The East Midlands: Tips for Traveling Around England Cheaply and Comfortably

The East Midlands: Tips for Traveling Around England Cheaply and Comfortably

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September 18, 2023

Hey there you beautiful travelers and welcome to the East Midlands. You may be here for business, but many people know that this English area is famous for its food and its unique landmarks. Leave behind your 9-5 job, the endless meetings, and dreadful deadlines, and open your wings of adventure for the East Midlands. This region consists of Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Rutland. So, pick your destination, and off you go!

In this article, we will talk about tips for traveling around the East Midlands and what to do once we arrive at our destination. So stay with us, and it will be worth your while.

Before that, be informed that the direct access to this British region is through the East Midlands airport. So, when you take care of your airplane tickets, book a private airport taxi to East Midlands airport too! This is very important! Don’t skip this information, instead keep reading and see for yourself! Without further ado, let’s start our journey to the East Midlands.


East Midlands have their own food dishes to offer in the altar of British cuisine. Historically, best examples of this category are the Lincolnshire sausage, the Red Leicester (cheese), Stilton (cheese), the Melton Mowbray pork pie, the Bakewell pudding, and the Bramley apple. So, depending on the ceremonial county you find yourself in, you’ll have the opportunity to come here by airport taxi and taste some of the local dishes.

Best things to do

With nature, cosmopolitan cities, and charming markets, East Midlands is for everyone. There are also theme parks for those who travel with their little loved ones and fascinating landmarks for those to learn more about history. Here are some of them!

The Cathedral Quarter in Lincoln

Built in 1088, it was the tallest building in the world for 238 years! This impressive medieval cathedral rests on top of a hill so either book an AtoB airport transfer or be ready (and patient) to walk a lot!

Warwick Castle

This fortress has been repelling invaders’ attacking waves since the 11th century. The castle’s tour is one of a kind. There is a great collection of armor and swords in the Great Hall, and glittering chandeliers hanging from the castle’s State Rooms. There are dungeons too, so don’t forget to hire an airport taxi and check them out!

Wollaton Hall and Park

A grand hall just outside Nottingham. In fact, it’s a 20-minute drive from the train station. In this Elizabethan manor’s premises, you’ll find a natural history museum, and you’ll learn and experience about how life was in the 16th century. Book an AtoB airport transfer and take a look at the Hall’s botanic garden too as it is full of flowers for your Instagram account!

Peak District National Park

If you love nature and melancholic landscapes you are about to have a bath of what East Midlands are about. Throughout these hills and valleys there are countless walking trails to be explored with intervening little charming villages for a quick stop.

Transportation in East Midlands

Transportation in East Midlands

Traveling around the East Midlands is very easy, relaxing, and enjoyable. Just think of all the beautiful landscapes you can see from the window of your transportation. So, based on your travel needs and preferences, you’ll have a multitude of different traveling options both public and private.


East Midlands provides three types of transport. Bus, light rail, and train. There are stops in every main city and village in the East Midlands and copious information about how to get from point A to point B. There are information Kiosks and online services, so if you are the person who wants to experience it all and travel with all the available public transportation means, then go ahead.

If you’re traveling by bus, our top suggestions are Ashbourne Community Transport, Delaine Buses, Arriva Midlands, Centrebus, Viking Coaches, Our Centre, Hulleys of Baslow, Slacks, North Lincolnshire Council and National Rai. The main train agency is the National Rail, and the light rail agency is the Nottingham Express Transit (Tram)


If you are looking for a more refined experience, opt for a private airport taxi service, especially with AtoB Transfer. You’ll travel in style, comfortably, and at the best rates. If you want to travel reliably from point A to point B, remember AtoB. Driving privately is also useful when it comes to chauffeur services. You don’t want to look for too long on all the websites of how to get from one place to another, which transportation means to use and memorize its timetable. Instead, you opt for a personal airport transfer that will drop you off directly at the place you want to visit and wait for you outside. Then you are ready for the next landmark and so on.

Therefore, from the practical and accessible perspective, traveling privately is the right choice. Paying a little bit more saves you time and headaches. Your energy levels are full and your mood is sky-high for sightseeing. If you still wanna try a more affordable way, try public. Traveling with public transportation is a form of sightseeing as well. So, until next time, keep calm and visit the East Midlands!

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