ARDI Express: Everything To Know

ARDI Express: Everything To Know

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October 19, 2023

China-to-US Amazon warehouse delivery is ARDI Express’s speciality. They offer ocean, air, and rapid shipping. Amazon sellers can use ARDI Express for warehousing and fulfilment. When it comes to online shopping, speed, accuracy, and efficiency are very important. Working with the right Amazon FBA prep centre can make all the difference. ARDI Express is a well-known website of a logistics company in the USA (delivery, warehouses). It does a great job in this role, providing a wide range of services specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses managing the complicated world of Amazon FBA.

What Are The Services Offered By ARDI Express?

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  1. ARDI Express is 3PL California that can help ship from China to the USA by ocean, air, or express. They also handle customs clearance and Amazon warehouse delivery.
  2. ARDI Express has US facilities to keep your items until they can be transported to Amazon. Fulfilment services pick, pack, and ship orders directly to Amazon customers.
  3. Prepare your goods for Amazon FBA shipping with the assistance of ARDI Express. Having your products boxed, labelled, and shrink-wrapped falls under this category.
  4. Shipments can be tracked on ARDI Express’s website. Your package can be followed either online or over the phone.
  5. ARDI Express is a reputable, long-running business. They’ve operated for over a decade, delivering millions of dollars worth of items to Amazon’s distribution centres. Are you shipping your products to Amazon? ARDI Express is a solid choice for a goods forwarder.

If you own an online store, you need a shipping service that is swift and dependable, and ARDI Express fits the bill. ARDI Express is a one-stop shop for all your shipping from Turkey to USA, and India, and other international shipping needs, whether selling on Amazon or any other site.

What Is ARDI Express?

Chinese to US Amazon FBA shipping? Choose ARDI Express! They accelerate shipping from China’s manufacturing hubs to an Amazon fulfilment centre. All data assistance is provided during shipment to Amazon FBA. Their website also lets you track your package. This includes expedited air shipping for Amazon. For fast supply refills at Amazon FBA warehouses, this service is ideal—another thing. China and India, two fast-growing online retail markets, are also served by ARDI Express. DDP, DDU, LCL, and LTL are their delivery options. Customs clearance papers and labels are handled for you.

Why Choose ARDI Express

There are several good reasons to work with ARDI Express for your shipping needs. Some examples are as follows:

  1. Their costs are low, and there are no surprises. Visit to learn more about their offerings and pricing.
  2. They offer a well-trained staff that can deal with any problems that may crop up during shipping. They also offer accessible communication and support for customers at all hours.
  3. They dispatch their inspectors to each of China’s provinces. They offer unrivalled quality assurance services. They also provide manufacturer verification before ordering bulk quantities of products.
  4. Their LA warehouse is conveniently located close to Amazon’s FBA facilities at ONT8, ONT9, and LAX9. They provide various services: storage, cross-docking, labelling, and fulfilment.
  5. Your purchase details are safe and secure with them. They are trustworthy enough to handle your pricey items.

Where can I even begin with ARDI Express?

If you want to work with them, you can contact  ARDI Express via their website or email ([email protected]). In addition to their website, you can find them on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Ardi Express is an excellent option for a dependable and inexpensive Los Angeles 3PL warehouse. Regarding third-party logistics services, Californian companies turn to Ardi Express, a market leader that caters to the needs of the retail, wholesale, and e-commerce industries. Ardi Express can meet all your storage, fulfilment, distribution, and transportation needs.

Advantages Of ARDI Express

  1. Ardi Express’ state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in Los Angeles, close to the city’s major seaports, airports, and motorways. It will allow you to serve consumers nationwide and beyond at a lower cost and in less time.
  2. Ardi Express’s capacity is adaptable to handle everything from a single package to a whole truckload of pallets. As your company grows or shrinks, you only pay for the space you utilise.
  3. To keep track of everything from stock levels to customer orders to outgoing packages, Ardi Express employs state-of-the-art computer programs and hardware. Through a streamlined web gateway, you may receive live data and reports and connect with the online marketplaces and shopping carts of your choice.
  4. Ardi Express takes great pride in its client service and the high-quality standards to which it adheres. A personal account manager will care for your business and offer individualised service.

Contact the team at Ardi Express today for a free quote and more information on how their 3PL warehouse services in California can help your business expand.


How reliable is Ardi Express?

ARDI Express is a reputable cargo express shipping firm that provides lightning-fast service from China to Amazon’s distribution centres in the United States. The professionals will supply dependable shipping of your items at reasonable rates.

When shipping from China, how long should I expect it to take?

The typical transit time for flying cargo between China and the United States is eight to ten days. Air freight processes are more sophisticated than express freight, but not because planes are slower. Standard air freight travel times can be reduced by up to three days when using an express air freight service.

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