25 Best Free To-Do List Apps 

25 Best Free To-Do List Apps 

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November 19, 2023

To-do list applications help organize busy lives. The top to-do list apps help you organise your day. Whether for work or a shopping list, List-making has always been done using paper and pens. Modern technology has improved practically every element of existence. It also invented outstanding digital to-do list applications.

Top 25 To-Do List Apps

We picked the top to-do list applications of the year and scored them.

Our evaluations of these to-do apps:



  • Platform Support: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web
  • Price: $3.99/month

We picked our favourite Evernote choices for you! Quickly read below. Next on our top to-do list apps list is Evernote. The cloud-based software service creates, organises, and stores media. Also, store everything in the cloud via your own Evernote account. Evernote has become the preferred note-taking and archiving application for professionals and casual online users to gather, update, and collaborate on information.


  • You may access your mobile offline notes anywhere, even without the internet. Ideal for airlines, overseas travel, and mobile work.
  • More uploads, 10 GB of monthly note uploads—so relaxing!
  • Up to 200 MB of notes can hold high-resolution photographs and presentations.
  • For business card scanning, Evernote’s camera lets you scan your cards and leave them behind.
  • Use your notes to prepare productive meetings in presentation mode.
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, PDF annotation can save email time.
  • Switching accounts, Switch from one accessible to limitless premium accounts instantly.


  • Works on Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, and iPad
  • Price: $3/month for web.

Todoist is a popular to-do list app and task management software. It can handle grocery shopping and large projects requiring skilled team management. Todoist works well for individuals, small teams, and massive groups. Todoist is among the greatest to-do list applications since it supports all platforms. Todoist lets numerous users rapidly create basic or complex task management setups. Todoist is simple and adaptable for competitive workflows. This software is fantastic for when you’re unsure where to start.


  • Todoist excels at recurring chores—typical features! It helps you schedule the subsequent repetitive work based on the last completed date.
  • Hide unstarted tasks. Covering unfocused projects will make the Active Projects panel less intimidating if you juggle many tasks.
  • Start utilising project templates if you wish to reproduce a job later. Todoist templates, tasks, and settings are great.
  • View your recurring tasks. Click Add Filter in Filters. Name the filter, type recurring in the query, and click Add Filter. Click that button to get a comprehensive list of your ongoing tasks and update them.
  • A checklist appears next to all Todoist tasks. To list a task without a tick, start the name with a space and an asterisk.

Any. Do

  • Android, iPhone/iPad, Web
  • Price: Five dollars each month

Any.do, an award-winning to-do list software, features a great UI and its own exclusive feature, the Any.do Moment. This task management tool organises and tracks your tasks. Any.do easily syncs your applications, making your to-do list accessible anywhere. The free to-do guide, calendar, and reminder app are always there. As one of the greatest free to-do list applications, Any.do offers many beautiful features.


  • Any.do Moment is the app’s highlight. This tool lets you assess all assigned tasks and decide whether to commit or postpone them.
  • Focus Mode is new to Any.do. Set a 20-minute attention time to enter concentration mode. The screen displays a little tree and a timer.
  • The “Plan my Day” option schedules chores and deadlines.
  • Set smart reminders to avoid losing critical items. Powerful one-time, recurring, and location-based reminders ensure important items are remembered.
  • Smart grocery lists simplify supermarket shopping. It works with Siri and Alexa!


  • Web, iOS, Android, and Mac.
  • Price: Monthly cost: $99

Basecamp, a popular cloud-based project management programme, is straightforward to set up and understand. It is suited for small enterprises and is used for project management and collaboration. Many software organisations, design firms, freelancers, consultants, and others have switched to Basecamp to enhance project productivity and make it a top-to-do list tool.


  • Creating a project is simple. When a project begins, the notepad produces a page sheet for the user.
  • Project managers can add team members and their information. Customer team members can be added.
  • Team members can be given administrative responsibilities to streamline Basecamp project submission.
  • Project tasks can be generated. A deadline and a person can be assigned. Basecamp may be used to assign jobs and email the assigned individual with all the necessary information.
  • You may create discussion topics, attach resources, and share the project. They can speak up.
  • Basecamp has a detailed calendar. One view shows projects, activities, and deadlines.
  • Milestones and to-dos can highlight the steps needed to reach a milestone.

Things 3

  • For macOS, iPhone, or iPad
  • One-time $9.99 for iOS

Cultured Code, a German IT business, created Things 3. This Apple-designed, award-winning software is easy to use and powerful enough to organise and manage your personal and business lives. Things 3, an iOS-only task organiser, is one of the top iPhone and Mac to-list applications for efficiency. We missed sharing devices, location-based reminders, and a web app in the top to-do list applications.

