Top 7 Color Contrasts For Blouse And Saree

Top 7 Color Contrasts For Blouse And Saree

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April 10th, 2024

Numerous new outfits are available in the market for women these days. From many different kinds and styles of suits to stunning Indo-Western dresses, magnificent gowns, traditional lehengas, and the Western collection, women have a great choice of outfits. However, there is still an outfit that every woman loves the most and chooses over everything else. We are talking about sarees.

A saree looks extremely beautiful and gives a woman the perfect look. A woman can wear a saree in style to a party, a festival, a wedding function, or any other occasion. A saree can never disappoint. It looks good in every colour, on every woman, and in every way.

Moreover, a saree has many other benefits, except that it suits everyone. First of all, our country has such a wide range of sarees. There are so many different styles and patterns that you can choose from. You can wear a silk saree, a kanjivaram saree, a cotton saree, a ruffled saree, and thousands more. The list of saree styles and kinds available in India never ends.

Also, a saree is never too much or too little for any occasion. It always looks suitable for the occasion you are wearing it for. Along with being available in plenty of designs, sarees can be worn or draped in numerous ways. So, you don’t have to worry about a particular saree draping style not suiting you. You can pick up another of your choices and rock your saree look.

Now that we have emphasised that a saree looks good in every way, we will add something else. Like any other fashion trend, sarees also get new trends or new styles introduced almost every few days. These styles or trends can be related to the saree colours, prints, the material they are made of, etc., but out of these trends, one of the most important trends is the colour contrasts. There are always different colours and their colour combinations that hit the trend list for a while. And it is essential to stick to the latest trends. After all, who wants to look outdated or too old for the trend?

One trendy saree style that has made its way to almost every fashion runway is wearing a saree with a contrasting blouse. A saree’s blouse plays a crucial part in its overall look. If you wear a top-notch saree but the blouse doesn’t suit you well or is not up to the scale, it can ruin the look of your perfect saree. So, when wearing a saree, you must make a good choice for the blouse you wear with it.

Contrasting blouses have become a favourite for all saree lovers because they pop out the colours of the saree and complement it very well. They give a different touch to your saree look.

So, here are some of the best blouse and saree contrast combinations you can try the next time you decide to wear a saree.

Top 7 Color Contrasts For Blouse And Saree

The evergreen pink and yellow

Pink and yellow are not a new combination. They have always been there. A yellow blouse looks highly gorgeous when paired with a pink saree.

Here are some of the best pink saree with yellow blouse moments we noticed.

pink and yellow Blouse And Saree

Source – Pinterest

This girl wore a bright yellow blouse with a medium-shade pink saree. Doesn’t it look beautiful? The blouse enhanced the saree’s beauty by adding a hint of brightness. Also, the pink flowers on the blouse make it the perfect match for this simple and sober pink saree.

Another beautiful lady is wearing a stunning pink silk saree with a yellow blouse with pink details.

A simple pink saree paired with a long-sleeved yellow blouse looks fantastic on this gorgeous lady. She kept the overall look minimal with a simple saree, a simple blouse, and a nude makeup look.

The pink-yellow combination has a modernistic touch. The long-sleeved yellow blouse looks adorable, and the simple pink saree has yellow borders.

Similarly, a pink blouse with a yellow saree also looks gorgeous and should be on your list.

It is a stunning combination of a simple yellow saree with a pink and embellished pink border.

Pink and blue

The pink saree goes amazingly well with a blue blouse. You can choose the shades according to your preferences. You can pair a light pink or baby pink saree with a bright blue, light blue, or sky blue blouse. It is all about how much creativity you want to add and what suits you.

pink and blue Blouse And Saree

Source – Pinterest

A traditional look, including a pink saree with a gorgeous blue blouse, took our hearts away at first sight. It is the perfect style if you want to wear a saree to a wedding or even for your wedding.

This light pink saree with a sky blue cut-sleeve blouse looks so classy and stylish that you will want to wear it immediately.

Another modern and trendy-looking saree and blouse combination is pink and blue. The pink organza saree looks the best with that strappy bow blouse.

This saree and blouse combination has bold colours, yet they look lovely together. The simplicity is mind-blowing, and the combination seems so impactful.

On the other hand, pink and blue look equally stunning in reversed roles. A blue saree and a pink blouse also look very pretty.

Pink and grey

If you don’t want to wear something ubiquitous and look different in your favourite pink, pair it up with a lovely shade of grey. Pink and grey might sound unsuitable for each other, but trust us, these two colours go well, just like fries and ketchup. So, think of this combination next time you want to pair up your favourite pink colour with a different tone or add a bright colour to your greys.


pink and grey

Source – Pinterest

Just look at how stunning the combination of pink blouse and grey saree is here. The bright pink coloured blouse enhanced the grace of this classy grey saree.

A modern, classy colour combination made this bridal look unique and attractive.

This is the perfect saree for a simple outing, function, or festival. Just look at the simplicity of this saree with such subtle pink and grey colours.

Yellow and blue

This colour combination is one of our favourites. Blue and yellow go so well together. It looks very pretty, and you can choose between different shades of both colours.


yellow and blue Blouse And Saree

Source – Pinterest

Ivory blue blouses with bright yellow sarees look fabulously beautiful and elegant. You can complete the look with minimal jewellery, as the colours are so attractive that you don’t need heavy jewellery.

Orange and blue

Orange and blue are such bright and happy colours that their combination becomes very appealing. You can pair a blue saree with an orange blouse or do the opposite; the charm would be the same.


yellow and blue Blouse And Saree

Source – Snapdeal

White with any colour

White is an evergreen colour. It looks fantastic no matter what colour you pair it up. The white colour makes the other colour look brighter and prettier. And we don’t need to say how classy the white colour looks, right? A white saree is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe.


white with any color Blouse And Saree

Source – Pinterest

Add a touch of black.

After white, black is another colour that can add class to your saree style. Whether you wear a black saree with a different-coloured blouse or a bright-coloured saree with a black blouse, it always looks dazzling.

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