IT: A Sector of Eternal Evolution

IT: A Sector of Eternal Evolution

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Updated On
June 6th, 2024

Recruitment can be complex in the areas of information systems management. Demand is growing in companies that have realized that their security and business continuity largely depend on the management and optimization of their IT equipment. Moreover, in the technology sector, attracting the best candidates is becoming increasingly difficult. Today, simple job board ads are no longer enough to find that rare gem, and you need to use all available digital ways, like the Romanian recruitment agency, to be effective.

Companies are desperate for IT skills

IT: a sector of eternal evolution

While the IT job market, driven by the transformational needs of companies and the growth of online commerce, remains dynamic, a large percentage of IT professionals believe that the market has been less favourable since the start of the COVID-19 crisis and has not fully recovered to date. This is a perception that can be explained by the decrease in the number of potential clients and the extension of the search time for many professionals whose expertise is now less in demand.

The answer lies in the growing mismatch between companies’ needs and available skills. Almost 8 out of 10 companies have difficulty recruiting IT experts, and they cite the lack of profiles with adapted skills as the main reason for these difficulties. The impossibility of offering an attractive reward, a vital issue for attracting the rarest profiles in particular, is cited by 38% of respondents ahead of the company’s geographic location.

Thus, profiles that meet companies’ economic needs are rare and in a position of strength in the market. These include Cloud Engineers or Architects, Cyber Security Engineers, DevOps and SecOps Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Architects, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Sharepoint Specialist Developers, NodeJS, Magento and SalesForce, Dynamics, Azure, and Sage X3 experts.

Outsourcing, the key to IT recruiting

Outsourcing is a critical methodology to implement quickly when you are wondering how to hire an IT professional for your business. We advise you to start by listing the expected skills and establishing a rating grid for future interviews. These steps will allow you to define the profile of the ideal candidate and make it easier to sort the resumes that seem most relevant to you.

It is also important to outline the hiring process: How much time do you have for hiring? What type of contract (permanent contract, fixed-term contract, work-study program) corresponds to the position? How many interviews do you have scheduled? Who will they lead? In physics, on video, on the phone? Will the candidate have to take tests to assess their skills? Recruitment must be trained upstream to be as effective as possible.

Functioning and implementation of digital recruiting: an example of outsourcing

The recruitment process has several stages, and each can be considered.

In the world of technology, one of the most critical steps for each company is finding the ideal profile for recruitment. For this, there are various options based on digital technologies: order a digital recruitment agency, consult the profiles available on recruitment platforms, or try to find yourself using job sites, professional social networks, or other online solutions:

  • Web-based staffing agencies specializing in digital occupations: They take care of everything and use their proven technologies and methods to help companies recruit effortlessly.
  • Recruiting and networking platforms: These offer a selection (weekly or monthly) of candidates who listen to opportunities that companies can contact through a matching system.
  • Employer Branding Sites: These are sites where recruiting companies can advertise themselves, have a dedicated page, and list their positions to fill.
  • Learn more about employer branding in IT recruiting.
  • Job boards and social networks (+ professional social): These are job sites where companies post their job offers, as well as social networks where you can highlight your current recruits (LinkedIn is the most famous and used professional social network).
  • Development and direct implementation of adapted tools and processes: Boolean queries, LinkedIn hunting strategy, growth hacking technique, optimization of the application process using a chatbot or innovative form, etc.

Advantages of outsourcing its recruitment

Better candidate experience

This is one of the main advantages of digital recruiting: it makes you want to apply and join a modern and innovative organization. Recruiting is competitive, and every element of differentiation is welcome.

Save time and productivity.

Automating tasks without any real added value will save you significant time. Sorting applications (which sometimes come in hundreds) can be partially automated, allowing you to invest more time and resources in more demanding recruitment activities.

Also, consider the opportunity cost: Setting up your digital recruiting activities certainly requires an investment, but doing nothing will undoubtedly cost you more, both financially and in terms of your image.

More security and more quality in recruitment processes

The example of the blockchain and its application to recruitment shows us that it is possible to obtain transparency and ensure the integrity of the information collected. Mastering the codes and practices of digital recruitment also helps to reinforce the severe and quality image you will have with candidates.

Better employer image and brand

Employer branding is now directly linked to a successful online presence. Therefore, the company must implement solutions to be visible and promote the benefits of working from home. Digital recruiting helps improve employer branding. Thus, companies can more easily attract candidates.

More applications: a challenge for penurious trades

Good IT profiles are rare, and a rare gem is hard to come by. Modern digital recruitment methods allow you to identify and contact candidates who are not “visible” at first glance in the labour market. Thanks to good tools and practices, interesting “expectation profiles” are now easier to identify.

These are just some of the important considerations that can help you decide to hire specialized HR companies. Thanks to their experience in the sector, recruiters at companies such as Alcor, as well as in their commercial sphere, have the necessary professionalism to read and understand clients’ needs correctly and carry out successful selection and recruitment of personnel.

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