Games to try this weekend

Games to try this weekend

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Games, Updated On
April 28th, 2023

The weekend is a pleasant time when the working week ends, and you can devote yourself and your leisure time to your favorite games. The games that are most valued are those in which a wide range of actions for every taste and the opportunity to both farm and grind something in a fun way, and fight with opponents – players, or monsters.

Top 3 Games to Play this weekend

Today we will consider a list of games that are worth playing for your own entertainment.

  • World of Warcraft
  • CS GO
  • Path Of Exile

World of Warcraft 

game word of war

A cult MMO RPG with regular updates, a wide range of farming and PVP options, and a stable and active community for all kinds of interactions.

WoW has always been provided as a paid subscription, but for everyone who wants to try out the content before buying, such an opportunity is given – you can play for free until level 20 with a character. This is enough to establish an understanding of whether you like the game or not, and on the weekend you can try out the starting content and the mechanics of farming and PVP.

If you like the idea of confrontation between two factions and constant PVP, as well as the system of professions and raids for farming or earning gold, well-known in WoW, then feel free to take a subscription.

In the first couple, you have to choose your side of the conflict and the class – you should choose from personal and visual preferences, since there are no fundamental differences between races in the World of Warcraft for a long time.

Game gold can be earned by completing the main – story and secondary tasks, pumping a profession, selling unnecessary materials to merchants, or simply buying WoW Gold on a specialized site with a guarantee of anonymity and a refund in case of disputes.

Each player will find something different in the World of Warcraft – adventurers will go through quests and strive to master new content, farmers will exterminate monsters and get rare materials and resources, artisans will upgrade their profession and earn gold, killers and battle lovers will always find PVP in any part of Azeroth.



The world-famous round shooter with the ability to play alone and with friends, which has long been provided for free. The player will compete with other players as part of a team of terrorists or special forces, and everything will be decided after 30 rounds. Each round lasts one and a half minutes and brings the winner a point. The first team to score 16 points wins. At the 15th round, there is always a change of sides. The winning team increases its rating if the match is played in competitive mode. The losing team may lose rating points and even the title. Main modes for an interesting game:


Matches with the planting of a bomb and the battle for rating titles. Format 5×5.

Single matches

Similar to competitive ones, but without reference to the rating. More than 10 players can play on the server.


A mode in which three terrorists plant a bomb at the very beginning of the round, and four commandos must knock out the plant and clear the bomb. The peculiarity of the mode is that players do not buy weapons and armor for themselves, but choose a card with equipment. The better the player performed in the last round, the better equipment will be available to choose from. The match lasts up to 8 victories of one of the teams without changing sides.


if you like to play with a minimum number of allies, or you have a friend who also loves CS:GO, then you can spend a lot of time playing 2v2 mode. This is a rougher version of the competitive mode, where the map is reduced to the 1st site and is played for 15 rounds instead of 30. The winner is determined by accumulating 8 rounds. The main advantage of the mode is quick matches with mechanics similar to matchmaking, but for two players. Now, you don’t need to count or get angry at random teammates – everything depends solely on your actions.

Path Of Exile

One of the best games for full grinding and immersive storytelling for one or more players.Levels adjust to the total number of people and are reminiscent of the classic Diablo – where you have to go through the story, level up and equip your character and interact with other players in the later stages of the game.

The main advantage of PoE for all grind fans is that it basically never ends. Once a season, at the later stages of the game, a traditional reset occurs and all players start their journey anew – you need to go through the storyline again and the faster you do it, the faster you will start farming immortal content with really valuable loot, artifacts and stones.

You need to get various orbs, which will later be used to strengthen your character, or for additional income. The character can insert orbs into their unique equipment with sockets to gain amplification (the system is similar to stones in Diablo, where each type of gem enhances armor or weapons in a certain way). Orbs are especially valued among players, so if you wish, you can earn extra money simply by selling all the extra items you have obtained to other players.

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