5 Nomos Glashutte Watches You Must Look Out For!

5 Nomos Glashutte Watches You Must Look Out For!

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April 16th, 2024

Nomos has made a big name for itself in the world of timepieces. Hailing from Glashutte in the Saxon region of Germany, this watchmaker is young but still really accomplished, as you’ll see if you check out its fantastic work.

From their creativity, inventiveness, and bringing in-house movements to the masses, Nomos watchmakers left a mark. Bauhaus, one of the most prominent design schools of the 20th century, represents its distinct minimalist watches. Today, we bring you five of the best-selling Nomos Glashutte watches you must look out for if you plan to buy one. 

Top 5 Nomos Glashutte Watches

  • Orion

The Nomos Glashutte Orion watch has all the characteristics of being the ideal accessory for everyone who appreciates a beautiful style. The watch features a sharp appearance with attractively curving lines, all of which perfectly align with the light, timeless lines that every individual finds pleasing. In addition, a domed sapphire crystal glass has been set in front of this German watch. 

Any of the galvanized, golden, or diamond-polished dials are seen to display the contours of the blue hands. Automation fans will be happy to learn that the Nomos Orion is available with its ultra-thin DUW 3001 caliber movement. The high-precision design and the entire set of mechanisms have been innovative for Nomos Glashütte and earned multiple awards.

Orion watches are available in over 20 versions- each using a conventional but state-of-the-art approach. One of the models likely has a DUW 4101 caliber and a 42-hour power reserve, which Orion Neomatik 41 Date Olive Gold has. 

  • Classic Tangente

The rounded Nomos Tangente has been one of the most popular Nomos watches over the past quarter-century. This timepiece started with a creative and competent style and has garnered favorable consumer reviews while also receiving multiple honors for its makers. It represents the concepts of leadership and is one of the oldest models of Nomos.

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Nomos Tangente can consistently create a slender tick compared to 19 other models, including those with automatic or the Neomatik caliber, noted for its finest precision. In addition, it is offered in a 33mm to 41mm range, with a date function and power reserve indicator.

  • Ahoi

Nomos Ahoi offers one amusing, unforgettable trip for every day of the year. It is best used in adventures because of its convenient timekeeping and wonderful aesthetic appeal. Sports lovers would find this perfect for their lifestyle as it has all the mechanical functions they need. This Ahoi watch from Nomos is ideal for diving with its six screws and two crown guards that tightly holds the water-resistance design. It allows divers to dive to a maximum depth of 200 meters. 

Superluminova has been applied to the hands of the Nomos Ahoi watch, glowing even in the dark to measure time underwater. The textile strap’s excellent design came from France’s elegance, with stainless steel fasteners to fit the wrist perfectly. Nomos makes several different models and designs of Ahoi watches, and the long-awaited diameter of 36 millimeters has arrived. 

You can also acquire the 40-millimeter Ahoi Date Siren Blue if you want something with a large diameter. Also in blue-black, vivid blue as the sky, red, and silver-white, Nomos Ahoi is a bright spot in the collection.

  • Club

Nomos Club has been created to accommodate any occasion and for anyone. Its fresh design makes it suitable for wearing on any occasion or even while you’re trying to sport a casual look on regular days. This versatile watch features some extraordinary calibers manufactured by Nomos’ finest skills. You can simply acquire the Nomos Club with your preferred caliber, such as hand-wound or automatic movement. 

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It maintains its sporty, youthful appearance but has straightforward features that appeal to almost everyone. The model’s hands, particularly in the Campus and Aqua collection, have been coated with Superluminova, making it possible to determine the time while traversing the forest at night under dense darkness.

Additionally, Nomos Glashütte has endowed the dress watch with sapphire crystal glass and a distinctive stainless steel case, making it all the more youthful and glamorous. The case is memorable because it includes a beautiful phrase etched on the back that people will have in their memories for a lifetime.

Nomos Club is water-resistant with its Nomos Aqua series model featuring four dial color options and five size options from 36 – 41.4 mm in diameter.

  • Autobahn

Autobahn has an impressively motorsports-inspired dial that mirrors the dashboard speedometer of a sports car. This is because the dial has a two-thirds length around it covered with a bold and thick luminescent striping. The hour markers (2, 4, 8, 10, and 12) have a thin and minimalist sans-serif font, while the dial has large fonts. Each five-minute interval (or track) has Roman numerals in a matching but lower-sized font.

It uses a sapphire crystal case back and the DUW 6101 caliber, known as Neomatik automatic caliber, with the date function. The slim profile of Autobahn features 27 jewels and a self-winding movement. One of the defining looks of Glashütte-made watches is the pink and tempered blue screws set in three-quarter plates and bridge.

A slightly skeletonized rotor allows you to see what is underneath it. It bears the name NOMOS GLASHÜTTE DEUTSCHE UHRENWERKE. The three-quarter plate has gold filling etched with the caliber name “DUW 6101” and the inscriptions “27 Rubine” and “Made in Germany.”

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Final Thoughts

Nomos Glashutte showcases the classic watch with enormous features that wowed its fans. Its clear face showing time without complicated typographies defines the importance of simplicity. With all the complications it features, this German watch proved to be of high reliability when it comes to quality. 

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