What is a TFT display?

What is a TFT display?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
July 6, 2022
Last modified on July 9th, 2022

Nowadays, in order to achieve even better results, related to the display of the image on the screen, different technologies are used. One of them is a TFT LCD. Due to the multitude of applications this technology is willingly used in many different devices. Despite its widespread use, not everyone is aware of what TFT LCD means and what is worth knowing about it.

  1. What is a TFT display?
  2. What types of TFT displays are available?
  3. Where is the TFT LCD used?

But what is a TFT LCD display and for what is it usually used? Let’s try to find out more about that.

What is a TFT display?

LCD TFT stands for “Liquid Crystal Display Thin FIlm Transistor” and refers to a type of transistor that is used in liquid crystal color displays. There are many interesting advantages to using them. First of all, the display made in TFT technology provides very high quality of displayed colors. What is more, they can have both resistive and capacitive touch panel which guarantee versatility and provide many possibilities. Moreover, TFT is also characterized by lower power consumption and fast response time. It is also worth remembering that this technology ensures minimal risk of monitor ghosting and allows for great versatility.

What types of TFT displays are available?

TFT displays can be made using a variety of technologies that allow maximum utilization of their capabilities.

Among them it is worth mentioning:

  • MVA, which stands for Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment Type,
  • IPS, which stands for In-plane switching Type,
  • TN which stands for Twisted Nematic Type,
  • AFFS, which stands for Advanced Fringe Field Switching Type.

The various types differ slightly in their properties, so it is worthwhile to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the possibilities available on the market. Of course, in the field of TFT there are also other divisions and distinctions that are worth knowing in order to fully understand this issue.

Where is the TFT LCD used?

Nowadays, the TFT display industry can have many different applications, therefore, this technology can be found in many devices, also in everyday use. It is obvious that this type of solution can be found in various types of monitors or smartphones with touch screen. They are also used for example in gaming sets and video game systems or display controllers. TFT can also be found in televisions and projectors or navigation systems. This wide range of applications is due to the versatility of TFTs. A good TFT LCD display with its unique features can be a good solution in many industries and its applications are extremely wide.

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