Hungryroot: A Personalized Grocery Delivery Service for Healthy Eating

Hungryroot: A Personalized Grocery Delivery Service for Healthy Eating

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Food, Published On
February 18, 2024

In Shorts: 

  • Weekly meal planning and individualized grocery list suggestions are sent to members.
  • Various options for those who follow strict vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, or soy-free diets
  • You may skip, delay, or cancel your weekly grocery delivery any time you choose.

How Does Hungryroot Work?


In today’s busy world, finding time to grocery shop and cook healthy meals can be a challenge. That’s where Hungryroot, an innovative grocery delivery service, comes in. With its personalized meal planning and grocery delivery, Hungryroot makes eating well incredibly simple.


  • We provide goods and customized meal programs.
  • Navigation is simple on the website.
  • This collection suits numerous diets.
  • The flexible ordering system lets you buy meals, ingredients, and snacks.
  • The service offers customization options.
  • Many recipes are simple to make.
  • The firm delivers in recyclable packaging.


  • Payment is needed to view shopping alternatives.
  • The service may cost more than supermarket shopping.
  • Estimating meal orders is challenging.
  • Not all products are organic or non-GMO.

Getting started with Hungryroot takes just a few minutes. You’ll first take a quiz to specify your dietary needs and food preferences. Do you follow a vegetarian, gluten-free, or low-carb diet? Are there ingredients or flavours you love or want to avoid? Hungryroot tailors its recommendations based on your responses. Next, you’ll select how many breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks you want per week. Hungryroot will suggest recipes and matching groceries to fill your weekly meal plan. Prices vary based on your order, but plans start at $69 per week, including free shipping. One of Hungryroot’s biggest perks is flexibility. You can swap suggested recipes, remove items you don’t need, or add groceries a la carte from Hungryroot’s market. Your customized grocery box ships straight to your door weekly. Most Hungryroot recipes take 10-20 minutes to prepare, meaning healthy home cooking has never been simpler.

What Can You Order From Hungryroot?

Hungryroot can accommodate nearly any diet or food preference thanks to its huge grocery selection. Hundreds of recipes spanning cuisines from Italian and Indian to classic American and Thai fusion. Dietary needs like gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and low-calorie are all covered. In your box, expect fresh produce; artisan baked goods, dairy items, proteins like fresh salmon and chicken, plant-based meat alternatives, pantry staples, and globally inspired sauces. Many items are organic or from specialty local producers not found in regular supermarkets. Treats like cookie doughs and muffins offer guilt-free indulgence with lower sugar and healthier ingredients. If you fall in love with a particular Hungryroot item or meal, you can easily reorder it or save it as a “Favorite Recipe” for effortless repurchasing.

What Is Hungryroot?

A customized grocery delivery subscription service is called Hungryroot. The firm was established in 2015 to assist individuals and families in adopting a healthy diet by providing wholesome, prepared, and fresh food, as well as recipes that simplify the process of preparing restaurant-caliber meals in a short amount of time. With weekly delivery tailored to your specific requirements and preferences, the option to halt deliveries, and personalized suggestions, Hungryroot may relieve you of grocery shopping and meal preparation, freeing up more time for you every day.

Benefits of Hungryroot

  • Saves grocery shopping and meal planning time with automatically curated weekly deliveries
  • Provides healthy, customizable recipes tailored to your preferences and dietary needs
  • Offers flexibility to tweak your order each week
  • Grants access to premium specialty groceries not found in regular stores
  • Supports eating nutritiously despite a busy schedule
  • Introduces new flavours and global recipes you may never have tried before

What Do Customers Say About Hungryroot?


Across online reviews, customers praise Hungryroot’s convenience and culinary inspiration. Its personalized quizzes and weekly changing recipes encourage people to try healthy new foods. Reviewers also highlight exceptional customer service from Hungryroot’s team. Many customers find Hungryroot’s global fusion recipes more exciting than standard meal kits. Busy families and professionals love having healthy, home-cooked dinners with minimal effort, thanks to short prep times—those seeking weight loss or healthy eating accountability value Hungryroot’s portion control and nutrition balance.

Which eating habits is Hungryroot compatible with?

Many different dietary regimens and limitations are supported by Hungryroot, including:

  • pescatarian
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • dairy-free
  • gluten-free
  • soy-free
  • tree nut-free
  • peanut-free
  • egg-free
  • Shellfish-free

Hungryroot also makes it simple to choose goods that satisfy practically any dietary need because you may exchange any items you don’t like. For instance, Hungryroot has several keto-friendly products, and consumers on a ketogenic diet can designate as “never send” any products that have non-keto components. It’s crucial to remember if you have a food allergy that even if a product might not include gluten or dairy, it could not be certified gluten-free or manufactured in an allergen-free facility. Make careful to read an item’s description on the Hungryroot app or website to determine if it meets your needs.

