5 Best Websites To Download E-books For Free

5 Best Websites To Download E-books For Free

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Education, Published On
September 1, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

We have different hobbies depending on our personalities, and many of us love reading. This is an excellent hobby to have for any person because this is the most significant source of knowledge. The technological era has affected almost everything and so our hobby of reading.

We used to read books years ago, and now we have access to millions of books online. Is it convenient and easy to study a book at home without spending time in the library? Well, this is not such a bad idea, but you really should have a smartphone, PC, and Laptop available so that you can easily enjoy spending time with your favorite hobby.

Many books are available online in PDF format these days. You can get as much knowledge as you want in a more convenient and reliable way for you. To read from you android or iPhone you should have a PDF reader installed. You can quickly get one from your app store for iPhone or play store for android.

Once you are done, you can start downloading your favorite books and can make the library of your own on your smartphone or PC. Well if you are having difficulty in finding a perfect e-book website for you, then no worries because I am going to share the best websites to download e-books for free.

You will be able to know about awesome websites for free e-books downloading. I will guide you about every best website for e-book downloading with the method as well.

These websites are the best websites of 2020 for free e-book downloading.

  • Library Genesis
  • Free-Ebooks.net
  • com
  • Free Computer Books
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Many Books
  • Free Book Spot
  • Free e-books
  • Get Free e-Books
  • Free Tech Books

1.Library Genesis:

This is one of the best places to search for your desired or favorite millions of books and articles. You will easily find the desired book or articles in PDF format. You only need to type a book or article name you want to download in the search bar and search for it. Once you got this book click on its name and then click on “GET” to download your favorite book.


Well, this is the website having more than one format of books. You will easily find PDF, kindle, and TXT, etc. but PDF is the most common format to download books on this website.

You can choose your favorite category of books on this website including academics, textbooks, fiction, non-fiction, audiobooks of fiction, non-audio books of fiction, and even the best books for your children in the category of children’s books, etc.


Well, this is another free best website to download e-books or textbooks for free. You can easily download over 50 Million of PDF books from this website. This is considered as the world’s largest online publishing company known for best short and practical e-books, business, literature, IT, and also on engineering, etc.

You can download the book you want from this website for free and also it shows related books so you can easily explore these associated books as well.

4.Free Computer Books:

This is one of the best websites for free e-books in the science category and allows you to download these books for free. Open the book and see information about the book, if you want to download scroll down and click on the given link.

5.Project Gutenberg:

This is considered an excellent place as it offers you to get free access to 57000 free online e-books basically from the public domain. Well, you don’t need to pay any fees or to download any custom apps to get access.

Classic books are available to read or to download with no charges.

6.Many Books:

This is known as one of the best reading platforms and offers you to read many books as the name says. Thousands of free e-books are available to read and download. This also provides you to download an e-book in your desired format.

7.Free Book Spot:

This site is built by many members so the topics are varied and offer free e-books in more than 90 categories. You can sign up for a (free) membership to download files to read on your phone. This is one of those sites that has the most content in the world. With a library of 10,000+ copyrighted eBooks, you can read any ebook and magazine without paying any extra cost. You can read ebooks offline or read ebooks online easily.

8.Free e-books:

This website offers you to get free access to thousands of free online books in your desired category. You can easily read these free e-books anywhere you want. Categories provided by free-eBooks include business, self-help, romance, sci-fi, fiction, and non-fiction as well.

9.Get Free e-Books:

Well, this is as well one of the best platforms to free read and download e-books in different categories like short stories, fiction, horror, fantasy, and sci-fi, etc.

Get free e-books is easy to use and a reliable website for you. This is one of the best reading apps available today. Get Free e-Books always provides you to read many free books with many genres.

10.Free Tech Books:

Well, this best website gives you a list of free technological books to download and read for free. Categories offered include computer science, lecture notes, engineering, textbooks, and free programming books. This website shares these books with you for free, and books are legally available.

The explosion of the information technology revolution with everything being digitized makes it possible for people to use information in the simplest and most effective way. In line with the development trend of the times, free online reading websites are gradually replacing traditional paper books. The reading culture is also changing gradually, people now often have the habit of reading with digital devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Hopefully, the list of general websites that I have just introduced will not only help you easily access the interesting and interesting works but also like a smart way to save while reading Books.

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