What influence do emerging technologies have on the gaming market?

What influence do emerging technologies have on the gaming market?

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Games, Published On
October 4, 2023

Technology plays a key role in our lives and is always moving forward. As a result, emerging technologies appear regularly, making our lives easier or helping businesses accomplish more.

Gaming is a sector that is not only dependent on tech to function but also makes great use of the latest technological developments. This can be seen in how the most innovative technologies are shaping the gaming market and having a real influence on how it progresses.

What effects are these advances in technology likely to have on gaming in general?

What impact does gaming have on the market?

More authentic online casino play and live streaming

online casino play and live streaming

Broader internet connectivity has made online gaming possible. Although online video gaming is a good example of this, the internet has also been a key technology in terms of playing casino games digitally. This has really taken off globally and now sees the iGaming industry generating billions in revenue each year.

One piece of emerging technology that has had a considerable influence on online casino gaming is live streaming.

The development of this technology and its widespread use in iGaming means virtual players can enjoy a much more social, immersive way of enjoying classics such as roulette. There are now French and European wheels online that make use of live streaming capabilities to offer a truly authentic casino experience from home – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Better gameplay for video gamers through VR, AR and the latest hardware and software

through VR

Although online casino gaming is one aspect of the industry that is thriving, video gaming remains very popular. Developments in hardware and software in this niche have all had a positive influence on the experience we have when playing.

In terms of hardware, cutting-edge processing chips, GPUs, CPUs and sound cards in the latest consoles and PCs deliver a much richer, more satisfying gaming experience. This has helped emerging tech in this area to have a very positive influence on how we play.

Emerging tech is also essential for the studios that develop games. Advances in the software and platforms used to create games mean they can produce titles with beautiful visuals and amazing sound. This is another example of how emerging technologies can really influence the gaming market. When you also consider the impact of VR and AR in how games are developed and how we play, the influence on the overall gaming industry is clear.

Enhanced mobile gaming experiences with 5G and the latest tech in smartphones and tablets

smartphones and tablets

The size of the global mobile gaming market in 2022 was just over $184bn. This proves what a popular way it is for people to play games around the world and the fact that it is a key segment of the industry.

Emerging tech in this area has had a major impact on gaming and has transformed the experience that mobile play delivers. The best example of this is the constant developments in the production of mobile devices for gaming. Whether it is larger screens or improvements to the actual hardware, this helps mobile devices offer better levels of play as time progresses.

You also need to factor in the major influence that improvements to mobile internet networks have on the gaming market. Improved levels of mobile connectivity globally via 5G technology, for example, make this way of gaming not only more accessible but also more enjoyable.

Greater personalization in gaming through AI

gaming through AI

AI is an emerging technology that is being used in many industries globally, and it is no surprise to see it making its mark in gaming as well. Perhaps the most obvious influence AI has had on the market overall is the greater levels of personalization it has brought to gaming.

AI software, for example, can be used by online gaming platforms to analyze the type of games you have tried before and make recommendations for others to try. This is something that is being used in online casino gaming in particular. By delivering a more personal feel to the industry, it helps gaming appeal to more people and attract more players.

Emerging tech helping to push gaming forward

The presence of emerging technologies in gaming should be no surprise when you consider how tech-focused the sector is. Some of these cutting-edge elements of tech are helping to push the industry forward and having a real impact on the entire gaming market.

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