What Is Suddenlink TV Guide?

What Is Suddenlink TV Guide?

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April 18th, 2024

Are you interested in a quality television channel package? You’re a bore at home! DTV from Suddenlink has all of your recreational needs met. It’s great for passing the time and will remain by your side throughout the epidemic.

Thanks to Suddenlink’s extensive channel lineup, you may now avoid boredom at home. First, if you’re considering purchasing a subscription on our site, we have all the information you’ll need, including pricing, package options, and channel lineups. Before purchase, a long-term commitment with a Suddenlink TV provider is required.

Are Suddenlink and Optimum the Same?

What Is Suddenlink TV Guide?

Altice USA, the parent company of Suddenlink, announced that the ISP would be rebranded as Optimum, Altice’s second broadband brand. The transition had been in the works for some time before Altice announced its “Let’s Reconnect” promise in April.

Although Optimum’s overall score was lower than the industry average, it was six points higher than Suddenlink’s. Optimum’s Mobile service also succeeded, ranking first among all full-service mobile virtual network carriers on an ACSI ranking. To generate positive buzz, the United Optimum brand is launching a new campaign with the slogan “Get closer, go farther.” According to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index data, Suddenlink has the least satisfied customers of any major ISP in the United States.

Suddenlink will now be known as Altice USA. As of the end of 2022, all Suddenlink services will be rebranded as Optimum, per an earlier announcement. In the previous decade, Optimum was introduced by Cablevision, a company based in the Eastern United States. After acquiring Cablevision in 2016, Altice kept the Optimum brand name.

Premier Suddenlink Pay-Per-View Packages

What Is Suddenlink TV Guide?

It would help if you realized that several TV packages are available, allowing you to select the channels you want before purchasing.  Although the plans vary in difficulty, they are all engaging and provide access to various entertainment options.

  • The Basic Suddenlink Networking System

This Suddenlink Basic TV package is one of the most fundamental options available. It has over two hundred great channels to help you relax and enjoy time with loved ones. This package includes some of the most popular television networks, such as ESPN, Hallmark Channel, Disney, Cartoon Network, Nick, and many more.

  • Choose Bundle by Suddenlink

This is an excellent option if you don’t want to shell out for the premium package but still want a high-quality experience and more channels. You get 290 channels total, including a wide variety of HD options, including Boomerang, MGM HD, CMT, and many more. Users consistently rank it as one of the top options and favourite strategies.

  • Premium Bundle by Suddenlink

Try the premier pack, which includes 340 channels, to get this bundle’s whole and best experience. You can watch ACCN, ACCN Lite, HBO Zone, and HBO Max as part of this package. In addition, this package allows you to watch the latest 4K movies and shows on your smart TV.

Instant Access to ALL of Suddenlink’s TV Channels

Almost every Suddenlink challenge is included here; however, whether or not they are included in your package and on what channels will depend on the specifics of your subscription.

  1. Destination America
  2. CNN
  3. Discovery Channel
  4. FX Movie Channel
  5. Hallmark Channel
  6. Freeform
  7. HBO Comedy East
  8. Game Show Network
  9. HBO East
  10. Fox Sports 1 (FS1)
  11. ESPN
  12. Discovery Life Channel
  14. Bang U
  15. A&E
  16. BBC America
  17. Animal Planet
  18. Brazzers
  19. American Heroes Channel
  20. Cartoon Network
  21. Bravo
  22. Disney XD
  23. Fox College Sports (FCS) Pacific
  24. Fox Sports 2 (FS2)
  25. Lifetime Television
  26. Disney
  27. Fox College Sports (FCS) Atlantic
  28. ESPN 2
  29. Discovery Family Channel
  30. EWTN
  31. Universal Kids
  33. Travel Channel
  34. UP
  35. VICE TV STARZ ENCORE Suspense East
  36. Weather Channel

Features of Suddenlink TV Or Optimum?

Some other good things about Suddenlink make it hard to say no to. Let’s be honest: offering HD channels is the least a TV service provider can do. It’s the little things that make the experience worth the price.

  • Suddenlink2Go App

With the Suddenlink2Go app, you can be accessible wherever you are. Since you can’t take your extensive TV set everywhere, Suddenlink gives you a great app to watch your favourite TV shows and movies on the go. With this app, you can look at TV listings, watch On-Demand content, and even watch live TV on the go.

  • 4K Ultra HD

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the picture’s quality dramatically affects how much you enjoy watching a movie. Luckily, the provider lets you watch HD content and 4K Ultra HD quality movie scenes that are intense or important.

  • Voice Control

Do you hate it when you’re eating and need to turn down the volume or change the channel, and you break the remote? Voice control is the best way to avoid these kinds of problems. The voice-activated remote from Suddenlink lets you use your voice to control all the essential functions of your remote.

  • Cloud DVR Plus

Sometimes, you don’t have time to watch all of your favourite shows when the channels say you should. So, you will find Cloud DVR Plus from Suddenlink more helpful. With this feature, you can simultaneously record up to 15 of your favourite shows to watch them later.


A television subscription is one of the essentials in the home, mainly when there is no work. This amusement is of the utmost significance to make the most of your time and prevent it from being wasted. Especially when it comes to a Suddenlink subscription, which presents several opportunities to waste time but is otherwise simple to obtain; if you want to take advantage of the service’s remarkable advantages, features, and compatibility, sign up immediately.


How much does it cost to get a Suddenlink cable?

Plans for Suddenlink cable TV can only be bought as bundles. An Internet and TV bundle costs between $104.99 and $194.99 monthly. For an extra $10 a month, you can add a home phone line that lets you call anywhere in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands as much as you want.

Does Suddenlink have cable TV?

Suddenlink has more than 340 cable TV channels, but you can only get it in a package with cable internet and, if you want, home phone service. Internet and TV bundles cost $104.99–$194.99* a month and come with up to 340+ channels, and 940 Mbps download speeds. (*Basic cable TV bundles are not included because we don’t recommend them.)

How do I watch Suddenlink2Go?

The Altice One app, which works on Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices, has replaced the Suddenlink2Go app. Just use one of those links to get the app, sign in with your Suddenlink account information, and start streaming.

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