Bingo vs Slots: Which Type of Game Suits You Best

Bingo vs Slots: Which Type of Game Suits You Best

Written by Alison Lurie, In Casino, Updated On
April 17th, 2023

Bingo has been many people’s favorite game for years, with the arrival of online bingo making it easier than ever before to play it. Yet, at the same time the arrival of online slots has opened up a new way of playing, so which is going to be right for you?

Use the Offers to Check Out Both

Bingo and slots are often offered on the same sites, which makes sense as the type of player who likes one of these games probably likes the other too. In addition, they use a similar type of technology, with random number generators used to ensure that the outcome is totally unpredictable every time you play.

The online bingo offers at Paddy Power let you play bingo for free at certain times of day, so it’s a way to sample the online bingo experience. They also offer free spins on slots for new members, thereby providing an opportunity to try an alternative way of playing. You can then compare the slots action to other bingo games by looking at the likes of guaranteed jackpot games and boosted bingo games.

Are There Gameplay Differences?

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Jackpot Slots?

Despite the history of slots and bingo being so different, the gameplay on them is surprisingly similar. Modern bingo began life in the US in the 1920s but is thought to originate from a much early lottery-style game from Italy. As for slots, the first machine was created at the end of the 19th century, where the players manually pulled a lever to try and get a line of matching symbols.

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The move to online play has revealed that both games have a lot in common, though. As games of chance, they only require the player to select a bet level, start the action and then wait to see what happens. In both cases, numbers or symbols are chosen using a random number generator and the player just has to wait to see whether they win or not, with no way for them to alter their chances.

Both of these games have also diversified, as developers have introduced new themes and features. The likes of progressive jackpot prizes can be added, with the game’s prize pool building up until someone triggers it. This means that players can now search for a title and look that appeals to them, although the original gameplay stays the same in both cases, with minimal changes from the early days of these games.

With the simple gameplay in bingo and slots, anyone can start playing without any hassle. There are rules in place that explain how they work. Wins are paid automatically and if a bonus round is activated, the player doesn’t even need to know how this happened as the game’s algorithms take care of everything behind the scenes.

So, which is best for you? There’s no right or wrong answer and if you want to play an online game where you don’t need to worry about learning strategies or skills then both of these genres are good. By trying both of these types of games, you can quickly work out whether you have a favorite or like both of them equally well.

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