Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse: Review

Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse: Review

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March 3rd, 2023

The Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse has been at the top of our list of best gaming mice for MMOs and MOBAs for years, but the Razer Naga Pro is the new kid on the block. Razer has built on the Trinity and kept the basics the same while adding some smart new features. Mobile game developers still are not eager to add proper support for Bluetooth controls. Sometimes the game style doesn’t work well with it, but other games would be much better and more fun if you didn’t have to fight against the often tricky touchscreen controls.

Razer has been quietly raising the bar for mobile gaming since it made its first Razer Phone and joined the smartphone gaming market. On the phone hardware side, they’ve been trying to make gaming faster and smoother so that games can run at their highest graphical settings. The Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse is the company’s first attempt to make it easier to control mobile games.

Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse Specifications


  • It’s well-made and easy to hold.
  • Bluetooth connection is quick and easy.
  • Includes hair-trigger locks for shorter trips
  • It comes with cables for charging and wired connections.
  • Works perfectly with any app or game that lets you use Bluetooth controls.


  • Heavy and big
  • Very expensive

Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse, the latest mouse in Razer’s famous Viper line, is the best gaming mouse you can buy. It has the same shape as previous models, so you can use a claw or a fingertip grip to hold it. But now it’s a lot lighter and has the most advanced sensor, Razer’s updated Focus Pro 30K sensor. Also, its click buttons are made with optical switches that make it hard to double-click and last longer than regular mechanical switches.

Even though this version is much lighter than its predecessors, it has lost a few features that made them stand out. It no longer has rubber side grips, RGB lighting, or side buttons on the right side. If losing weight is your primary goal, these changes are for the best. If you like some of the older features and don’t mind a heavier mouse, now is a great time to check out the Razer Viper Ultimate from a previous generation, which is on sale for the lowest price ever.


Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse

Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse have three plates that can be switched out have 2, 6, and 12 buttons that you can remap however you want. The Naga Pro has a more traditional 6-button layout than the Naga Trinity’s radial layout. This is a significant change. It also helps to pry the plates off with your fingernail to switch them. When you bring another one close, the magnets will snap it into place.


Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse

The optical sensor on the Naga Pro has also been updated to a Razer Focus+ sensor with 20,000 DPI and 650 IPS tracking. This is way more than most people will ever need. We maxed out at 8000 DPI, and while I’m not a p. In all of my Adobe Creative Suite adventures, the Naga Pro was smooth and accurate. With all this high-tech stuff, battery life is a genuine concern, but Razer’s claim that the battery will last 150 hours is valid. Even if you run out of power, you can plug in the USB-A cable with it and keep playing while it charges. It’s strange that Razer doesn’t include the great Razer Mouse Dock with such a high-end mouse.


Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse

The Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse controller is the best thing ever. As soon as you pick it up, you can feel how comfortable it is to hold. It has a solid weight that tells you it’s made to last, and it’s been straightforward to set up and use while I’ve been using it to play games.

Razer took the tried-and-true design of the Xbox Elite controller and added almost every feature an intelligent gamer would want in a gaming controller, such as hair-trigger locks to shorten trigger travel, four multifunction buttons that can be remapped to your liking, and a mobile app for making different gamer profiles that let you save different thumbstick sensitivity and button mapping for different players or games.

Should you buy the Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse game controller?

Yes. Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Mouse is the best Bluetooth controller for Android gaming. It beats the SteelSeries Stratus XL because of its “elite” design and features, lightning-fast pairing over Bluetooth, and sturdy built-in phone holder.


  • Is it worth it to buy a Razer Raiju?

We can’t deny that the Razer Raiju Ultimate is expensive, but it’s a high-quality controller that’s worth the price. It looks great and has an excellent polish that you don’t see very often these days. Aside from that, it’s a great controller with buttons that you can change and that works well.

  • Can you use Razer Raiju on a PC?

You can connect your Razer Raiju Tournament Edition to your PC in two ways. One way to connect the controller is through Bluetooth, while the other is through USB.

  • Can you use the Razer Raiju on your phone?

The Razer Raiju Mobile, RZ06-02800, only works with Android OS mobile devices. You need to get the mobile app from the Google Play Store to set up how buttons work and how sensitive thumbsticks are.

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