9 Must have Sarees for Your Wardrobe

9 Must have Sarees for Your Wardrobe

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January 30, 2021
Last modified on December 21st, 2021

This six to nine meters long attire is the love of every woman. Everyone is aware that a woman has a list of sarees in her wardrobe. The collection may have sarees in different fabrics that range from lightweight to heavyweight.

The sarees are favorable for different occasions and festivals and can be chosen according to the type of occasion and climate. Having a collection of them will help you to choose the best one as per the function.

9 Must have Sarees for Your Wardrobe

Let’s check out some of the must-have sarees in your wardrobe that will give you a fashionable look whenever you wear them.

Printed Cotton Saree

Can’t decide what to wear at the kitty party when it’s a hot summer day, here’s the answer. Go for a bright colored printed cotton saree that will give you a fresh and cool feel as well as control sweat and moisture.

Some adoring prints such as floral prints, geometric prints and alluring block print cotton sarees will make you look great. These sarees are even a great choice to wear on a casual basis or at the office.

Pure Silk Saree

For festivals and some auspicious events, you can choose to wear a silk saree. The fabric is known to be one of the richest materials due to its shimmery and smooth texture. Pure silk sarees are light in weight and give you a voguish appeal.

The sarees are popular for their golden texture and give you an adoring appeal. Silk sarees are considered to be the prettiest ones providing elegance and an amazing appeal to the wearer.

Beautiful Bandhani Saree

The tie and dye technique used to decorate the saree makes it look highly adoring. This gorgeous saree is popular throughout the globe due to its graceful and sober appeal. Bandhani is the native craft of Gujarat that has its evidence from the days of Indus Valley Civilization.

The pattern is also known as Bhandej and includes designs like Bavan Baug, chandrakala, shikari, etc. that are made by tying the cloth in different techniques.

Adoring Banarasi Silk Saree

There are a variety of silk sarees available in the market and the top one on the list is the Banarasi silk saree. It takes a minimum of six months to make the best Banarasi saree. These sarees have their origin from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

The sarees are found in four different varieties depending on the type of design and work. The golden threads are used to make intricate patterns consisting of florals, some traditional motifs, and other adoring designs.

Elegant Leheriya Saree

The wave-like structure on the attire is highly impressive and attractive. Leheriya sarees are the pride of Rajasthan. The local women there wear these sarees on a casual basis. Having this one in your closet will give you the option to wear it in parties and special events.

The attire is usually found in bright and vibrant colors with waves that differ in thickness. The sarees are usually made from lightweight fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, and rayon that makes the saree favorable for every climate.

Colorful Abstract Print Saree

Choosing to wear something colorful will give you a fabulous look. Abstract prints are a perfect choice for a playful look, their colorful texture and voluminous appeal gives you a fun feel.

These colorful sarees look well when paired with a plain blouse and as they are colorful you can pair any color plain blouse with it. These sarees are perfect for family gatherings and parties that will give you a modish and stylish look.

Beautifully Embellished Saree

Apart from printed and lightweight sarees you also need some beautifully embroidered sarees in your wardrobe. A jacquard saree detailed with beads, pearls and diamonds or a net saree having adoring laces and tassel pallu will give you a fantastic look at the pre-wedding functions.

They are even favorable for evening parties as the shimmer will make you the center of attraction there. A sequin saree worn in the evening will provide you a fashionista look.

Graceful Muga Silk Saree

The Muga silk saree is a variety of Assam. The silk is well-known for its glossy golden texture and durable characteristics. In the early ages, silk was only used by the royals and since then it is known for its royalty.

The graceful Muga silk saree of Assam will give you a sterling look at special events and auspicious functions. The lightweight saree is found in a variety of colors that is detailed with adoring prints and beautiful embroidery work.

Pretty Ikat Saree

The ikat print is dyed on the fabric using the tying techniques. A range of symmetrical and asymmetrical designs are found in Ikat print. Ikat is believed to have its origin from Indonesia and Malay.

There are different types of ikat prints that include weft ikat, double ikat, warp ikat, and pasapalli ikat that consists of checks, lines, and some traditional motifs making it look super amazing. Various colors are being used to make the beautiful attires. The ikat print saree will be one of the best picks for gatherings and parties.

Complete Your Look Perfectly

All these sarees are gorgeous in their own way and are worn depending upon the type of function that you are going to attend. Just choose the attire wisely and pair it with a beautiful blouse and some glorifying accessories for a tremendous look.

Jewelry such as a pretty necklace studded with stones and diamonds it’s matching earrings and sometimes maangtikka too can be paired with the saree for a fabulous look. Pretty bracelets or colorful bangles made from metals such as gold, silver, copper, brass, and even glass are worn along with the saree for a complimenting look. You can get surat sarees online low price with amazing designs if you love surat sarees and Many of them also like to wear a bindi on the forehead that provides them with a traditional look.

Neutral makeup and a proper hairstyle is an important factor to keep in mind for a tremendous look. Lastly, a pair of heels and your overall look is complete

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