What is Customer Relationship Management? How do You Get Started?

What is Customer Relationship Management? How do You Get Started?

Written by Olivia, In Technology, Published On
August 4, 2023

Customer relationship management is software that helps businesses improve relationships with customers over time. It helps in boosting the business growth speed by generating profitable deals and thus sustaining the ever-increasing competition.

Before the world went online, all these exercises use to be manual and time taking. All the way to get feedback from customers was through phone calls or surveys. A lot of orderly paperwork and records needed to be maintained and one small mistake leads to wrong interpretation and disappointing results. But nowadays it is through customer relationship management software all these exercises are done.

For businesses, customer retention is important, and that’s where a CRM comes in.

The best way to understand customer relationship management software is through online shopping apps and Instagram public accounts. In these apps, there is an active participation of buyers and sellers on a day-to-day basis.

There are features like the ‘my order’ section to watch over your past orders and track the status of your current order. Interaction happens through reviews and answering doubts. The only difference is that consumers do it all by themselves.

In Instagram public handles, there is an insight section to check the number of visitors, posts generating more leads, day and timing working in your favor, and feedback in the comment section. All these help an influencer in knowing the audience and start being experimental with their posts to gain more.

Two Ways of Working with the Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM Software and ERP Systems

Readymade CRM system

There are ready-made popular CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, Salesflare, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and others. They provide a readymade platform for businesses to become a part of and start benefiting from it.

Readymade customer relationship management systems are often observed as expensive and there might be some unwanted features in them that can cause distraction. Most importantly different CRM software functions differently.

Some might be good for large firms, some might be good for small businesses, some might work extraordinarily well for generating sales, and some might have features for good advertising. The best way to know about them is through reviews or by trying them on your own. It’s like you are farming on someone else’s land and you have no other choice.

Custom made CRM

Some businesses are engaging in building their customer relationship management system. The benefit of a custom-made CRM system will be the deletion of unwanted features and designing the whole system as per the need of the business.

But building a whole new system is pretty much of a task. To turn it into reality client must exactly know what is wanted to make the developer understand. For developing a perfect CRM system, a thorough study of the field is required.

From customer prior interaction with the business to marketing, sales, and production everything should be taken into consideration. Custom-made CRM helps in the elimination of hosting costs, saving the customer’s data, and cutting off distractions.

Some of the basic functions of any customer relationship management system (CRM)

  •     Making the repetitive tasks of business automatic, though businesses also use RPA processes for it.
  •     Giving reminders of important tasks
  •     Giving security alerts
  •     Providing day-to-day, monthly, or yearly analytics in the form of statistics
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