ASUS TUF Fx705 Review

ASUS TUF Fx705 Review

Written by Olivia, In Gadgets, Published On
April 3, 2023

The 17-inch asus tuf fx705 series is among the best laptops you can buy. It runs cool, keeps its charge for a decent amount of time, performs adequately, has an RGB keyboard as an option, and is small and well-built. Nevertheless, it could be better; our pre-release test device experienced issues with its central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) overheating when gaming. Here, you’ll learn why.

ASUS TUF Fx705 Specifications

BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
CPUIntel Core i7-8750H
ProcessorASUS TUF Fx705 Specifications
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
OSWindows 10 Pro
Size15.7 x 11 x 1 inches


  • Very high quality, clean aesthetic.
  • Excellent matte 144 Hz IPS display
  • Excellent performance in general use and lighter games
  • Quick wifi
  • Despite its 64 Wh capacity, the battery life is just ordinary.
  • It should not cost too much.


  • When playing intensive games, the CPU and GPU reach extremely high temperatures.
  • The GPU is not operating at peak efficiency (on our sample)
  • Very demanding loads, including noisy fans with games
  • Typical public orators

Design And Ports


Relax now; everything is going to be okay. Last year’s asus tuf fx705 included unsightly red lighting bolts that Asus thankfully removed for this year’s model. The only decoration on the lid consists of a series of indentations running from the four corners to the middle. The deck is covered in a horizontally brushed texture in the middle, with a vertical design that clashes along the borders.

The asus tuf fx705 makes an effort to have a “gamer” aesthetic by including sharp contours around the keyboard and at the fan vents. There’s also a power button in the shape of a parallelogram and the TUF Gaming logo on the deck. I’m not a fan of all the many finishes on the asus tuf fx705 , from the stippled finish on the tiny bezels to the honeycomb pattern on the back of the laptop and the aggressively brushed plastics on the deck.

Combination Keyboard & Trackpad


From what I can see, the asus tuf fx705 can be had with either a standard black keyboard or a 4-zone RGB Aura keyboard, like the one found on the ROG GL704 Scar II models. The latter is what our unit has. The keyboard is identical to the FX505, which means it has a fairly typical layout but a reduced space for the arrow keys and numeric pad. The WASD keys are illuminated and fashioned of transparent plastic so that the light can penetrate.

The main deck on this model bends less than on previous iterations, but strangely enough, this needs to improve the user experience. My typing speed and accuracy suffered since the FX705’s keys required an uncomfortable amount of force. This impression was supported by the keyboard’s depth of 1.8 mm and by the fact that I’m used to shorter keys with softer feedback. Overstroke technology, which Asus claims to have included in this keyboard, is supposed to assist it in recognizing key presses that aren’t fully depressed, but it didn’t do that for me.



It’s time to give up your screen. The TUF Gaming asus tuf fx705 17.3-inch 1080p display offers a vivid, high-quality image, and the panel’s 144-Hz refresh rate ensures seamless, blur-free gameplay. When I saw a preview for Teen Spirit, the idea was so clear that I could count the stitches on Dakota Fanning’s shirt. The colour gamut of the FX705’s production is 123% of the sRGB standard. As a group, typical gaming laptops like the Omen 15 (111 per cent), the Gaming Laptop 17+ (120 per cent), and the industry standard (111 per cent) don’t have quite as vibrant screens. Nevertheless, the Legion Y7000’s 15.6-inch display (153 per cent) produces an even richer palette.

Cost & Accessibility


As of this revision, the asus tuf fx705 can be purchased from retail outlets. Asus has options with graphics processing unit (GPU) options of GTX 1050 Ti (FX705GE) and GTX 1060 3/6 GB (FX705GM). The former may be purchased for $899 in the United States and 999 Euros in Europe, while the latter can be bought for $1199 in the United States and $1399 in Europe. All of these should decrease in price in the future.

Concluding Ideas

Our analysis of the smaller 15-inch asus tuf fx705 led us to the same conclusion regarding the larger 17-inch FX705 series: it is one of the best-value devices in its category. It’s portable and sturdy, with an RGB keyboard and an optional 144 Hz IPS screen that works adequately, keeps its cool under load, and lasts for a respectable amount of time between charges.

However, it’s not without its flaws:

  • The keyboard necessitates more forceful strokes to activate.
  • There’s no card reader or USB Type-C port, and the GTX 1060 GPU operates at about 90% of its capabilities (inside this test unit).
  • The cooling maintains high temperatures in the CPU and GPU.
  • The speakers are merely average.
  • The IPS display could be more bright and color-uniform.

It’s a shame that ASUS omitted a USB Type-C connector and a card reader; otherwise, it’s a great laptop. The ASUS TUF Gaming FX705 is, however, reasonably priced. This review of the ASUS TUF Gaming FX705 was informative. Please take a moment to provide feedback on the study on the Itechguides Community Forum if you found it informative.


Does ASUS Provide Memory Upgrades for the TUF Gaming asus tuf fx705?

That can be improved upon. The ASUS TUF Gaming FX705 laptop, supports up to 32 GB of memory, which may be expanded via the laptop’s two-memory slot expansion.

Is There a Camera on the ASUS TUF Gaming FX705?

In a word, yes. An HD camera is embedded in the lid’s upper bezel of the ASUS TUF Gaming FX705.

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