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  • Project completion rings show when you complete tasks. If you finish four of the five project parts, you’ll have a tiny bit left.
  • The app’s magic plus button is a giant blue circle in the bottom right corner that you can tap and drag.
  • After planning your day, use the Today and This Evening lists for all your activities.
  • Displays calendar events and tasks for a comprehensive timetable. This organised future list includes chores, deadlines, and activities for the following days or weeks.
  • Large projects can be divided into manageable subprojects.


  • Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS, iPhone/iPad Monthly web
  • Price: $2.79

A robust cross-platform tool, TickTick allows users to cooperate with a to-do list and other seamless features that boost job performance. TickTick is a nice tool; however, its free edition has too many restrictions for long-term use. The free app is promising and might be improved.


  • Five configurable calendar layouts make scheduling testing and monitoring easier.
  • Add tasks fast and easily. Add voice input, convert emails to tasks, and utilise Siri, widgets, and Quick Ball effortlessly.
  • Avoid missing deadlines with sophisticated date-parsing. Task length, multiple reminders, location reminders, and repeating tasks are all included.
  • Pomodoro timers and white sounds help you set and focus on objectives.
  • Sharing lists, assigning tasks, task activities, and list activities simplifies teamwork. The nicest thing is working with everyone!
  • Enabling time zones in settings ensures you never lose time.


  • iPhone, iPad, macOS, and WatchOS.
  • Monthly cost: $1.49

Bear is flexible note- and prose-writing software. elegant and top Mac and iPhone to-do list software. Unfortunately, no Android app exists yet. This programme has a basic design since it lets users write lists, take notes, and organise their days without interruptions. Use multiple inline styles to be creative with text.


  • Online writers benefit from focus modes and sophisticated markup choices. Full in-line picture support animates writing.
  • Has nice themes, fonts, and a dark mode. This programme helps a user’s writing seem great before and after publication.
  • Bear Pro’s bonus encrypts note data to protect it from prying eyes.
  • Edit/export Bear’s simple tools need work to write. This is useful when the user wants to satisfy a word count, read time, or convert the writing to PDF or Word.
  • Smart data identification includes links, emails, addresses, colours, etc.
  • One-tap the iPhone and iPad setup with a unique shortcut bar and several keyboard shortcuts.

OmniFocus 3

  • Available on iOS, Mac, and the Web
  • One-time purchase: $49.99

OmniFocus 3 is a strong GTD framework that generates activities and categorises tags. The following qualities make it a great project management app: Create functions with features you want to manage current projects by grouping them into actions. This feature has adjustable parts. It also lets you create sub-projects and attach checklists and comments. Colour-code jobs for easier organization and access.


  • Tags provide context and filter and sort jobs.
  • A nice GTD feature is custom views. Custom task views can be developed and stored after meeting task management requirements.
  • OmniFocus was harder to use than Todoist for quick entries. Command+n creates a new blank task, but adding details requires tabs or mouseovers.
  • OmniFocus includes great GTD-friendly features. Create focus tabs to present the tasks the user can see in the app window.
  • You may track overdue or upcoming work on the forecast tab. A tiny calendar shows how many chores are due and any upcoming deadlines.


  • Android, iPhone, iPad, and Web
  • Monthly cost: $4.99

You’re at the right place if you like games and fun. Habitica turns your life into an action-packed productivity game. Habitica helps secure goals. Encouragement and a powerful social network with in-game awards and penalties. After typing your habits, daily objectives, and to-do list, design an avatar. 7 Flexible, engaging, and fun, it can motivate you to achieve anything. A fully adjustable work list lets Habitica match your goals.


  • Track your objectives and behaviours. By tracking habits, objectives, and to-dos, seamless mobile applications and online interfaces help users stay accountable.
  • Users may view avatar-level tasks and get prizes for goals. Battle armour, gaming tasks, mystery pets, and magic powers are readily unlocked.
  • Battle pals and Habitatians with creatures! Use gold to buy in-game or custom perks.
  • Achievement: Game rewards for completing tasks and reaching milestones motivate you to achieve your real-life objectives.
  • Adventure and advancement: Standards and resources support positive activity performance. Levelling up unlocks new features and missions.


  • MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and Web
  • Five dollars each month

Visually organise your life and work using Trello. Trello has about 35 million users. Trello is one of the greatest free-to-do list applications with great features. Trello is fully configurable and expandable for website design, holidays, and off-site services. Trello is a project management forum that improves teamwork and task organisation.


  • Power-ups allow infinite app integration. Salesforce, Slack, Google Hangouts, GitHub, and Evernote are examples.
  • Discussions may now include files, comments, emoticons, and team member tags.
  • Limit membership invitations, delete previous workers, make clients and external team members observers, etc.
  • Users may also decide who can establish private or public boards.

