Saree fabrics that you should know everything about

Saree fabrics that you should know everything about

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October 15, 2020
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The saree is a garment that has enamored millions of women with its beauty, fluidity and elegance. It is popular among women of diverse ages and cultural backgrounds since it is extremely sensuous and ethereal. The unique thing about the saree is that it works as a draping silhouette that a woman can wrap around her body and move with a lot of grace. This has made it the most versatile clothing item for women in India. Whether a woman is looking to wear it on a red carpet event, a corporate meeting, a wedding event, an evening party or a family gathering, it is always possible to find a saree that is both comfortable and glamorous.

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The fabrics in which sarees are made vary greatly. Before you start looking for the latest designs saree products, it is essential that you learn about these fabrics so that you have no problem in finding a saree that is ideal for you. Here are some of the most common fabrics that you can choose from when you are thinking of buying a saree.

List Of Most Common Saree Fabrics


latest designs saree products

Silk is definitely one of the most popular fabrics when it comes to a saree. Typically coming at a high price, they are mostly worn for weddings, religious festivities, and special events. The highly sought-after fabric not only looks glamorous but they are also extremely comfortable. The silk sarees vary greatly in terms of their style, place of origin, the motifs used, and the patterns. For instance, you can easily choose from a Banarasi silk saree, a Kanchipuram Silk saree, a Sambalpuri silk saree, and a Chanderi silk saree. A well-known online website can offer you the latest collection of Banarasi Sarees and Kanchipuram Silk sarees that stand out for the ornate work.


If you are looking for a saree that can provide you with optimum comfort, then you must go ahead with a cotton saree. Cotton is by far the most suitable fabric for the hot and humid climatic conditions that are normal in the Indian subcontinent. The variations of cotton sarees have evolved a lot over the years and you can find some types of cotton sarees that can be more easily draped than others.


Georgette Saree

Georgette is a fabric that is known for being lightweight and fluid fabric. It is sometimes made from silk but you can also find those that are from synthetic yarns. The great thing about these sarees is that they are extremely convenient to pleat. They have garnered immense popularity over the years for being ideal party wear sarees. If you are planning on wearing a saree for an office event, you can go with this fabric.

Blended fabrics

When you are thinking of having the best of both silk and cotton, you can go forward with a saree that blends these two fabrics together. A lot of saree makers now create these products with blended fabrics as they look very stylish and keep the wearer perfectly comfortable throughout the day.

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