Sony MDR-ZX110 Review

Sony MDR-ZX110 Review

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November 1, 2023

Sony’s name recognition and market reach make it one of the best audio makers. Sony is one of the few Indian companies that can sell headphones by the thousand, relying on a decades-old brand name. This is because we have a wide range of products from Rs. 590 to Rs. 41,990. The MDR-ZX110 is one of Sony’s most popular and affordable on-ear headphones. The cheap ZX110 is one of India’s best-selling personal audio products. Sony designed it iconically. Will Sony create with such a small budget? We learn from the review.

Sony MDR-ZX110 Specs

Headphone TypeOver-Ear
Release Date1st January 2017
Cord Length (Metres)1.2
Frequency Response Range12Hz-22,000Hz
Weight (g)120.00


  1. Design that fits the ear comfortably
  2. Strong low-end reaction
  3. Strong cord or cable
  4. Energizing, rich sound


  1. Frail construction
  2. Weak mids and highs

Evaluations (1-point scale)

  1. 3.5 for design.
  2. 3.5 performance score
  3. 4 for cost-effectiveness
  4. 3.5 overall.

User convenience, design, and technological parameters

Sony MDR-ZX110 Review

With matte and gloss body finishes, the Sony MDR-ZX110 feels more premium than anything else at this price. This makes the headphones seem finer and more expensive than they are. It is made of inexpensive materials upon closer investigation. Brittle and pliable, the plastic cannot bear excessive force; thus, it should be handled carefully. This headphone’s innovative folding mechanism lets the ear cups swivel inwards and store in the headband. This compacts the headset. The MDR-ZX110 is now easier to store while not in use. The Sony MDR-ZX110 headphones have 30mm dynamic drivers, 12-22,000Hz frequency response, 24 ohms impedance, and 98dB sensitivity.

Additionally, the headphones have 24Ohms impedance. Sony makes a virtually comparable MDR-ZX110AP with an in-line microphone and remote control for Rs. 700. The slight cushioning in the ear cups makes the on-ear fit comfortable. The headband is well-designed and secures the head, even though it lacks cushioning. The MDR-ZX110 also has a strong cable that can withstand stress. Following the Y-splitter, the 1.2-meter line will break into two flat wires that are less resilient than the lower half. Tangled and noise resistance are high due to the cable’s design and thickness. Except for its lightweight design, the Sony MDR-ZX110 looks and handles well.

Value or worth

Sony MDR-ZX110 Review a

The $14 Sony MDR ZX110 headphones live up to their price. It may even exceed expectations. Consider whether you like the bass increase and whether the wired design matches your needs when buying this item. Amazon sells it for $7. Furthermore, most reviewers of the Sony MDR ZX110 have noted that the headphones’ design is delicate, so you may need to be careful where you take them. If you can get over it, the Sony MDR ZX110 is an excellent pair of headphones with many features and an inexpensive price.

Showing off

Because the Sony MDR-ZX110 is a beginner-friendly on-ear headset, we tested it mostly on an Android smartphone. We also tried it on a Windows laptop and our high-resolution music player, the Fiio X1. The review praised “BT’s Somnambulist,” “Skrillex and Diplo’s To U,” and “Passenger’s Circles.” The bass-heavy Somnambulist revealed the Sony MDR-ZX110’s beefy sound with a concentration on low-end impact. This happened with headphones. The looser fit controls the bass, even when it can be overwhelming. The acoustic nature has been adjusted to highlight the lows, creating a rich, full-bodied sound. This is also visible in the lower-to-middle frequency ranges, but sensitivity decreases at the upper end. We listened to To U Next, a dubstep song with excellent mid-range and detail.

Sony headsets have superb low-end clarity but deteriorate as the range expands. Despite its modest cost, the sound isn’t as comprehensive and detailed as we’d like. The MDR-ZX110 lacks acoustic clarity, although the Sennheiser HD180 and other headphones at this price point give better detail. Finally, we approached picture and sound staging with an open mind when making Circles. Despite its tremendous sound, the Sony’s soundstage is narrow and closed. Instead of being well-spaced, the sound stage feels confined. If you enjoy your headphones loud and bassy, the MDR-ZX110 makes your music more immersive and engaging.

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Finishing Up

Sony MDR-ZX110 Review a

The Sony MDR ZX110 boasts superb sound quality, bass, sturdy wires, and comfy ear cushioning. Despite not being cordless like the Mpow 059 or as massive as the Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161-K, they deliver outstanding sound quality with a lot of bass. If you have a few dollars to spare and need a headset for your commute or a temporary headphone, the Sony MDR ZX110 is a good pick for almost $7. These headphones are perfect for those who need anything to survive.

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