Exclusive Benefits: A Deep Dive into Premium Credit Cards

Exclusive Benefits: A Deep Dive into Premium Credit Cards

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In finance, Updated On
March 12th, 2024

In Short:

  1. Exclusive Privileges: Premium credit cards offer elite lifestyle services, higher credit limits, and customized offers, elevating convenience and sophistication.
  2. Travel Benefits: They provide unmatched international travel perks, including lounge access, Avios collection, and discounted forex markup, enhancing the travel experience.
  3. Rewarding Experience: With cashback offers, reward points, and personalized benefits, every rupee spent counts towards unique experiences and savings.

In this modern, dynamic era, the pursuit of luxury and convenience has shifted from a mere desire to an essential need. This shift has elevated the importance of premium credit cards, transforming them from simple financial instruments into gateways to exclusive privileges and unmatched advantages. Understanding the wide-ranging benefits of these excellent credit cards is not just beneficial; it is vital for those who cherish and pursue a life of ease and sophistication.

Critical Benefits of Premium Credit Cards

Premium Credit Cards

1. Corporate spending solutions

Specifically designed for business professionals, corporate credit cards are premium credit cards that align with corporate spending and travel and facilitate seamless expenditure management. They often come with apps and instruments that assist in tracking business expenditures, making financial reporting and tax deductions more straightforward.

2. Exclusive lounge access

Beyond offering complimentary airport lounge access, lounge access credit cards turn travel into a worthwhile experience. Access to exclusive lounges allows you to enjoy amenities such as speedy Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and gourmet meals, making layovers an exciting part of the journey.

3. Elite lifestyle services

Premium credit cards are more than financial instruments; they are prestige symbols. They provide not just concierge services and premium club memberships but also unique access to events, private sales, and VIP treatments that the general public does not have.

4. Higher credit limits

These cards’ higher credit limits allow for more significant purchases and come in handy during unanticipated expenditures or crises. This enhanced ceiling is particularly useful for high-net-worth individuals who require more financial flexibility.

5. Cashback offers and reward points

The generous reward systems and cashback offers of premium credit cards turn everyday spending into a rewarding experience. These rewards can often be converted into exciting vouchers, air miles, or even used to offset card dues, making every rupee spent count.

6. Customized offers

These credit cards are tailored to specific lifestyles and offer more than savings; they provide experiences. Such offerings range from unique dining experiences to early entry to concerts and performances tailored to your tastes, adding a personal touch to your experience.

IndusInd Bank Avios Visa Infinite Credit Card

The IndusInd Bank Avios Visa Infinite Credit Card is among India’s best premium credit cards. With its sleek and innovative design, this ultra-premium card serves many purposes.

1. Unmatched international travel benefits

The card transcends conventional boundaries by offering exceptional international travel benefits. From complimentary meet-and-greet services to elderly care assistance and global travel health insurance to discounted foreign currency markup at preferred destinations, it caters to every nuance of international travel.

2. Collect Avios and enjoy your favourite destinations

This credit card is a traveller’s dream. For every ₹200 you spend, you get to collect 5 Avios (for spends in selected preferred international destinations). Another benefit of this card is discounted forex markup, which makes spending when travelling more cost-effective. The benefits are as diverse as they are plentiful, whether for flights, hotel stays, or vehicle rentals.

3. Power to choose

This card puts the power in your hands. Whether selecting your preferred airline loyalty program between Qatar Airways Privilege Club or British Airways Executive Club or choosing your ideal international destination to maximize benefits, the choice is yours.

Ending note

Premium credit cards not only meet expectations but set new benchmarks. These stand out for their versatility, rich rewards, and exceptional travel perks, making such cards an ideal selection for those pursuing the finest. IndusInd Bank Avios Visa Infinite Credit Card is more than just a financial instrument; it is an instrument of exclusive experiences, convenience, and luxury. Whether it is flexibility, the rewards, or the unparalleled travel benefits, this card is the perfect choice if you seek the best.


Q: What makes premium credit cards different from regular ones?

A: Premium credit cards offer exclusive privileges like lounge access, higher credit limits, and tailored lifestyle services beyond what regular cards provide.

Q: Are premium credit cards worth the higher fees?

A: Yes, they often provide significant travel benefits, rewards, and perks that outweigh the annual fees for individuals who value luxury and convenience.

Q: Can anyone get a premium credit card?

A: Premium credit cards typically require a higher income or credit score, and some may have specific eligibility criteria based on the issuer’s discretion.

Q: Do premium credit cards offer travel insurance?

A: Yes, many premium cards come with travel insurance coverage, including trip cancellation, medical emergencies, and lost baggage, providing added security during travel.

Q: Can I use premium credit card rewards for anything I want?

A: Rewards from premium credit cards can often be redeemed for various options like travel vouchers, merchandise, cashback, or statement credits, depending on the card’s rewards program.

Q: Are there any limitations to lounge access with premium credit cards?

A: Lounge access benefits may vary by card and issuer, including limitations on guest privileges, eligible lounges, and access conditions, so it’s essential to review the terms.

Q: How do I maximize the benefits of a premium credit card?

A: To make the most of a premium credit card, utilize its travel perks, maximize reward earnings, take advantage of exclusive offers, and manage spending responsibly to enjoy its full value.

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