Your AWS Navigational Compass in the Tech World

Your AWS Navigational Compass in the Tech World

Written by Alison Lurie, In Technology, Updated On
April 4th, 2024

Welcome to ElasticScale, where AWS (Amazon Web Services) is our domain, and our mission is to demystify it for start-ups and scale-ups. I’m Alex Jeensma, the CTO of ElasticScale. My journey across various start-ups and scale-ups has equipped me with a deep understanding of AWS. This experience, combined with my AWS certification and expertise in DevOps principles and enterprise software delivery, led me to found ElasticScale. Here’s how we’re making a difference in the tech world by simplifying AWS.

Bridging the Gap in AWS Utilization

ElasticScale emerged from a need to address the AWS challenges start-ups and scale-ups face. Often seen as a complex and intimidating platform, AWS can lead to unnecessary expenses and potential security and scalability issues. Larger firms have the luxury of dedicated Cloud Engineers, but smaller ventures struggle with limited resources. That’s where ElasticScale steps in, offering specialized AWS consultancy services.

Our Service Spectrum at ElasticScale

AWS Training

  • AWS Consultancy for the SaaS Industry: We provide comprehensive AWS consultancy, focusing on the unique needs of the SaaS sector.
  • Automating Infrastructure with Terraform: Our approach uses Terraform to ensure consistent and efficient infrastructure deployment across multiple environments.

Tailored AWS Solutions for Various Clientele

  • Start-Ups: For start-ups ready to embark on their AWS journey, we offer a standard reference architecture that includes best practices, Terraform, a local development environment, and Fargate Docker containers. We assist in acquiring AWS credits, facilitating a cost-free first-year operation.
  • Scale-Ups: Scale-ups using AWS or planning to migrate can benefit from our fixed-fee, subscription-based service. Our service allows development teams to focus on their core product while we handle AWS management.
  • Venture Capitalists: Our no-cure-no-pay portfolio scan ensures cost-effective and secure AWS usage for venture capitalists with AWS-dependent portfolio companies.
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Success Stories and Flexible Payment Options

AWS Training

  • Demonstrated Impact: Our work with a recent scale-up reduced their AWS costs by 70% without any performance trade-offs.
  • Varied Payment Methods: For convenience, options include hourly rates, monthly subscriptions, no-cure-no-pay plans, and AWS IQ payments.


  • Free Consultation Offer: We offer a no-strings-attached, 60-minute call to discuss your AWS infrastructure needs, bookable through our website
  • Referral Program: Earn a 10% fee for referring new clients.
  • AWS Bill Review: Benefit from our free 15-minute AWS bill check and explore cost-saving strategies for 145 AWS services on our site.


At ElasticScale, we’re reshaping the AWS experience for start-ups and scale-ups, turning it from a daunting challenge into a strategic asset. We aim to simplify AWS and make it a powerful tool for business growth and innovation.

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