JBL Quantum 910X/P Headset: Everything To Know

JBL Quantum 910X/P Headset: Everything To Know

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March 6, 2023

When you have the JBL Quantum 910X/P Headset, you will be able to experience in-game audio that is customised to your preferences. These headphones provide players with JBL’s QuantumSPATIAL 360 immersive audio along with head tracking, which results in accurate and precise sound reproduction.


Through the use of the USB-A/C wireless connection on your console, the technology assures that you will receive the very best spatial surround sound possible. The active noise cancellation will thus keep you immersed in the experience, regardless of whether there is noise in the background. In the meantime, JBL’s DualSOURCE technology ensures that you won’t miss any calls, regardless of how intense the action may become.

In addition, the 910P comes in white and blue colour variants for the PlayStation, and the JBL Quantum 910X/P Headset is available in black and green colour options for the Xbox. These headphones are compatible with video games played on both the Nintendo Switch and the PC. Last but not least, because the battery life can last for up to 37 hours, you can play for as long as you want.

About JBL

JBL has been shaping some of life’s most unforgettable experiences at the crossroads of music, lifestyle, gaming, and sports for more than 75 years now. JBL enhances listening experiences by providing products with exceptional audio quality and designs that empower individuals to be themselves and express themselves creatively. JBL is a pioneer in the audio business, thanks to the dedicated and skilled engineers and designers located all over the world who work for the company.

JBL’s professional credentials are unrivalled, and the company’s innovations dominate the market. JBL Pro Sound is the leading technology that is advancing culture through its relationships with the world’s top talent in the music, sports, and esports industries. These partnerships take place at key pop culture events.

Features of The Headset


  • The BL Quantum 910X/P is a gaming headset that supports the DualSOURCE feature. This allows players to connect the headset to not one, but two different devices at the same time using either Bluetooth or lossless 2.4 GHz connections.
  • The JBL Quantum 910X/P Headset is a high-end gaming headset that comes equipped with a premium 50mm JBL QuantumSOUND driver.
  • The audio quality of the headset is balanced between gaming and voice chat, so you may enjoy either one without sacrificing the other.
  • Additionally, the battery life is impressive, going up to 37 hours. The fact that players may continue to play while the headset’s battery is being charged means that they won’t miss out on any of the fun of the game, even if it will soon be over.
  • The most alluring aspect of the JBL Quantum 910X/P Headset is its availability with QuantumSPATIAL technology, which provides 360-degree audio transmission along with head-tracking. In addition to that, there is something called active noise cancellation, which helps reduce noise from the world around you. When the boom is flipped over, the microphone may mute itself automatically, and it also has echo and noise reduction capabilities.

Is It Worth Buying?

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For those who might be interested, the JBL Quantum 910X/P Headset will be available for purchase for the price of $299.99 USD. March 2023 is set to be the month of the initial sale. JBL offers a second mode, the Quantum 360X/P, which is priced more affordably than the more expensive Quantum 910X/P. It has 40mm drivers and a battery life of 22 hours, but it only costs US$139. In addition, these two latest gaming headphones from JBL are compatible with PCs as well as Nintendo Switch consoles, despite the fact that their primary target platforms are the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game consoles.


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What is it that makes the headset so great?

The JBL Quantum 910X/P Headset and the JBL Quantum 910X/P are the most recent headsets to be added to the Quantum Series. These headsets were created specifically for the XBOX and PlayStation consoles, and they claim to provide impeccable sound quality and allow for seamless communication in any environment.

What distinguishes the JBL Quantum 910X/P?

JBL is the first gaming headset manufacturer to offer gamers wireless spatial audio virtualization with console-specific head tracking. The JBL Quantum 910X/P Headset provides users with JBL’s QuantumSPATIAL 360 immersive audio with head tracking for spot-on accuracy. Both the 360X/P and the 910X/P come equipped with JBL’s DualSOURCE, which ensures that even when you are in the thick of combat, you will never miss an incoming call.


When compared to the PlayStation model, the Xbox model is compatible with PlayStations, but the PS model is not compatible with Xbox (the Xbox model can work with PlayStations, but the PS model won’t work on Xbox). This is typical of most wireless gaming headsets, including the JBL Quantum 910X/P Headset, which comes in a colour that matches its Xbox compatibility.

Both the Nintendo Switch and the personal computer are included in the list of supported platforms for their respective models. JBL asserts that the 910 series of headphones contain 50mm drivers, have a battery life of 37 hours on a single charge and have a flip-to-mute microphone that can eliminate echoes and other distracting sounds. These specifications are essential, but ultimately, the success of this headset will be determined by whether or not its head-tracking feature makes it preferable to other high-priced models.

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