Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review: A Great Tracker for Samsung Users

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review: A Great Tracker for Samsung Users

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January 25, 2024

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you keep track of your valuables like keys, wallets, backpacks, and more. Samsung launched the SmartTag in April 2021 as a competitor to trackers from Tile and Apple’s AirTag.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a small accessory that can be attached to your belongings, like keys, wallet, backpack, etc., to help locate them if they get misplaced. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to your Samsung phone, allowing you to see its last recorded location through the SmartThings Find service in the SmartThings app. The SmartTag competes directly with trackers from Tile and Apple’s AirTag. It’s priced at an affordable $29.99, cheaper than the AirTag. Thanks to deep integration with Samsung’s ecosystem, the tracker has several advantages over rivals.

Key Features of Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

ConnectivityBluetooth Low Energy
CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy phones (Android 8.0+)
Battery lifeUp to 300 days
Water resistanceIP52
Dimensions39.1 x 9.9mm
Tracking range120m
Locate with ARYes (Android 11+)

What Is In The Box?

  • The primary Bluetooth tracking gadget that aids in locating your possessions is the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag.
  • The SmartTag’s Quick Start Guide explains all you need to know to get it up and running.
  • The product safety information includes details on how to use the SmartTag safely.

Design and Build Quality

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag has a slim, compact design that makes it easy to attach to keychains, bags, etc. It measures just 39.1mm wide and 9.9mm thick. The tracker blends well with its surroundings, with a plain white finish and smooth, rounded edges. It doesn’t scream for attention, which is nice. The build quality is decent, but it does feel plasticky. A metal keyring attachment allows securing it onto luggage, keys, etc. Also, air vents enable sound to come out when making the tracker beep. Overall, it’s a minimal yet practical design for tracking small items.

Setup and Compatibility

The SmartTag is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android 8.0 Oreo or higher. Pairing it with a Galaxy S20 works instantly without issues. Just bring the phone close to the SmartTag tracker and tap Connect in the SmartThings app, and that’s it. The tracker pairs with the phone’s Bluetooth and links with your Samsung account for backups. Just update the tracker’s location permissions for the SmartThings app during setup. Overall, getting set up is quick and hassle-free.

Indian Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 pricing

The Galaxy SmartTag 2 costs Rs. 2,799 in black and white in India. Amazon, Samsung retail locations, and the official Samsung online store sell it nationwide.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 specs

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

The Galaxy SmartTag 2, released worldwide on October 11, is ring-shaped. Like Apple’s AirTag, this tracking gadget can track pets and valuables. The new Lost Mode lets users provide their contact info via text. When finding a lost tag, property, or pet, anybody may scan the Galaxy SmartTag 2 for the owner’s information. Samsung said any mobile device with a web browser and NFC reader may utilise this service. The business added SmartTag 2 to Compass View to make orientation tracking easier. Any Galaxy phone with UWB may use it. The Samsung SmartThings Find app has also been improved. Users may now shortcut the app on their phones. It has an upgraded UI and a full-screen map.

Samsung claims the Galaxy SmartTag 2 can last 700 days in power-saving mode and 500 days in standard mode. This Galaxy SmartTag has double the battery life of previous models. It is dust- and splash-resistant IP67.

Tracking Performance

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Since the Galaxy SmartTag lacks any inbuilt GPS, tracking relies solely on Bluetooth low-energy signals. Location updates are based on the tracker’s proximity to your phone and other Samsung devices. Tapping the ring option makes your phone or the SmartTag beep, which helps locate items. It manages to peg locations down to around 19 feet on average. But there are occasional inaccuracies, with location often being off by a room.

User Interface and App

The Galaxy Wearable app on your Samsung phone handles setup duties for the SmartTag. Tag location and requests happen via Samsung’s SmartThings Find service. The interface shows your trackers clearly labelled, making it easy to identify them. You can view the location, make the tag ring, edit settings, etc. Maps also display approximate tracking areas, which are handy for gauging distance.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Affordable priceIt only works with Samsung phones
Long battery lifeNo GPS tracking
Tap to ring lost phone/trackerLimited anti-stalking features
Control SmartThings devices
Leverages wider Samsung network for tracking
Replaceable battery

Should I Buy Samsung Galaxy SmartTag?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone running Android 8.0 Oreo or higher, the SmartTag is worth buying. It seamlessly integrates with Samsung phones, offers long battery life, and an extensive tracking network utilising other Samsung devices. However, if you use an iPhone or non-Samsung Android phone, the SmartTag won’t work for you. Instead, you’ll have to look at cross-platform trackers like Tile or the AirTag.


How long does the battery last?

The SmartTag uses a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery that lasts for up to 300 days, depending on usage.

Does it have GPS?

No, the Galaxy SmartTag does not have an inbuilt GPS. It relies on Bluetooth connectivity to approximate locations.

Is the SmartTag waterproof?

The SmartTag has an IP52 rating, meaning it is dust-protected and can withstand spraying water. It’s not fully waterproof, though, so don’t submerge it.

Does it work with non-Samsung devices?

Unfortunately no. The Galaxy SmartTag only works with Samsung’s ecosystem of phones, tablets, and wearables. For cross-platform trackers, options like Tile or the AirTag are better choices.

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