How To improve your hiring process?

How To improve your hiring process?

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July 6, 2021

The hiring process is usually explained as the process of hiring a new employee in your establishment, who is the perfect fit for your company. Almost all companies have their very own specially curated process of analyzing, recruiting candidates can surely help you with your overall performance in the hiring process.

With social media recruitment also coming to the platform the way the hiring process is conducted has shifted. Virtual offices are the new normal in perspective with the pandemic and that sure has shaped the recruitment industry and the entire process.

How To improve your hiring process?

how to improve hiring process

So here we will discuss the steps of the hiring process and how you can improve them for achieving the best objectives and goals.

  • Understand what you need in the company

This is the most important step, identification of your need. What exactly are you looking for, what are your organizations; needs? Then there should be a thorough analysis of eligibility criteria for that position, what is the skill set you’re looking forward to. When you are clear of your needs, there is a higher probability of finding the perfect candidate, because there is clearly stated in your needs and hence always understand the needs and then work on the job positions.

  • How to strategize and plan the recruitment?

how to strategize and plan the recruitment

After you have understood the needs of the position, the next step is to figure out a way to create a recruitment plan. How to advertise the position, what are the eligibility criteria that need to be included? There should be a separate team that is in charge of the entire process, with ample staff for communication. The team is supposed to come up with different steps and screening processes which are very important for the smooth and streamlined process of hiring for the company.

  • Effectively curating job description To Improve Hiring Process

When the need is clear, the statement of the job description will be easier. It includes all the eligibility criteria you are looking for, educational qualifications, the experience of the candidate in the position. It also includes a clear pathway of salary ad remuneration. Anybody who will read the job description will be clear to you whether you are a perfect fit for the company or not. If they are looking for a candidate like you, you can apply to the hiring process.

  • How to advertise the job position To Improve Hiring Process

How to advertise the job position To Improve Hiring Process

Some companies look forward to filling their job requirements internally and hence will advertise to their current employees. If at all they are looking for external candidates, they can now use many job portals which have a huge database of candidates and they can do the job for you. The new wave of social media recruitment can also be made use of here for advertising your company’s job positions to the desired and target audience. It is considered to be the best way to improve the hiring process.

  • Reaching Out To Improve Hiring Process

After the job posts are put up in desired channels, it is highly important for the hiring and recruiting team to reach out to the desired candidates with the perfect skill set you are looking for. Intimating them for the next step in the recruitment process is necessary for the process to be streamlined.

  • Reviewing the applicants To Improve Hiring Process


With a number of applications in hand, most of the organizations appoint or head towards the applicant tracking system to help. It reviews applications and segregates between the ones that are a perfect fit for the companies with a thorough search for keywords and then eliminates the applications that do not match the company’s eligibility criteria and requirements.

  • Screening To Improve Hiring Process

Once a bunch of applications is segregated you can now engage in a phone interview or an email to talk with the candidates. Usually, the HR professionals are the ones who take up this function and some of the applicants are removed on the spot who feel like will not be an asset to the company. The candidates who do not fit the company’s morals, values, and ambiance are removed and not pushed forward for the next stage of screening.

  • Take Interviews To Improve Hiring Process

take interviews

Those candidates who have fared well in the initial screening process are further called upon for interviews which can be of many types. These can be one to one interview process with the Human resource professionals or a group interview with a separate hiring team responsible for the final decision. There is a personality assessment that is taken which determines the candidate’s potential and final decision by the team whether to hire the recruit or not.

  • Use Assessments To Improve Hiring Process

With each stage, there is a small pool of candidates who are left back for further stages. The assessment stage will be putting the candidate through a series of tests like personality inventories, reasoning tests, and more to understand them as a whole.

  • Checking the background To Improve Hiring Process

This is very important for any company. You need to know the candidate and his profile well before hiring. How is their overall behavior, any known cases of problems or brawls and how do they present themself in society is all-important to maintain a healthy work balance and environment. The Background check further facilitates understanding the candidate and the way they behave, which is extremely important in a work environment.

  • Take Final call To Improve Hiring Process

This is when a final decision is made as to whom to be appointed for the position. Once it is done, the hiring process ceases and the process starts again if there is a new need for the candidate and vacant positions. The selected candidate is intimated with the decision and talked with all the terms and conditions and then there is the formulation of the offer letter.

  • Offer letter

The candidate when selected is then sent an offer letter with all the terms and conditions included. The salary and all the benefits will be added on. It is the most significant way to improve the hiring process. Transparency is what is the major key here. The entire work policy and the agenda are explained well and hence the candidate sends in a final acceptance or rejection of the offer. If the selected candidate is rejecting the offer letter, the company has to regard whether they will step down and select the next best or the process of hiring will again be started later on. It is the most used way to improve the hiring process for your company.

What needs to be understood is that each company has its own needs and style of recruiting. Let that shine through all of the advertisements and job recruitment marketing that you have done. Selecting the perfect candidate for the position is of utmost importance and that takes through a step by step approach to the hiring process.

You can check over here for the best Dubai hiring agencies, which can help your company with selecting the perfect fit. Any new employee added to the establishments is an end product of a long streamlined guided process called hire. Each company takes in and adds on its quirk in the process of hiring. Every year the company works on newer ways of hiring and improves the existing ways so that the process is much more beneficial to both the candidate and the company equivocally.

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