10 Things In Your Resume That Would Be A Huge No For Your Recruiters

10 Things In Your Resume That Would Be A Huge No For Your Recruiters

Written by Moli Mishra, In Education, Published On
October 27, 2021
Last modified on August 2nd, 2022

Searching for jobs is a tedious job, especially for all the newcomers in the corporate world. Along this process, one should always carry their resume. A resume is a document that is created by a job seeker to present themselves as the perfect candidate for the job. It would show their skills, background, and accomplishments. The main use of a resume is therefore to secure a job. There are many resume examples available online.

While typing out your resume you would need to be aware of the information that you type as some would just be unnecessary details that would clog up your place.

10 Things In Your Resume That Would Be A Huge No For Your Recruiters

  • Personal Details

Personal details are a huge NO! Details like your gender, date of birth, nationality, state of origin, marital status, or religion, should be excluded. This is because at times these details may backfire on you.

Consider not going through the first phase of recruitment due to your age or gender, both of which you don’t have control over! Hence it is advisable to include the details only required for the job.

  • Your Home Address:

Many people write their complete home address in their resume, with the current technological developments, this would be a risk that you should not take. It is better to add only the city and state that you are residing in rather than the whole detail.

  • Your Photograph:

Most HR practices discourage the use of photographs. But there are exceptions for this case if you are a person who is looking for a career where your looks are also an important part then it is necessary to add your photograph. Models, actors, TV personalities are required to submit their photos too. If you are seeking job opportunities outside the country you live in, at times you should attach your photograph to it.

The reason why photographs are discouraged is that subconsciously a person would judge you based upon gender, race, maybe religion, or your age. This would prevent you from getting the job opportunity. And it’s a waste of time, as the recruiter would be able to see the LinkedIn page.

  • Inappropriate Email Addresses:

Incorrect contact information. The contact information especially in emails is important hence if you miswrite the same thing, it shows that you are careless and disqualifies yourself from the candidature. Hence always look twice while submitting your email address.

(Note: Avoid using slang, or nicknames in the email address. It does not even take a second for creating a new email address. It would seem unprofessional when you are doing the same.)

  • Job Duties:

While writing job functions don’t write about every work experience. Filter your experience and write it in a way that will get you hired. Choose which job experience would be helpful for your career and write the same in your resume.

  • Graphic Designs:

Always maintain the conventional-style resume rather than trying new fonts, inserting tables, or playing with colors. in the name of showing creativity.

There are mainly three reasons for the same:

  1. It would look unprofessional.
  2. Sometimes the tracking server would not be able to read your information.
  3. The recruiter would face difficulties while reading your resume.
  4. Outdated Information: Include information from the near present rather than your past.

For example:

If you were working as a senior architect in a firm for 15 years then you don’t need to add other employment details, all you need to do is to list down the various accomplishments you have done in your job. This also goes for your education, if you have completed your university degree you don’t need to add your high school details. It would seem outdated and irrelevant to the position that you are looking for.

  • Jargons:

Don’t use acronyms or technical words (industry lingo) on your resume, until and unless you are sure about the same. Some of these technical words (industry lingo) would be industry-specific so if you are not sure that the same is used in the industry that you are going into it would simply be a risk. If the recruiter is unfamiliar with these terms it would only cause you to lose the job. Hence always use simple and effective words.

  • References:

References are always a huge benefit for all job seekers. But make sure you don’t do the same in your resume. This is a major space killer. Only if the company asks for the same separately then submit the reference list until then don’t, as you would be exposing their details as well.

  • Grammatical or Spelling Errors:

The grammatical or spelling error could ruin your image. Not only would it make you unprofessional it would ruin the chance of you ever getting hired by that company. So while submitting your resume always make sure you proofread the same twice or thrice before hitting the send button.

(Note: It is always better if you ask someone else to look into your resume, they would be able to find flaws that you were incapable of finding.)

  • Hobbies or Interests:

Abandon this category if they have no relation with the desirable workplace skills. For all the experienced candidates, it would be a huge no if you add the same in your resume, as in your resume you should use and have more compelling points to state rather than such categories.


Resumes are important in all fields. A slight error would be fatal for your career progress hence make sure that you look into these things and create a resume or visit resume writing services in India.

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