Amazon Fire TV Soundbar – Detailed Review With  Specifications

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar – Detailed Review With Specifications

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Gadgets, Published On
December 5, 2023

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar guarantees a low-budget-friendly product that will provide you with good quality sound at minimal cost. It has few features and no voice control. Also, wireless streaming is not available except for Bluetooth. Because of the limited connectivity features, it allows the users to question whether they should buy it or not, but viewers who are looking for a simple soundbar that has a cheap and modest appearance can opt for this product. The simple overall setup further adds to its appeal and user demand.

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar Specifications

Weight3.97 lbs.
Dimensions24’’ x 2.5’’ x 3.5’’
Speaker channel2.0
CordHDMI and Power cord
PorteARC/ARC port
Audio power2 x 20W
EQ ModesMusic, Movie, Dialogue
Surround Sound SupportDTS: Virtual X and Dolby Digital
CompatibilitySmart TV
Warranty1 year

Design and Built Quality

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar

The basic features of this product are its compact design, remote control system, and Front-panel LED indicator lights that enable it to perform its utmost function. It has a 24-inch width, 2.5-inch height, and 2.5-inch depth. The black plastic cabinet-like appearance with the addition of rounded edges and a black mesh grille makes it a basic audio setup product. There is an array of buttons on the top surface that let you adjust the volume, input, pairing, and power options.

It comes with a compact remote control that has buttons on it like volume, and input switching as well as Equalizer, bass, and virtual surround sound modes as well. The remote control also has the feature of LEDs on the soundbar in which the lights indicate the volume level range. There is also the feature of voice confirmation when you select the EQ with a robot-like voice telling you that you have selected which mode like music mode, movie mode, or dialogue mode.

Sound Quality

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar

It has good overall dialogue clarity spacious virtual sound surroundings and which is light on bass. It has a two-channel stereo soundbar with an output of 20 Watts per channel. Along with that, it is equipped with two rectangular full-range drivers which have unspecified sizes. It supports DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Digital surround sound.

It is installed with no subwoofer which means that there will be no high bass and you should expect everything with a light bass. One should know that it can distort noise at a maximum volume. So, it means that it has a relatively narrow stereo sound field.

Dolby Audio and DTS: Virtual X processing

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar

This product doesn’t have any Dolby Atmos Support and allows the soundbar only has virtual DTS processing which means it only supports the 2-channel Dolby Digital Audio with sound processing to enhance details of sound and normalize volume levels when switching between channel sources which is not that much as compared to other products. So, it fails to give satisfactory results in this regard.

HDMI and Optical digital Connections

Amazon Fire Soundbar is as basic as a soundbar can get which means that it has a 2.0 speaker array and HDMI and Optical Digital Audio ports for connecting to a TV. There is no Wi-Fi streaming, and no audio streaming from phones or tablets using AirPlay 2 or Chromecast. It only supports Bluetooth wireless streaming.

Bluetooth Wireless Streaming

Along with Dolby Audio, this fire soundbar has the feature of DTS: Virtual X processing which allows the user to switch between different modes of music, movies, and dialogues.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Fire TV Soundbar

Cheaper in priceDoes not have an alphanumeric front display panel
HDMI eARC/ARC connection to TVLight bass
Easy Bluetooth pairingNo subwoofer
Small in sizeNo Wi-Fi availability
No smart voice assistant
No Fire support system
Underpowered sound
Distortion at maximum volume level

Should You buy it? if you want To Know, Watch the Video

Final thoughts

The Amazon Fire Soundbar is a basic soundbar with a 2.0 channel speaker array and HDMI and Optical digital port for a TV device along with Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming. Many features of the soundbar are not up to the mark and some think of it as a not-so-good option, but its competitive cheap price and modest design shape make it a good product for small-scale use. It is claimed that this soundbar is for Fire TVs but no feature of it is applicable for that kind of TV. As compared to modern soundbars, this Amazon Fire soundbar lacks so many details which are crucial for a good product. Overall, one can buy it if they want something at a cheaper price


Q: What Audio technologies do the Amazon Fire Soundbar support?

The Amazon Fire Soundbar has dual speakers that provide fuller and more compact audio. Along with that, we have DTS: Virtual X processing which is enhanced by the Dolby Audio system. This product guarantees clear audio along with accessibility to be linked with the Fire TV system, but the features of this product are not in sync with the TV demand.

Q: What is the connectivity option in this product?

You can connect the Amazon Fire Soundbar with Bluetooth, and this will make you easily stream your audio, and you can fill the room with immersive sound of your choice.

Q: How do I set up the Amazon Fire Soundbar?

This product has a simple setup process. Firstly, you need to plug in the included HDMI cable into the eARC port on your TV. After that the audio will sync to the TV and you are done. It is this simple process that makes it a product worth buying.

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