Health Insurance basics for newlyweds

Health Insurance basics for newlyweds

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May 20th, 2024

Indian marriages are more than just the union of a bride and a bridegroom. It’s the coming together of two different families. Wedding planning usually takes centre stage up till the date of the wedding. But marriage planning is what happens after the wedding spectacle. As the festivities wear down and it is time for the couple to commence a new chapter, a slew of changes are in order, especially when it comes to managing finances and sharing responsibilities.

In this article, we draw attention to how couples can capitalize on and look to online health insurance tools to help them secure their future together:

Here are some significant checkpoints that you need to look for:

Health Insurance basics for newly weds

  • Existing health insurance policies:

If you and your partner are working professionals, chances are you are insured under the group insurance policies with your respective employers. However, you may still check with your respective HR officials to see if your spouse can be added to your employee policy and if you can add yourself to your spouse’s employee policy.

  • Check for floater plans:

A floater plan is where a single health insurance policy insures all members of a family. This is especially useful for individuals living in joint families since the sum insured will be eligible for the claim of medical expenses of all the family members. If there is an existing plan in place, try to add yourself or your spouse to the existing floating plan.

  • Purchase a new insurance cover:

Lastly, if the new member entering the family has hitherto never had a general insurance cover, then purchasing a separate general insurance policy in their name would be an excellent option to consider; even if the family is covered under a floating policy.

Apart from these, apply due diligence and work on exploring the following aspects with your partner before you lock in on an online health insurance plan:

  • Understanding each one’s health care needs

Health Insurance basics for newly weds

Work together to explore the healthcare needs of your spouse, including underlying health conditions that might require treatment in the foreseeable future. This is vital to understand which policy would be best suited for your family going forward.

  • Working to apply add-ons to your existing coverage

Most insurance providers offer options to add on and modify current policies. Some of the most popular add-ons involve maternity cover, critical illness cover, personal accident cover, or even a top-up cover. In case you are planning to enlarge your family, these aspects are essential to be explored in your online health insurance policy.

  • Updating the network list

Health Insurance basics for newly weds

This is an essential step in planning for health insurance plans after marriage. Get in touch with your insurer to check and see if your spouse’s preferred hospital or physician is added to the network list of the insurer. This is mandatory for individuals who are currently undergoing treatment for their health conditions.

Many insurance providers have made it easy to check all of this and more using digital means. At Chola MS, for instance, we have designed online health insurance modules to make it easier for even those new to the idea of buying insurance.

Getting into a married partnership with someone can be pretty daunting, especially if you are thinking about all the adjustments and nitty-gritty of it. Visualize the joys of togetherness and you will instantly know all the effort is worth it. Securing your future together is a crucial step to building long innings together. By equipping yourself with the correct information you can take the first step to tackle these decisions. Set aside some time to work to explore the health insurance plans at Chola MS today! Create a foundation for your financial security one step at a time, starting with health insurance.

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