Microsoft To Do

  • Platforms: Android, Windows, Web, iPhone, iPad
  • Price: Free

Microsoft To-Do is an excellent task management and to-do list planner for work, school, or wherever. Setup takes seconds with its beautiful user interface. A frequent Office 365 user would love this to-do list tool. Your daily to-do list can be created from scratch or imported from Outlook or Wunderlist. Your My Day list lets you prioritise daily errands by urgency.

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  • Personal daily planner with assignment suggestions: Any device may access My Day and to-do lists.
  • Share lists and assign tasks to teammates, family, bosses, and classmates.
  • Task management breaks tasks down.
  • The To-Do widget lets you add reminders, tasks, and lists.
  • One-time or recurring deadline reminders. And any job can have 25 MB of files.
  • To-Do and Outlook reminders and tasks sync. Add numerous Microsoft accounts.


  • Web, iOS, and Android are supported.
  • Price: $10.99/user/month

The powerful task management application Asana helps teams organise their projects and tasks. This software promotes collaboration and transparency. Users can also focus on business goals with the app. Asana is popular among productivity advocates for good reason. This makes it one of the greatest to-do list applications. This online team communication software excels in task management and process management.


  • Complete each mission. M7ap every move and organise your work details.
  • Use boards to visualise your job. Move the work through several stages swiftly, comfortably, and elegantly.
  • Create a timeline to demonstrate how your project’s parts fit together and monitor changes.
  • Streamline workflows, eliminate errors, and free up time for bigger issues.
  • Organise your day using a work calendar. You may find scheduling gaps and make modifications.

Google Tasks

  • Compatible with Web, Android, iPhone, and iPad
  • Price: Free

What might beat Google’s task manager for the Android stock experience? Google Tasks has a simple design and obvious functionality. Gmail and Google Calendar integration boost its strength and functionality. These features make the programme a top to-do list manager. It syncs easily between Android devices.


  • Tap My Tasks at the top to access a drop-down menu and create several lists. Select Create List and name it. Tap Start. Select Add Task to complete your list.
  • List renaming: Select the Rename folder from ‘More’ (three-point symbol).
  • Move the job to another list. From the menu, right-click the assignment and select Moving to another page.
  • Click more to export Google Calendar reminders. Select export task reminders.
  • Filter to-dos. You may filter your lists by order or date.


  • Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Web
  • Price: Free

ToodleDo, a top to-do app, streamlines task management. Its efficient tools organise, collaborate, and produce. It improves productivity by organising work, setting objectives, and reminding you. ToodleDo is one of the greatest to-do list applications since you can work in teams. In addition, ToodleDo makes data management easy via device sync.


  • ToodleDo is one of the greatest to-do list applications because of its task organisation. Folders, tags, subtasks, priority, context, and recurring tasks are included. You can start critical jobs too.
  • It has several productivity tools, such as the greatest to-do list applications. Calendar, alarm clock, goal setting, and time monitoring are included.
  • Workspaces and task sharing make ToodleDo one of the greatest collaborative to-do list applications.
  • Easy sync and import/export from third-party apps simplify data administration.


  • Windows, macOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Web
  • Four dollars each month

Notion’s team and individual tools make it a top-to-do list app. It helps you organise notes, manage projects, and collaborate with others. The lightweight CRM and extensive databases let you analyse your and your team’s work. Content uploads are limited in free versions and limitless to premium editions.


  • You can create notes and documents using 30+ media types. The UI hides while you type, making writing distraction-free.
  • Serves as a knowledge database for organisation-wide sharing and searching.
  • It is great for teamwork because you can create projects and assign responsibilities. Real-time team communication is also possible.
  • Desktop push alerts keep you informed.
  • The lightweight CRM simplifies team management. Spreadsheets and databases reveal process insights.


  • Works with iPhone and iPad
  • Two dollars each month

TeuxDeux concludes our blog’s top-to-do list of applications. The software focuses on to-do lists rather than task management. Clear and clear, TeuxDeux prevents frustration when accomplishing tasks. The TeuxDeux mobile app can save you from missing work if you travel a lot. The software links iOS tasks.


  • Assign tasks and deadlines to your team.
  • The projects’ needs can determine how to rank the tasks.
  • Add multiple users to any project you plan.
  • Discuss confusion and progress in the comments.
  • Just drag and drop and format text to add to-dos to lists.

Keeping and sharing

  • Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • Monthly cost: $9

A calendar app that lets you add events, addresses, and photographs helps you keep organised. The software offers multiple versions, depending on whether you want to use it alone or with your team to schedule things.


  • As the name says, Keep and Share calendars are shared, making collaboration easier.
  • Email and SMS reminders prevent missed opportunities.
  • Comprehensive colour labelling simplifies organisation.
  • Event tags and picture uploads make the calendar customizable.
  • You may save addresses and images.

