A Quick Comparison of Popular Streaming Services in the UK

A Quick Comparison of Popular Streaming Services in the UK

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Updated On
May 20th, 2024

The UK has some of the best online video streaming services that are in demand in many countries. Technological advancement and a strong internet connection make it possible to stream high-quality content from different streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more.

For example, if you see the countries where Disney+ is available, you will see that there’s fierce competition among different streaming platforms in the UK. Regardless of most streaming services being geo-restricted, people are making the most out of them by using a reliable VPN.

It’s due to the increasing popularity that there are many options for online streaming services available in the UK. Don’t be confused when you have to choose the best option among some of these in the UK. Let us help you to find the best choice for you.

Which Streaming Services are Available in the UK?

First, let’s find out which streaming is ruling the online streaming industry in the UK right now. The following are the ones worth subscribing to:

Streaming ServiceStreaming Service
Amazon Prime VideoChannel 4
Apple TV+Sky Sport
NetflixSky Go
BBC iPlayerITV
BritBoxUKTV Play
BFI Player

The best part is even if a streaming service isn’t available in the UK, you can still bypass the geo-restrictions by using the best VPN like ExpressVPN.

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Which Streaming Service is Best in the UK?

Without further ado, let’s find out what are some of the best streaming services in the UK.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a top-notch online streaming service in the UK. In many ways, this platform is almost equal to another giant streaming service called Netflix.

It has a vast catalog of content of different genres. You can enjoy drama, shows, movies, documentaries, and originals – trust our word when we say that you cannot have a better option in the UK than Amazon Prime video.

All the content is ready to stream in high quality. On top of that, this platform is after acquiring more content licenses, and they are good at it. That’s why you can have non-original shows in its content library. For the UK audience, Amazon Prime Video also offers live channels to expand your list of choices.

Apple TV+

Everyone loves to watch the latest content in better quality. Apple TV+ is here to offer such quality content for the UK audience. It always has priority on quality over quantity so that you can get the best streaming experience on Apple TV+.

On this platform, you can have entertainment shows, originals, documentaries, movies, and more. It’s a mixture of everything you’ll surely love!

Whether you’re looking to stream with your family or friends, Apple TV+’s content library never fails to amaze viewers since there are tons of options available on this platform. It is even better for kid’s shows as well. Apple TV+  offers a free trial before you get a subscription in the UK.

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After its initial launch in 2020, Disney Plus made a name in the online streaming industry. In the UK, Disney Plus has a vast number of subscribers due to its exclusive content library.

You can watch Marvel, Pixar, Disney, National Geographic, and Star Wars on Disney+. It comes with a flexible plan for everyone in the UK.

With its basic plan, subscribers can access content on four simultaneous streams. Not only that, Disney+ allows offline downloading options to view content later. It lets you stream on different devices like Android and iOS devices, Smart TVs, and a few more.


Netflix is the one and only king in online streaming services, having the most subscribers in the UK. Despite facing tough competition from other streaming platforms, Netflix has what it takes to defeat them with its online streaming services.

It has over 15 million subscribers in the UK! Isn’t it amazing? Netflix is known for its wide range of content, including originals, classics, documentaries, and more. It has a content library for different countries.

Every week, you will get new content, including movies. You can even create profiles for kids, giving you complete parental control. That’s how Netflix offers freedom and power to subscribers.

In which Country is Disney+ Available?

Disney+ is a big name in the online streaming service. Due to its growing popularity, Disney+ is expanding its service in many countries. Check the list of all these countries below.

United StatesCanadaHonduras BelizeCosta Rica
PanamaNicaraguaEl SalvadorColombia
BermudaDenmarkAustriaUnited Kingdom
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With a rise in popular streaming services, it’s only natural that you’re looking for ways to enhance your streaming experience. From Netflix and Disney+ to Apple TV and more, the options are unlimited, each offering a vast content library worth exploring.

However, some of these streaming services may not be available in the UK due to geo-restrictions. That shouldn’t stop you from watching your favorite TV shows and movies! We recommend using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass restrictions. ExpressVPN is the best in terms of speed, security, and features. We hope this article was helpful!

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