What is the Difference Between cocoshoes and normal shoes?

What is the Difference Between cocoshoes and normal shoes?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Fashion, Published On
December 28, 2021

Investing in quality shoes is as crucial as investing in good-quality clothes. However, this doesn’t mean that buying the most expensive branded shoes is the only way out. Though buying a high-quality shoe like cocoshoes may seem expensive in the first instance, but it’ll eventually save more money in the long run.

Here are the differences between coco shoes and normal shoes

High-quality material

The first sign of distinction is the quality of material used in coco shoes. Normal shoes are made of low-quality synthetic material, but cocoshoes are made of leather and high-quality materials that include the sole. We have full-grain leather shoes.

Glued soles vs. stitched soles

Cocoshoes is adjustable as it comes with adjustable straps like Velcro and laces. Cocoshoes have stitched soles as it’s the foundation of a shoe. Normal shoes have glued soles that easily fall apart within a few days of wear. No one will prefer to buy the shoes whose sole falls apart after wearing them for several months/weeks.

Enough room for toes

Cocosneakers allow sufficient room for your toes which allows comfortable walking. The heel cup or the heel support of our shoes are designed stable and soft. To know more, visit https://www.cocoshoes.net/

Thickness of sole

Cocoshoes play a key role in a person’s attire like no other part of your clothing plays such a crucial role in distributing the weight of your body. Cocoshoes have relatively thicker shoes as compared to low-quality normal shoes. A cheap, low-quality shoe with a thin sole dress shoe wears out within a few months. Wearing an incorrect pair of shoes adds discomfort and causes problems in the knees, lower back, and hips.

Improves body posture

Normal shoes can be uncomfortable in walking, affecting the natural position of knees, back, hips, and ankles. Cocoshoes help maintains a natural body posture easily such that your muscles or joints are not stressed too much.

Cocoshoes make you more active

Wearing cocoshoes makes you feel that you are walking on the clouds as they feel more comfortable than other normal shoes. You can go about your daily routine wearing these shoes without stopping. Cheap normal shoes may bother you the whole day as they feel unbearable. So invest in a good quality pair of shoes like cocoshoes which makes you feel fresh the entire day with no discomfort or pain.

Improves circulation

Uncomfortable shoes may swell your feet due to bad circulation and make you uncomfortable while walking. To walk comfortably and improve circulation, you need to have a good quality shoe like cocoshoes that promote venous return, unlike normal shoes that cause varicose veins problem and edema.

Prevents foot problem

Coco shoes are breathable materials with a premium quality sole that allows comfortable movement. The best footwear makes you feel barefoot without squeezing and rubbing. Cocoshoes protect to walk on any surface without any discomfort.Durabl


Coco sneakers dunk looks very stylish. Normal shoes may look unnatural as they are made of manufactured materials. Cocoshoes naturally looks like a luxury thing since it is made of shiny, sleek material.


One of the biggest points of difference between a normal shoe and cocoshoes dunk is that they are durable and last longer than synthetic shoes.

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