Google Keep

  • Android, iPhone, iPad, and Web
  • Price: Free

Google Keep is top-to-do software with an easy-to-use layout. Google Keep is useful for daily notes and task lists. It contains reminders and image attachments, like a basic to-do list tool. Drawing is not a common app feature. Google Keep may be your go-to tool for basic organising with its simple UI and cross-device data sync.

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  • It supports notes and lists.
  • For improved organisation, colour-code notes and lists.
  • Labels improve organisation and sorting.
  • Automatic device sync keeps your information accessible.
  • Reminders prevent missed tasks.
  • Drawing and uploading photos personalises the experience.


  • MacOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Web
  • Monthly cost: $4.99

WeDo is one of the top Mac and cross-platform to-do list applications. Its simple interface lets you create, organise, and exchange data. Reminders, time monitoring, and due dates keep you on track and focused.


  • You may add notes, habits, and folders to your data.
  • To improve time management and planning, notifications, reminders, time estimates, and due dates are offered.
  • Subtasks and priorities help plan.
  • Upload files and attachments with the app.
  • The sharing function lets you share lists and notes with friends, family, and coworkers.

Remember Milk

  • OS support: Windows, macOS, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad, Web, Linux
  • Price: $39.99 annually

The easy-to-do list software Remember, the milk includes reminders to keep you active and productive. For simple to-do lists, the free version should work perfectly, but if you want modifications and more complex capabilities, upgrade to the premium version.


  • It lets you make a to-do list for important chores.
  • Reminders prevent forgetfulness.
  • The sharing option lets others see your to-do list. It also lets you delegate jobs.
  • Your data syncs automatically between devices.
  • Advanced A-Z sorting and colour labelling improve organisation.
  • It lets you attach files to activities to personalise the experience.


  • Android, iPhone, iPad, Web, and kindle
  • Price: $3.25/user/month

The free version of Checklist lets you organise and share checklists. You may work with teams in the premium version. The premium version lets you invite team members and assign tasks and duties. Data collection programme, including address and phone fields. Task management and project process analysis are possible with this software.


  • Create and publish checklists.
  • Subdividing tasks can increase clarity.
  • Tags and sophisticated search simplify sorting.
  • Attachments personalise checklists.
  • Users assign tasks and manage teams using user roles.
  • Phone numbers and addresses can be entered into fields.


  • Available for macOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Web
  • Price: $7.5/month/user

Individual and team swipes exist. Individual swipe usage is free. Individual swipes let you organise and act on your information. Swipes for teams are great for allocating tasks, managing teams, organising activities, and reviewing performance.


  • Integrations with Gmail and Evernote let you centralize your tasks.
  • You can prioritize tasks by significance. It lets you postpone less urgent chores.
  • It helps you prioritize and cheers when a task is finished.
  • Team swipes help you organize tasks and plan them.
  • It lets you add team members and see what tasks they’re working on.
  • The tracking tool indicates completed and unfinished tasks.


  • Works on iPhone and iPad
  • Price: $2.99

Eisenhower is a simple but powerful programme that organises and focuses your life for $2.99. Prioritise tasks with the Eisenhower matrix. The built-in timer helps you focus on one activity at a time, preventing overload.


  • It organises jobs by priority, complexity, deadline, and dependence.
  • It also tracks incoming, allocated, finished, and other task statuses.
  • The Eisenhower matrix organises jobs by significance to save time.
  • Focus mode is a 30-minute timer for single-tasking.
  • Move tasks across quadrants if urgency or priority changes.
  • You may assign assignments by email.
  • Cloud sync lets you move devices without manually transferring data.


  • Platform Supported: Android, iPhone, iPad, Web
  • Price: Free

SomToDo is a basic app. Coloured folders and keyword searches make it easier to organise and explore. The app’s simplicity is its main benefit. SomToDo is a basic management programme that lets you make notes, lists, and filter tasks by category.


  • It lets you add tasks.
  • Due dates and reminders prevent work neglect.
  • You can effortlessly add task notes and memos.
  • Starring at the most critical things helps you prioritise your to-do list.
  • Select tasks by category and search for anything with keywords.
  • Folders are colour-coded for easier navigation.
  • Passwords safeguard your privacy.


  • Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
  • Price: $4.99

Ikiru is one of the greatest iPhone to-do list applications because of its simple and attractive UI. Ikiru manages to-do lists well. Use a variety of icons to attach to lists to make Ikiru more enjoyable. It lets you construct lists inside lists to break down complex jobs. The software stands out for its ease of use and control.


  • Make lists and sublists.
  • Create task categories and subcategories.
  • Batch operations and ‘ shake to undo’ to undo accidental swipes or clicks.
  • Group things due on a certain date for easy viewing.
  • Sorting choices include alphabetical and due dates.
  • Share lists via email.


To-do list applications help you remain organised, remember things, and meet goals. They assist you remember your everyday routines so you don’t miss anything crucial when juggling many tasks! They save time and energy and provide reminders, task histories, and sorting choices.

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