Are Dedicated Betting Apps Better Than Home Screen Betting Apps?

Are Dedicated Betting Apps Better Than Home Screen Betting Apps?

Written by Alison Lurie, In Casino, Published On
September 20, 2023

Sports betting is a popular pastime with an opportunity to win real money. Most betting sites are accessible via mobile phones, so you can play on your Android/iOS smartphone, tablet, or iPad.

Bookmakers provide mobile-friendly websites that you can access using a mobile browser. Some brands also offer dedicated mobile apps. Another less popular option is the home screen app that you can add to your device’s desktop. Here’s an overview of dedicated betting apps and how they compare against home screen betting apps:

What’s A Dedicated Betting App?

A dedicated betting app is precisely what the name suggests and what most punters think about when speaking of sports betting apps. Leading bookmakers design unique mobile betting apps that punters can download and install on their devices. Android users can find the app via Google Play Store, while iOS users can get it from the Apple Store.

Some bookmakers only have a betting app for Android or iOS, while most feature versions for both operating systems. A dedicated sports betting application is designed specifically for the OS and offers instant access to the betting site. The app’s design differs from the mobile betting site and requires enough space on your device.

Once installed, you can enjoy automatic updates and access all betting products and features the bookmaker provides. Dedicated betting apps are intuitively designed to work on mobile devices, unlike websites, which adapt to desktops, browsers, and other gadgets used to access the platform. As such, they tend to have improved UX.

What’s A Betting Home Screen App?

Betting home screen apps offer a third option for punters looking to enjoy sports betting on the go. Unlike dedicated betting apps, home screen betting apps don’t require installations from the app store. You won’t find one on Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Instead, you can add the betting site to your phone’s home screen using a simple smartphone function.

To add a betting site to your home screen, visit the official website using your browser, then tap the three dots on the top right for Android. You’ll get a drop-down list with the option to “Add to Home Screen.” You can do the same with Apple devices. A convenient home screen icon app will be downloaded to your home screen, giving you a direct path to the betting site.

The home screen app eliminates the need to go to the browser whenever you want to access the betting site. You can add a home screen app for nearly all websites. It’s more of a quick link, and the option is also possible when using a PC. However, the app is mobile responsive and adapts to your device’s screen configuration.

Which Betting App Is Better?

A dedicated sports betting app has many advantages, including more flexibility, customization, automatic updates, better features, and optimized configurations. However, you need enough space on your device. Home screen apps provide quick solutions when you don’t want to navigate the betting site through the browser.

Unfortunately, they’re less optimized for your device than dedicated mobile apps. Both options offer convenient on-the-go betting without the browser. Ultimately, the decision is based on personal preferences. Some punters prefer the dedicated app, while others fancy the quick home screen launcher. Both are significantly better than the browser-based website.

Dedicated Android and iOS sports betting apps are more attractive because they offer the full package. You can get the best features and experiences designed specifically for your device. Home screen apps are easy to add and don’t require much space. However, they can crash or struggle with virtual sports and RAM-intensive features.

Key Takeaways About Sports Betting App Options

Betting apps make it easy to gamble on the go. You can quickly launch the app and bet without searching for the bookmaker on your browser. Dedicated apps are robust and offer the full betting experience. However, you can run out of space if you use several bookmakers.

Home screen apps take less space and are more practical when using dozens of sportsbooks. Nonetheless, both options have pros and cons, so you should find one that suits your betting needs. The best solution is to try both and determine which works best.

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