A case study of RupeeTub: Review

A case study of RupeeTub: Review

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November 8, 2023
Last modified on November 10th, 2023

As the world gradually heads towards a digitised economy and free market system, online earning or money-making has become a common phenomenon. Every single day, thousands to millions of people are getting connected with the digital world and looking for new avenues to diversify their earnings. The inception of the internet and its preponderance have not only altered the pattern we buy and sell but also have revolutionised the way we make money or diversify our stream of revenue. Like the other aspects, online earning also has a great deal of benefits and risk factors. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the pros and cons of online earning sites with a particular emphasis on a case study.

RupeeTub—what is it?


RupeeTub lets you make money by watching movies, ads, surveys, and referring friends. A Rs. 250 registration incentive is also given.

RupeeTub Details

  • Website: RupeeTub
  • Rupeetub.com
  • English, founder: NA
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: NA
  • Contact: NA

How do I make money on RupeeTub?

RupeeTub lets you make money by:

  1. Watching Videos

The easiest way to get money on RupeeTub is by viewing videos. They pay Rs. 20–50 for a 35-second video, which seems unlikely.

  1. Advertisements

They even pay you to watch ads, which is another reason to suspect the site.

  1. Surveys

Complete online surveys to earn money in addition to watching movies and ads.

  1. Referring Friends

As with other earning networks, this one lets you earn by recommending friends.

RupeeTub: Real or Fake?


Original and authentic sites have detailed information about the firm’s founder; however, RupeeTub does not on its site or social network. The site’s content and images are phoney.

Evidence that RupeeTub is a scam

  1. The website lacks founder information, which is important to its authenticity.
  2. RupeeTub isn’t on any social media, which is suspicious.
  3. Website content is bogus.
  4. No company pays as much as RupeeTub for small jobs.
  5. RupeeTub has a poor trust score.

Perks and constraints of RupeeTub


As per recent statistical surveys, online earning sites have gained prominence in the free market and are empowering the youth generation striving to make some extra cash. Picture this: you’ve signed into a website and have just watched some advertisements or videos. Later, you’ll find your bank account has been credited with a certain amount. Isn’t it intriguing? Yes, it is, but the risks and benefits exist in this domain.

  1. No barrier to entry

The online or digitised economy is more lucrative to the users primarily due to no barrier to entry. That means if you have a mobile phone and basic digital knowledge, you can make money. For instance, an online earning site like RupeeTub promises the users to offer cash for doing simple stuff like watching videos or offering referrals to their friends.

  1. No constraint on educational qualification

In offline platforms, commoners often need to catch up due to their insignificant educational qualifications or academic gaps. Thanks to the internet economy, you won’t find any hurdles impeding your path to additional income here.

  1. The high degree of flexibility

Once acquainted with online earning, you won’t go for offline means. In the case of online money-making sites, there are no such time or space constraints. Hence, how you will earn and when it is up to you. Numerous opportunities

Whether online earning is your hobby or a necessity, you’ll have endless opportunities in the online sphere. In the case of sites like RupeeTub, the chances of earning are multiple, like watching videos, watching advertisements and referrals to friends.

Like that of opportunities, it becomes a daunting task to point out the challenges associated with online earning sites. Here’s a sneak peek.

  1. Low credibility

Despite a flurry of benefits associated with online earning, low credibility is the biggest challenge. Online money-making platforms like RupeeTub appear to be a complete scam not only for offering a money amount for some of the easiest tasks but also because the chances of data theft remain high. Besides the loss of confidential data, the presence of dicey websites might make you an easy target for financial fraud.

  1. Time-consuming

Usually, online money-making websites consume considerable time as you must invest your time here to spark fresh and innovative ideas.

Summing up

Once you’re done reading this blog, we hope you’re ready to kickstart your journey of additional money-making. Get set and ready to make some extra bucks without any fear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RupeeTab real or fake?

RupeeTab is undoubtedly a fake app and if you expect money from here, all your hopes will end up in despair. And if you look for the authentic information about the company and the founder, you will find no satisfactory result.

Is RupeeTab Safe?

Never ever trust this site as it asks for your private details which may later on be used for malicious purposes.

Can you earn money from RupeeTab?

A big no-no. Just don’t expect single penny from this site as this scam process might steal your financial data for illegitimate purposes in the name of paying you.

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