Tips for adequate beverage private labeling packaging

Tips for adequate beverage private labeling packaging

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Updated On
May 4th, 2024

Selling beverages requires balancing the selection of the product and its packaging. While the ingredients are essential, custom beverage labels play a good role in attracting the attention of the targeted audience. Hence, the packaging should always be interesting enough to make the customer pick your offering rather than your competitor’s drink of the same flavour.

Tips for best beverage label

Whether you’re launching your private label beverage now or thinking of re-designing the label to give your product a new look, the right design instincts can help you transform your brand into a significant turning point. Here are four ways to help you re-brand your private labelling product with exclusive packaging.

  • Go for clean labelling and health information.

Currently, retailers are focusing a lot on the simplicity of their packaging, especially concerning the ingredients. According to professionals, companies should focus on wholesome brands and foods; this trend is not just persisting but intensifying. Customers are consistently looking to try things that are safe and nutritious. This brings significant opportunities for brands. If your beverage complies with the norms linked with the desired nutrition plan, it can be a good selling point for your brand. And this is something you should highlight on your custom packaging.

  • Bring clarity to your text and design.

Boldness and clarity are clear winners when it comes to packaging. Customers are busy, and they are consistently in a hurry while shopping. It means they will not have the best chance to go through every ingredient and content and look at the tiny information mentioned in the corners. People don’t want to go that deep. Hence, it is always suggested that you be clear about the things you want to bring to their notice and remove the potential point of hesitation in their mind when choosing a drink and putting it in the cart.

  • Go for transparent materials.

Are you offering drinks in appealing colours? If yes, you can use label materials to show it off. Yes, clear bottles help companies choose minimalism in their looks. There are some fantastic ways to make your labels minimally obtrusive. Apart from making full-size labels from transparent material, you can go for die-cutting to make smaller labels in appealing shapes.

  • Work with an expert to design your final packaging

The end design of your labels may determine your professionalism level on the store shelves. If you’re looking for quick turnaround times and immediate sales, you should make the product attractive enough to gain the attention of your target audience. You can get the best graphic design ideas into your custom bottle packaging to enhance your brand image.

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These are the four tips to use when packaging your beverage private label—partner with a professional company that presents you with the best beverage ideas and supports your packaging needs. Remember, what’s inside the drink will only be known if the outside is remembered and loved. So, you should pay equal attention to its packaging.

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