What kind of offers can 1xBet offer to people in India and the rest of the world?

What kind of offers can 1xBet offer to people in India and the rest of the world?

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May 31, 2023

Many of the world’s most popular gambling websites target different global markets. Some of them only focus on the European market, but there are brands that are also available in places like India.

Speaking of this beautiful country, the 1xbet promo code gives people the opportunity to use unique bonuses that no other iGaming brand has to offer. 1xBet is one of the world’s most renowned gambling companies, and it is available in the Indian market. The features, options, and things it provides are the best in the business, which is why a lot of people choose this operator over its counterparts.

There are different kinds of offers that 1xBet provides to people in India. Some of the rewards are also available on the operator’s site that’s accessible in other parts of the world, whereas others are only available to Indian gamblers, so here’s a brief overview of them.

1xBet offer to The People

1xBet offer

Offers for the Champions League

Despite the fact that most Indians are huge cricket fans, 1xBet is aware that many people in the country are also interested in football. Some of them will only bet on the local leagues, but many prefer to target the big European competitions, such as the Champions League.

If you reside in India and want to stake in this tournament, 1xBet will give you access to a special prize. The latter will let you compete for a car, as well as different monetary rewards. The only way to take part in this raffle is to place a bet with real money on different matches from the Champions League. Doing this will earn you points, and you participate in the raffle.

Keep in mind that illegal betting is a big problem in India, so you have to be careful when choosing what to wager on.

Grand Slam bonuses

Tennis is not the biggest sport in India because none of the sport’s prominent events occur in the country. Nevertheless, gamblers can’t deny that tennis is one of the interesting sports to bet on because bookies like 1xBet have special markets and different options for this individual sport.

Speaking of tennis options, Indian bettors will have access to an event that will let them accumulate points when wagering on different Grand Slam tournaments. This bonus is the same as the one for the Champions League, meaning that the more points a given player has, the more chances of winning something.

CaseGO: Defuse

1xBet is one of the very few bookmakers that have an active role in the world of eSports. The company is the main sponsor of several big international eSports events, as well as some of the best teams like OG, Talon Esports, Team Spirit, and Tundra Esports. Consequently, 1xBet has many different perks for eSports that are just non-existent on other betting sites in India.

One of the advantages of picking this operator is the CaseGO: Defuse promotion. It focuses on CSGO players who decide to bet on the different Majors that the game offers. Those who do that and wager over a specific amount will have a chance to win different prizes, such as a MacBook, Steam Deck, and so on.

Weekly promotions for placing bets

Cashbacks have a key role in the iGaming industry, and they seem to be pretty popular among Indian online gamblers. Many websites try to take full advantage of it, so they provide at least several cashback propositions.

1xBet is “guilty” here because it also has at least a couple of active cashback proposals. However, one is more attractive because it’s weekly and depends on all the bets that people wager during the week.

If we look at the Terms and Conditions, we can see that the percentage is not that high. However, Indian gamblers who wager more money will be happy to hear that they can get something without the need to pay extra.

Bet via Telegram

There is no arguing that Telegram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, especially in the last couple of years. Even though it’s mostly popular in Europe, it seems like many Indians use it a lot because 1xBet decided to offer a special promotion for it.

People in India who use 1xBet and have Telegram can get an interesting proposition if they decide to use it to place bets. Of course, this will require them to complete different steps, so users must be careful and follow everything.


The last promo that many people in India who use 1xBet are interested in is called Advancebet. This is a perk that allows people to place a bet using the potential winnings that they can get from their previous bet. It seems pretty complicated for the average sports bettor, so not everyone wants to give it a chance, but in reality, the promo is pretty good.

The idea here is that Indian bettors can get an extra bet without having the funds. If they do not predict the original one, 1xBet will simply close the other bet.

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