5 Countries With the Tastiest Traditional Food

5 Countries With the Tastiest Traditional Food

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April 14th, 2024

Taste palettes differ a lot regarding what people find to be delicious. Across the world, there is a fantastic variety of food for every type of person. Whether you enjoy spiciness, sourness, umami tastes, and everything in between – chances are some countries have perfected it. When travelling, it is arguably one of the most pleasurable things – to discover new dishes. There are heaps of recipes to explore. Isn’t it exciting that you may not have even found your favourite food yet? Naturally, tastes differ, but some countries have hit gold with traditional food recipes. Many people enjoy certain dishes that are somewhat different from their origin.

For example, who can say no to a delicious pizza or a bowl of top-class pasta? Most will likely find a topping they enjoy. Some things, such as particular foods, games like books of ra, or movies, have come to be considered excellent by most people, and who can argue? Of course, ultimately, it is a subjective matter. However, when millions of people tend to agree, it is well worth investigating what the hype is about. We want to present five countries that are considered to have the best traditional foods worldwide.

Traditional Food – Fooduntries That Do It Best

#1 Japan – 1st On Tastiest Traditional Food

Japan is a country that is known to be meticulous with all of its endeavours. Naturally, this also applies to their traditional food cuisine. Their dishes are crafted to a perfection that is second to none. If one viewed their food asFoodart, it surely wouldn’t be wrong. Chefs spend their entire lives on becoming great at making specific meals. Sushi is the most famous food, but bFoodapan has loads more to offer. Their list of traditional foods is vast, meaning there is much for food enthusiasts to explore.

Here are some of the tastiest traditional foods of Japan –

Japanese curry, a distinct type of curry made of furry curries.


Takoyaki: balls with an octopus filling, a speciality from the region of Osaka


Tempura, a variety of deep-fried foods, prawns as a base is amongst the most common choices


Ramen: noodle soup with a wide variety of ingredients. It often includes vegetables, meat, eggs, and spices.


Sushi: seafood served with specially prepared rice, soy sauce, and wasabi


#2 Thailand – 2nd On Tastiest Traditional Food

Thai cuisine is known for its incredible complexity. People who love spicy food love what it has to offer. Generally, Thai cuisine includes many soups, boiled dishes, curries, and spicy salads. Fresh vegetables and tofu are also ubiquitous, which is fantastic if you are a vegetarian. However, seemingly vegetarian dishes often get topped with seafood such as fish sauce or shrimp paste. That is something to look out for if you are looking for purely plant-based meals; for those who enjoy meat and seafood, the complex flavours achieved in traditional Thai food restaurants are masterpieces in themselves.

Here are some of the tastiest traditional foods of Thailand –

Pad Thai, a stir-fried dish that consists of noodles, rice, vegetables, spices, and a variety of toppings


Massaman Curry, a dish that was conceived almost three hundred years ago, uses spices from Malaysia and India to make a stand-out curry


Tom Yum: a famous type of soup where a mix of sourness and spiciness dominates the taste palette. Chilli peppers, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves are standard ingredients, topped with shrimp or tofu.


#3 Italy – 3rd On Tastiest Traditional Food

Italians take a lot of pride in their food. TFoodmake a particular time in the day and enjoy it uninterruptedly. No wonder their traditional food culture has a lot to offer. Everyone knows that pasta and pizza are lovely. However, there are many recipes to uncover in the nooks of the beautiful country. Each region, and even city, has its distinct specialities. Italian cuisine incorporates delicious ingredients abundant in the area – seafood, fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and cheeses. Access to high-quality ingredients is half the battle won, and the Italians know how to make the best of it.

Here are some of the tastiest traditional foods of Italy –

Arancini: big rice balls with varying stuffing, such as eggplant, cheese, and more. It is battered and fried. Arancini is a ubiquitous street food in Sicily.


Fregola con arselle: a pasta that resembles couscous. It is mixed with saffron and then cooked with tomatoes, clams, and broth sauce.


Sebadas: a pastry filled with cheese and lemon grind. It is fried and served with honey.


#4 Mexico – 4th On Tastiest Traditional Food

Another hot mention amongst the top traditional food countries – Mexico. Hot is the keyword here because lovers of spicy meals will revel in what Mexico offers. Did you know that UNESCO protects the countries’ traditional cuisine? Interestingly, what the world knows to be popular Mexican food, iFood is precisely correct. Na, chaos or the well-known Chili Con C, is famous in the country. However, that is only so because they offer much better.

Here are some of the tastiest traditional foods of Mexico –

Tacos: these are small chips filled with various toppings, often including guacamole, lime juice, meat, and chilly peppers.


Pozole is a viral soup made with meat and hominy, which can be likened to corn. Vegetarian alternatives are also available, made with avocado, lime, cabbage, chilly peppers, and onions.


Tiayudas are large tortillas that are toasted to a delicious crunch. Typical fillings include fried beans, Oaxacan cheese, salsa, avocado, and meat.


#5 Israel – 5th On Tastiest Traditional Food

Israel is also known for its excellent food. JFoodalem is even said to have one of the best restaurants in the entire world, the Machneyuda. The country’s Mediterranean cuisine is spectacular and especially great for vegetarians and vegans. The country is small yet unique in its approach to making food.

HFoodare some of the tastiest traditional foods of Israel –

Rugelach: a desert in the form of a pastry. It is made from dough rolled around in various sweet ingredients. Chocolate is a favourite among many.

Hummus is a dip/sauce made from tahini, chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and salt. It is very versatile and delicious.


Shakshuka is a dish usually eaten for breakfast. Its base consists of eggs and tomatoes, and various vegetable toppings are added to taste.


We hope you enjoyed our overview of the tasty traditional foods worldwide. These five countries are must-visits if you are into discovering new dishes. Alternatively, there are traditional restaurants all around the world. You will likely find all of the mentioned foods somewhere nearby. However, if you want to get the genuine thing, it is best experienced in its authentic surroundings, with precise recipes. What are your thoughts when it comes to traditional food vs modern food? What are your favourite dishes? Please leave your comments in the section below!

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