5 airports around the world with the most cutting-edge technology

5 airports around the world with the most cutting-edge technology

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December 27, 2022

While setting off to travel, we often watch out to secure cheap flights, good hotels, travel documents, and other important items to tick off our to-do list. However, the airport you use for the flight makes all the difference in setting the tone for the rest of your trip. Be it for transit or your primary flying needs, a seamless experience at the airport will make your travel more comfortable, entertaining, and smooth.

Top 5 Airports Having Cutting-edge Technology

Here is our list of the top 5 airports around the world with the most cutting-edge technology that is destinations by themselves.

Changi Airport

Changi Airport consistently ranked as one of the best airports around the globe, is more than just a transport hub. It is a retail, lifestyle, and entertainment destination of its own. As one of the busiest airports in South East Asia, Changi Airport is well-known for its unrivaled passenger experiences. The technologically charged Entertainment Corner at Terminal 4 offers a fun selection of games to lift your spirits before you fly. The gaming experience, Xbox Kinect, tracks real-time body movement, letting you stretch your limbs with tennis, bowling, soccer, wake racing, target shooting, and climbing, all in one place. Head straight to the Arcade machines if you are up to exploring the fun, nostalgic moments with the Virtual Pinball and retro arcade machines, or race fellow travelers in a classic driving game.

Incheon International Airport

The Incheon International Airport is a piece of art by itself. More than a travel hub, it offers an authentic cultural experience of South Korea’s rich history and traditions, blending it with the latest tech-savvy installments across the airport. The LED Wall at Terminal 1 periodically changes between different slides, showcasing the aesthetics and artistry unique to the royal court of the Joseon dynasty in three dimensions and Seoul’s intangible cultural heritage filmed at a high resolution. The Melody of Lights exhibition captures the melody and vibrato of 12-string gayageum, symbolized by an LED melody with a unique design. While you are here, you can also catch public performances, explore the food scene, catch a movie, and stroll across Korean Culture Street, among many other fun, entertaining options.

Hong Kong International Airport

Serving hundreds of airlines and frequented by millions of passengers, an entire mountain was flattened to build the majestic Hong Kong International Airport. To cater to the needs of its departing passengers, the boarding gates at the airport feature varied themed zones that transform the entire process of waiting for your flight into a delightful experience of relaxation and rejuvenation. The Buzz Zone is equipped with interactive games and playground material for the young ones, while the Wonder Zone lets passengers of all ages delve into the immersive world of virtual reality with quality games, movies, and activities. Done with games? Not to worry. The Recharge Zone is perfect for travelers looking to recline, relax and rewind in the cozy chairs surrounded by greenery.

Denver Airport

Travel is better when you’re having fun. Denver Airport in the US is the perfect embodiment of this fact. As the largest airport in the country, and the second largest in the world, there is plenty to do here before departing for your flights. Engage with the airport’s own animatronic gargoyle, commissioned for its 24th birthday, that has a smart comeback for almost everything and keeps you thoroughly entertained. The airport is also internationally recognized for its extensive public art collection and Colorado-inspired rotating exhibits. The airport now has a variety of attractions, shops, and F&B outlets for both local and international visitors. The next time you visit, do not miss out on these attractions at Denver Airport.

Dubai International Airport

Holding the crown of the world’s busiest airport is no easy affair, and the Dubai International Airport always stays one step ahead technologically in order to keep up with the demands and inflow of passengers. As part of their ongoing initiative to facilitate this, aviation officials and airport authorities have installed biometric data to speed up the check-in process at the Dubai airport. This will make travel more seamless as the AI systems recognize the passenger’s unique facial features, linking their passport immediately for instant identity verification. Moreover, over 122 Smart Gates have been installed at Terminal 3 of the airport to speed up the passport-checking process, eliminating physical stamping at immigration and initiating a contactless method, completely assisted by technology.

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