Explore Food That Can Make Your Stomach Turn

Explore Food That Can Make Your Stomach Turn

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March 16th, 2023

Andrew Zimmern, the host of the popular show ‘Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern’ has earned the reputation of being acquainted with the most unusual food around the world. He leaves no stone unturned in traveling to every nook and cranny of the world to savor what many viewers would rather starve than taste. The show lives up to its name as the host gobbles up some shocking items that the locals of the place he visits call food.

Bizarre Foods

Food expert Andrew Zimmern’s adventures to look for food that most people would think of ten times before calling them ‘food’. If his objective was to disgust his audience, he has succeeded, and then some. Most of the food that he has tasted is rich in heritage and has a lot of significance in the places they are served as food.

Most Bizarre Foods Episodes

  • Fez, Morocco:

Andrew Zimmern has made it clear time and time again that if you look hard enough, you can find anything. This episode towards the end of the fourth season has once again solidified his position as someone who can find the most unusual cuisine almost anywhere! In this particular episode, Zimmern found himself going back to Morocco and as the show the title of the show suggests, he tried a range of delicacies starting from camel ribs to pigeons. Zimmern loves hugging but this is not seen kindly by Muslim women who prefer not to be touched by strangers. The host has expressed apologies for this. Morocco is one of the countries that has been repeated on the show.

  • Survival Special:

In this episode, Zimmern was in a forest in Mexico only with a backpack. This was Zimmern’s attempt at trying to tune his survivalist skills a little. On his foray into the wilderness, he did try his fair share of bizarre food items. Watching Zimmern adapt to his surroundings and experience something completely new was hilarious. Zimmern camped in the depths of the Mexican forest with just a backpack and a film crew. The audience had a good laugh seeing Zimmern trying to survive in the unfamiliar terrain.

  • Ho Chi Minh City:

In this episode, the maverick food specialist visited Vietnam to see what bizarre the city had to offer. He did not try food that was traditional to the area but he did make the most of snails, the tongue of ducks, rats, and porcupines. Also, he tried Vietnamese food too, regular Vietnamese food, of course, that would not make the skin of his viewers crawl. He was all praises for the city and considers himself lucky that he got to try out what the city had to offer. Ho Chi Minh is the go-to place for Zimmern when it comes to savouring the best that Vietnam has to offer.

  • Spain:

Zimmern has the uncanny ability to find the most unfamiliar food one can imagine. And as he has done countless times, he gobbled the testicles of bulls and brains of pigs in the European country. The food he explored is most of the time difficult to see, but the show would have lost its charm. So, despite being disgusting, the show was still popular after 200 episodes. In the capital Madrid, Zimmern had a ‘suckling pig’, another disgusting addition to his camaraderie. He even suggested the food be had with some bread. Zimmern could not have done more justice to his show ‘Bizarre Foods With Zimmern’.

  • Bolivia:

Zimmern visit to this country in the Andes saw the host participate in a ceremony that involves the burning of a fetus of a llama. He was back to business as he feasted on a soup made using the penis of a bull and juice made from booger. The episode ended up inspiring many a viewer of the episode as Bolivia became the latest addition to the travel wishlist of the same. ‘Sheep testicle’ is a rating system made by the fans of the show to rate the episodes and this one got four out of four sheep testicles. His fans may not be sold on trying out the food he has tried out, but he certainly has become an unofficial travel ambassador for Bolivia.

  • Texas:

In the premier of the tenth season, Zimmern was running out of bizarre food, if that can be believed. He shifted his focus to being the cowboy in ‘Cowboy Life In Texas’. Though this episode did not feature any shocking food, it was a welcome addition and also a testament to the show’s ability to get out of its comfort zone.


Zimmern gained worldwide popularity for experimenting with the most outlandish food one can think of. The episodes can be enjoyed during their reruns or they can be found on the internet as well. You can awaken the gamer in you by trying your hand at cooking games and farm games for free on numerous websites.

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