Electric Scooter Riding: 7 Scooting Routes In California This Autumn

Electric Scooter Riding: 7 Scooting Routes In California This Autumn

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November 10, 2022

Electric scooters have picked a rapid pace over the past few years. Developed nations were the first to leap onto this trend for its benefits. For example, it doesn’t leave a carbon footprint and is easier to maneuver than traditional scooters.

Regarding cycling, California has always been one of the friendliest places. It has conventional and e scooter route trips, enabling the riders to glide across the streets without being distracted by public transport. Some problems bikers may face on ordinary streets are obstacles and risks. There may be irregular bike lanes and aggressive car drivers who get frustrated by the bikers roaming on the same roads.

This makes it plausible when bike riders ask questions like motor scooter trails near me. They need a scooting place to ride their electric scooters for adults without worries and reach their destinations on time. The congestion of public traffic on roads makes it impossible to enjoy the best scooter rides on your favorite electric scooters. For this, electric scooter adult must find electric scooter routes that are accessible, friendly, and allow easy driving.

7 Scooting Routes In California This Autumn

That way, you can drive without guilt for causing pollution across the roads.

Let’s sneak a peek into 7 scooting routes that should be your ultimate options in California this Autumn:

  • Ballona Creek Trail

Ballona Creek Trail

Ballona Creek Trail extends from Playa Del Rey to Culver City. It allows you to enjoy the best scooter rides of your life, as you can ride for 7.4 miles without cars and along the beach. The trail starts near the intersection between National Boulevards and Jefferson. The first one or two miles is a little bumpy and in bad shape.

The path at Duquesne Avenue in Culver City is much friendlier for off-road electric scooter route trips. You can park your best electric scooter and take a walk along the beach. Parking is quite spacious at Duquesne Avenue and in the surrounding areas. Most commercial streets in this area have entry points. We recommend you see the map and find out which entry point will help you reach your scooting place without much hassle.

  • Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County

Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County

As the name suggests, this is a route that requires climbing upwards. It is 57 miles long and a pretty pleasant ride when you wish for a motorized scooter route trip. It starts after an incredible climb across the Alpine Dam and then displays 360-degree vistas of the open sea towards the right and Marine County on the other side as you walk up the Seven Sisters ridge along Mt. Tamalpais.

As you move downwards towards the shore, you can see the ocean along Highway 1 until there comes the point to ride your off road electric scooter back upwards.

Investing in a quality motorized scooter like Varla Eagle One is essential if you plan to explore such routes. Its dual 1000W hub motor on the wheels can provide a peak output of 3200W. This is powered by 2x25A speed controllers that allow for keeping the optimal performance of the electric scooters for adults at all times. Its dual shock absorption keeps the ride smooth and comfortable. Riders can move across the routes and reach their desired location quickly and avoid the impact of bumps felt on rough terrain.

  • Elysian Park

Elysian Park

If you want to ride through the greenery and seclusion, you should consider Elysian Park, 10 minutes away from Los Angeles. The environment in this park is steep, so you have to exert more force even though you aren’t climbing a mountain. If you have just started using the off-road electric scooter, you should start with low gear and gradually increase your speed.

  • Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

There are many river paths to choose from if you want to run your electric bike through a long distance without much effort. There are many beautiful riverside pathways you can find in California. Lake Tahoe is one of the best options, as the area boasts many bike shops for easy rentals and local advice. This route is similar to bike highways and excellent for enjoying the fall breeze if you live in or around California.

  • Mount Wilson


If you are done finding motorized scooter routes near beaches and parks, you should consider riding to Mount Wilson. It brings a fantastic way of feeling the Angeles National Forest.

Starting from the lowest point of Angeles Crest Mountain to the highest point of Mount Wilson, the distance is 19 miles, equal to 4500 miles of climbing. This is an arduous climb. You can invest in the best electric scooter models like Varla Pegasus City Commuter to easily trek upwards.

  • Highway 74 (50 Miles)

If you start your motorized scooter and drive eastwards on Highway 74 from Hemet, California, towards India Wells, California, you can experience a beautiful 50-mile uninterrupted electronic scooter ride. Initially, you will be surrounded by lush green trees and later find yourself between Sandy Dunes of Palm Deserts.

You will come across the Paradise Valley Café halfway across this Highway. Get a scrumptious meal for yourself and continue your ride towards the Indian Wells. The motorscooter riding on this route will be among the best scooter rides of your life as it is full of landscapes and worldly delights.

  • Santa Barbara Wine County Loop

This is a 63.7-mile-long route that begins in Solvang. As you move towards Mt. Figueroa, you will find exciting views that keep your heart full. If you enjoy an adventurous climb along with the flowers and colors popping around, you should add this to your electronic scooter routes trip list.

As you hit the Santa Maria Valley, you can follow a challenging 96.5-mile ride on your electric scooter, which will relieve your stress.

Bottom Line:

Electric scooters are overtaking the transport domain for all the right reasons. Companies like Varla are making it easier for environmentally-concerned individuals to make sustainable choices. The Company produces electric scooters for its consumers, enabling them to glide across the town on quality e scooters.

The listed fast electric scooter riding routes will allow you to enjoy your electronic scooter and feel much happier as you glide across the scenic views. Each route mentioned above is one of its kind, as the riders of electric and conventional scooters appreciate their beauty. Even a slow-paced walk across these routes will help you feel better this fall!

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