and engaging the game is because no company wants to be the losing team so they’ll try their best possible to sugarcoat the games and their features. I mean with the emergence of enticing copywriting skills, how can you possibly get the main details when everything is perfectly set? This is why a demo is very important before making that huge investment into games by purchasing them.

Even with a demo, you still need to check for a few minutes longer because manufacturers can go as far as making the first 2 or 3 scenes interesting just for one to realize that the remaining parts are boring and not in any way worth paying for.

In this article, we’ll see why you should always try the demo before buying a game no matter how exciting the graphics might look.

Benefits of Demo

Buying a Game

Demo Increases Anticipation

When the demo has been released the anticipation of the actual game increases especially when it is interesting and has lots of gamers who like it. The demo Increases anxiety and this leads to the gamers purchasing it at all costs. When the game fans get to see how interesting the demo is, they begin to wonder what the actual game will be like and then they will be prepared to get the game, not minding how expensive it is.

This is usually a win for the manufacturing company especially those who have many fans because they will be making high profits from the game knowing that fans will be ready to pay for the game notwithstanding the high price provided it’s worth it.

Demo Determines The Worth of The Game

Video games are quite expensive and as such one should ensure that it’s really worth such money before purchasing it. No one would be happy to purchase a boring game and that is where the importance of demo comes in. Playing the demo of a game gives an idea of what the game looks and feels like, therefore enabling the gamer to determine if the game is worth buying or not.

Some games might be interesting but not so certain personalities so even a review does not do much when it comes to gaming because what interests one person might not be interesting to the other. The demo is the major determining factor in in-game purchases, it helps determine if the game should even be purchased or crossed off the list. It helps rationalize spending in the aspect of video game purchases. It helps the gamer avoid regrets after purchasing the game.

Demo Encourages The Release of More Demos

No gaming company wants to be left behind in business and every company needs patronage. When people pick a game with a demo over other games, the companies will be forced to up their games by introducing demos because no one wants to spend money on an unknown package. A video game that comes with a demo version will always get patronage over an expensive game that comes with only a description. People cherish assurance and so those companies might lose fans and this will force them to produce a demo for their games.

Demo Develops Familiarity

Most video games are not just expensive but complex so the demo helps bring in familiarity with the game. Some interesting games might lose fans due to technicalities in the game so with the help of the demo, fans will get acquainted with the techniques of the game thereby making it easier to play the real game. Some demos also come with descriptions of how the game is being played and this also helps in the familiarity aspect of playing these games.

Demo Acquires Feedback

Demo helps the manufacturing company get feedback and reviews in order to determine if the game should be released or it needs to be worked on. When gamers play the demo of any game, they’ll drop the feedback or the review expressing their joy and anticipation or their disappointment and dissatisfaction towards the new game. Simply put on your headphones and assess the sound quality of the game.

If you encounter any issues, feel free to check for bugs as well. If you find that the game doesn’t meet your expectations, then you can simply choose not to purchase it. Demo gives room for improvement because the game owners will work on the actual game in order to avoid rejection by fans. It’s also a means of keeping fans because if a complaint is made and the company takes correction, fans will feel their opinion is regarded as relevant in that particular company and would likely stick with them. If you like video games, you should try Amazon Prime Videos; if you encounter any errors while viewing, use this guide to fix them.


Demos are fun to use, most times people play them for fun and it ignites one’s interest in the actual game even for a person who’s not a gamer. Nowadays demo video games are rare, this is not because the company doesn’t know their worth but in order to make more profit.

This is possible because when a game has a good description, people will buy it but the majority might get disappointed at the end and there’s no refund for a video game. Demos can increase or decrease a company’s profit and most companies want the money so they stop the production of demos.

For games that come with a demo, you should always try the demo before buying the game in order to explore and make a good decision of whether to purchase the game or not because of how expensive video games are and to know if the game aligns with your sense of fun.

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