What is the price of Hungryroot?

Weekly plans begin at $70 at the time of publication for three meals with two portions each; the price goes up when additional food is added to your delivery. When your purchase totals $70 or more, shipping is always free. Food products are sold in “credits,” which are given according to the subscription plan. For instance, a consumer receives 32 credits with the $70 plan. Items have credit values ranging from 0.25 to 10, with some costing more credits than less costly things like vegetables and meat goods. Meals cost less than $10 per serving.

Potential Drawbacks

The main complaints about Hungryroot cite cost and recipe simplicity. Compared to average grocery budgets, Hungryroot carries higher prices for the convenience factor. Customers wishing for complicated recipes better suited for seasoned home cooks found the meals basic. A few picky eaters felt even personalized quiz recommendations could have done better on food preferences. While extremely flexible, Hungryroot functions best for people wanting at least some personalized meal ingredients each week. Pure grocery a la carte purchasing lacks its total value. As a prepared meal delivery, it doesn’t remove all grocery store trips for basics like milk or toiletries.

How Is The Overall Taste?


The food tasted mixed. The small nutty pumpkin bread was too earthy to eat from the individual wrappers. (My wife vomited out one bite.) However, the paneer and cauliflower tikka masala dish was outstanding. I love Sach Foods’ Original Organic Paneer at our favourite Indian restaurants. It was solid, simple to chop and sauté, and tasty. The last step was to tear open and pour in the packet of Maya Kaimal Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce, which was smooth, sweet, and mild, pleasing to my youngest daughter, who can’t tolerate heat.

A few evenings later, I cooked my wife and mother Thai peanut paneer and stir-fry vegetable bowl. This was the delivery’s highlight. Crisp, fresh carrots, creamy peanut sauce, and additional paneer made it delightful. My wife and I tried the Brown Rice Quinoa Blend with an open mind, but we didn’t like it because we don’t like quinoa. This rice, lentil, and quinoa combination was delightful to my mother, who took the leftovers home and sprinkled them on her salads later in the week.  A package of plant-based chopped Chick’n, our first delivery’s complimentary protein, was delicate and tasted like genuine chicken. That was heated in the toaster oven while I made quesadillas and guacamole for my extended family.

Is Hungryroot Right for You?


Busy individuals and families prioritizing easy, healthy eating are ideal Hungryroot customers. If a streamlined cooking process trumps elaborate recipes, it simplifies nutrition. Frequent travellers, empty-nesters, and professionals short on time also make key target users. For cost-conscious shoppers or experimental home cooks, traditional grocery shopping may better suit financial and culturally adventurous preferences, respectively. Individuals with highly specialized diets or restrictive food needs should also carefully review allergy policies. Hungryroot packs convenience, variety, and nutrition into personalized grocery deliveries. Its personalized quiz, global recipes spanning cuisines and dietary needs, premium grocery selection, and constantly updated offerings make healthy eating easier. Reclaim your schedule while still enjoying flavorful, home-cooked meals with Hungryroot.

The Bottom Line

I adore cooking from scratch for my wife and kids and have wanted to be a chef since childhood. While some of Hungryroot’s dishes were tasty, I felt like I was just opening packages and putting them in a pan. However, I like Hungryroot’s offerings. Busy people who desire fresh, healthy food, easy-to-follow recipes, and foreign flavours can use it, especially if they need more time to chop, measure, caramelize, and clean up an avalanche of pots and pans at night.


Are there ready-to-eat foods at Hungryroot?

The Hungryroot subscription service sends goods and recipes for healthy, fast meals. Besides salad kits and soups, Hungryroot’s prepared meals are limited.

A Week Without Hungryroot Deliveries?

You can skip a week of Hungryroot delivery for any reason. You may be travelling or have a lot of food left from your last delivery. Log in to Hungryroot and choose “skip next delivery” before 7 p.m. local time on Thursdays.

Hungryroot Plan Customizability?

A Hungryroot meal kit and shopping delivery subscription are fully customizable. You will be presented with recipes and shopping items for your pantry and refrigerator. Still, you can adjust every meal and item to suit your taste (although your responses to the exhaustive survey should do this).

A Hungryroot recipe serves how many?

Depending on how many you feed, hungryroot recipes may be adjusted to serve two or four people.

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