River Safari Singapore: Know This Before You Go

River Safari Singapore: Know This Before You Go

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Travel, Updated On
February 10th, 2023

The River Safari is a river-themed wildlife park in Singapore with distinct animal zones over 6,000 freshwater animals across 200 species. It is a very well-organized park, plus it comes with a riverboat ride and reservoir cruise for a unique kind of adventure.

I once visited the park with my loved ones and our trip was memorable. We enjoyed touring around each zone and meeting different animals. I will share our personal experiences during our visit and help in providing you with information and tips on how to go to River Safari Singapore and have fun.

First and foremost is the ticket entrance! It’s important to get discount tickets and skip the queue. Do compare the discount tickets offered by Traveloka with the original price. Traveloka discount ticket inclusive of River Safari animal crossing and river quest. Please check out the link for more details. So, without any delay, here’s everything you need to know about this River Safari. If you are planning to go Etosha National Park, then you must look for Safari World Tours.

River Safari Singapore: Know This Before You Go

  • It’s best to view the animals when they are active

Arrive earlier in the day, because the animals are more active or attend one of the daily river trails presentations which usually take place in various spots around the park. The animals get a snack at these, so you will definitely get to see them.

The duration between 60 to 90 minutes should be enough time for you to enjoy the attraction. It can be more convenient to pre-book your tickets, usually, i bought mine at Traveloka too.

  • Pack Essentially

Some sections of attractions at River Safari are air-conditioned but a lot of it is outside. First, outfit matters, and do wear comfortable shoes, as River Safari is best explored on foot. Therefore, make sure that you wear comfy ones. In addition, a water bottle, hat, and sunscreen, as well as insect repellants, will help you, because it can get very hot.

  • Go on the Amazon Ride and Cruise at River Safari. EARLY

I once went on the Amazon River Quest Ride at mid-day which was probably one of the worst times to do this ride. Most of the animals were snoozing under trees in an attempt to avoid the hot day sun which made them hard to spot (well, I wish to!)

Don’t forget to embark on a boat adventure into the exciting and mysterious Amazon River. Be fascinated by the sights and sounds of animals hailing from one of the most diverse rainforest habitats in the world. Spot these animals during your ride – from Tapir, flamingo, and Jaguar. But a little insider, the ride will be suspended on rainy weather, so please always double-check before you go the weather through your phone, yea?

Look out for scenic photo opportunities as you gently walk along the bridge overseeing the upper Seletar reservoir. You can hop aboard the cruise to enjoy a quick respite after a day of discovery! (tickets are sold separately, btw and you can always buy them at Traveloka, too!

  • Visit the River

There are a lot of rivers on River Safari (of course, duh!), but my most favorite is the Mississippi & Mekong River. At Mississippi, you will be greeted by the alligator gar, which must-see among other fishes. Alligator gar can weigh up to 300kg and grow to 3m long. How fascinating is that?

On the other hand, the Mekong River personally has a special place in my heart, because you will be able to meet Mekong Giant Catfish, which is a critically endangered animal in the wild, where their population decreased by 80% since 1990.

  • Giant Panda Forest at Yangtze River

I gotta say don’t succumb to Panda Fever, but one of the highlights that you should not miss is also the Giant Panda Forest located at the Yangtze River Zone. Giant Panda Forest is climate-controlled between 18 – 22C to mimic the natural habitats in the highlands of China. How amazing is that?

You’d meet their own Pandas, named Kai Kai dan Jia Jia, who is famously known as red pandas. Don’t forget to indulge yourself at the Mama Panda Kitchen with panda-themed food and beverages.

With this being mentioned, post-pandemic River Safari Singapore is operating at limited capacity – which is great, because no crowds! You’ll just want to be sure to book a time slot before arrival, as these are subject to availability. Face masks are required at all parts of the park and there is hand sanitizer located throughout to help you keep hands clean.

To wrap it up, buy your tickets online because it actually saves money. Not only that, you can also enter the park conveniently, because you just need to present the soft copy of the tickets at the entrance.

You have come to the end of my review of Night Safari Singapore. This River Safari is highly recommended to anyone who wants to have a fun-filled adventure with the animals. I hope that you find this helpful when planning for your itinerary. Thank you and have a fun yet memorable adventure.

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